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>>-- RootsChat Features --<<
« on: Monday 05 January 04 10:15 GMT (UK) »
RootsChat has a number of features which at first glance might be missed. Also, some of the buttons and options do not appear if you are not logged in.

Some of the features available to registered members:
(Registration is free)
  • You can post messages
  • You can safely attach images (eg family photos), and files like GEDcom family history files
  • You can send Personal Messages to other online members
  • Members who are offline get the text of their messages forwarded by email
  • You can choose to be notified by email if anybody replies to anybody's posted topics that you are watching by using the 'notify' button.
  • You can choose whether or not to be notified if anybody replies to one of your posted topics
  • You can view the Calendar for events, and add items to the Calendar to share with other members
  • You can link a posted message to the Calendar in any of the boards
  • You can edit your 'profile' and add your family crest if it is listed, or one of a surname you are researching
  • In your profile you can add all the surnames you are researching
  • You can enter the live RootsChatterBox for real-time genealogy discussion

But why do we have to register?
The reason for having to register before use is to deter people who send mass unsolicited emails (spam). Registration checks that your email address works. Registration is free.

Some features in posting messages
The way in which you post messages on RootsChat is not only very powerful, but also enjoyable. You can very easily spruce up your message to make it come across better, and for it to convey more useful information.
  • You can choose a different icon for each message, like   etc..
  • You can make things bold, italic, underlined, struck-through (for exscample example if you want to emphasise a mistake or correction), and a few others too
  • You can colour and format and size the text in a similar way to a word processor
  • You can add links to sites , add images from other websites

  • You can also add quotes, tables, lists (like this one)
  • Oh, and you can add smilies  :) to emphasise things  :o, or just for fun
  • You can attach image files. text files and GEDcom files
  • You can "preview" you message before you post it to see if it looks right
  • Once you have posted a message, then you can also modify it yourself too some other time.
We hope you enjoy some of the features of RootsChat and hope that it helps with your Genealogy research. RootsChat does not cost anything at all to use, and there are no additional features that are charged for. 
Happy RootsChatting!
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