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Re: Old Parish Records - Mystery Wife of James Davie, married in Bonhill, 1841
« Reply #9 on: Thursday 08 March 18 10:06 GMT (UK) »
The parish registers are now available online at These are the only source of the originals of the baptism and marriage records you are seeking. The IGI and commercial web sites contain some indexes and transcriptions of the originals. but they also contain family trees submitted by people whose research may or may not be robust and reliable. So do not trust them - use them as pointers and check them against originals.

ShellBeach, what was your source for Agnes Bole?
Rdavie5577, what conflicting information do you have?

Going back to the beginning (at the risk of duplication), and using the indexes at Scotland's People, the community indexed (NOT the unreliable 'community contributed') IGI and the transcriptions at FreeCEN ...

James Davie and Agnes Gow were married in Dumbarton on 14 January 1850 and they had daughters Margaret Macall Davie, baptised 24 November 1850 and Jean McGregor Davie, baptised 17 November 1853, both in Dumbarton. (If your Agnes had died in 1849, this could have been her widower with a new wife, were it not that he was only 25 on the date of the 1851 census.)

James Davie and Agnes Alison were married in Bonhill on 20 February 1841, which agrees with what you have already. The 1841 census lists at Bonhill Crescent
James Davie           20  Cal[ico] Pr[inter] Journeyman Not born in Dunbartonshire
Agnes Davie           19                                             Not born in Dunbartonshire
The FreeCEN transcription does not list them in the same household as Margaret and George Richardson.

Shellbeach, you asked if a carter was a profession related to the printing industry. A carter is someone who carts things around, the equivalent of a haulier or courier these days. Some would have carted goods and commodities used in printing, others would have carted coal, or manufactured goods, or building materials, or raw materials, or anything that anyone wanted to move from one place to another. It's not unusual to find someone who has worked in some trade or profession turning up as a carter in a later census, but there were also whole families of carters.

Your James Davie, however (assuming that he is the one in Bonhill Crescent in 1841) was a calico printer. This means that he was not involved with the printed word, but in printing patterns on to cotton cloth, which is a rather different skill.

Shellbeach, you said that you had found James in Scotland in 1881. How do you know that it is the same James Davie? Have you got his death certificate? Because it ought to tell you the names of all his wives. If it is the same James Davie, and the certificate does mention his first wife, it should tell your her full name, if that was known to the informant.

The 1881 census index seems to list James Davie, 63, Janet Davie, 63 and Janet Davie, 20 in Govan. Are these the family you referred to? If Janet jr's age is accurate, she would have been born between 4 April 1960 and 3 April 1861. There is no birth of a Janet Davie with parents James and Janet that exactly matches this, so perhaps Janet is a granddaughter rather than a daughter. A look at the original census would clarify this. Also, James and Janet Sr would have been born between 4 April 1817 and 3 April 1818 if their ages are accurate.

However the index to 1871 lists in a household in Govan James Davie, 52; Janet, 52; James, 27; Janet, 25; Jane, 18; Margaret, 15; Margaret, 3; and John, 2. If this is the same family, James jr was born in 1843 or 1844, so this James Davie sr cannot be yours.


AITKENHEAD, Lanarkshire; BINNY, Forfar; BLACK, New Monkland; BRYSON, Cumbernauld; BURGESS, North-East Scotland; CRUICKSHANK, Rothes; DALLAS, Botriphnie; DAVIDSON, Oyne; GUTHRIE, Angus; HOGG, Larbert; LESLIE, Rothes/Mortlach; MENDUM, England; MOLLISON, Lethnot; PATERSON, Larbert; RHIND, Forfar; SANG, Scotland; SCOTT, East Kilbride; STOR(R)I/E/Y, Shotts; THORNTON, Shotts; WADDELL, New Monkland; WILKIE, New Monkland; WILKIE, Tannadice; WYLLIE, Angus; YOUNG, Keith

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