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Cumberland Shipping; Please Add Posts
« on: Tuesday 03 June 08 01:07 BST (UK) »

I'm starting a thread for sites covering local shipping and all it entails on the resources board.

If you need information on shipping, there are some brilliant sites for the North West Coast, so take a look.

If you can add a site, please could you add a post to the thread on the Resources board rather than here?.,308101.0.html

There are loads of brilliant sites on shipping in Cumberland.

At one time Whitehaven was the biggest port in England after Liverpool and there was a huge ship building trade.

On the back of that came all the support trades, provisions for ships - food, equipment to sail the ship and to live on it for months - hence rope makers, sailmakers, crpenters etc and also pottery etc.

Then there were the goods to trade such as coal and also trades in goods coming in such as Rum, tobacco, spices and fine woods and so on.

Please add posts with links to any sites - especially local, covering shipping to and from Cumbria and within Cumbria - much transport before the railways was byy costal shipping.  Also fishing boat and the people involved.

I hope this provess useful.

Thanks and best wishes
Emms :) :) :)
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