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COPYRIGHT - Please read before posting
« on: Tuesday 09 December 08 14:35 GMT (UK) »
Copyright is a legal mechanism that protects the originators of material from their work being copied by somebody else.

You may not post copyrighted material on RootsChat without the written consent of the copyright owner, the detail of which must be included in your posting. If you are in doubt if something is copyright, then assume it is.

You are responsible for the messages that you post to ensure that they do not breach copyright. If you infringe copyright, your post will be deleted by our Copyright Editors, and you could be locked out from using RootsChat.

Copyright Editors have been working to remove breaches of copyright from RootsChat and contact those in breach and have made excellent progress.  The volume of members and number of posts now mean that this approach is impractical and in future all breaches (and suspected breaches) will be deleted from RootsChat and a notice posted in its place.  There will be no personal message sent as in the past.  Whilst it is recognised that these measures will cause some problems for members they are vital for the protection of RootsChat.

For more detailed information on RootsChat’s copyright policy see

Do not publish copyrighted material on RootsChat.
Just because you "found it on the Internet", or you have "bought the book/CD/DVD/...", etc, does not mean that you can re-publish it elswhere. Please examine closely any "Conditions", "Agreements" and/or "Terms of Use" before posting such material.
For further guidance, click on the [Copyright] link at the bottom of every RootsChat page.

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