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RESOLVED :Are orphanages on the 1911 census?


I'm having trouble locating my grandmother and her sister on the 1911 census- Dorothy May Nicholas (or  de Nicolas) b. 1905 East Stonehouse and  Hilda May Nicholas (or de Nicolas) b. 1902 East Stonehouse.

In 1911 they should both have been in an orphanage in Plymouth, but as I can't locate them I'm wondering if orphanages have been included in this part of the release?

I don't know for sure the name of the orphanage but it was Catholic and run by nuns so from this website (http://www.plymouthdata.info/Orphanages-St%20Teresa.htm)  I'm guessing that it was St Teresa's Roman Catholic Orphanage. According to the website it was located at 20/21/22 Gasking Street, Plymouth- cross referencing this info with a place search on 1911 census I can't find that address listed.

Does anyone have any idea what I could do next?



try surname NICHOLLS  :)

I've found them.

Thank you so much  :-*


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