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*** Using this Board ***
« on: Monday 02 February 09 19:06 GMT (UK) »
Although not something to put on your mantlepiece or in a glass case in your living room, gravestones are also Family History artefacts, so we have included this here for all general topics concerning graveyards and gravestones.

If you have questions about upkeep, deciphering(*) , etc, please put them here.

  • Please continue to put queries about specific graveyards on the relevant county board.

  • If you want a gravestone deciphered, then you will need to post an image,
    but please do not add pictures of graveyards and gravestones here

      -  "just because they look nice" or 
      -  "because I hope someone may find this useful" or
      -  "in case you recognise any them", etc.

    We only have limited server space,
    so such topics will be moved to the Totally Off Topic board (with expiry date).

(*) Since writing this, we now have a board specially for

      Deciphering & Recognition Help

As that's where "the experts hang out" please put your deciphering queries there.

Older queries will gradually moved from this board to the Deciphering Help board
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