Author Topic: BRENCH family - Slough area  (Read 4959 times)

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Re: BRENCH family - SLOUGH area
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 16 March 10 18:15 GMT (UK) »
Sue - thank you so much for that information.
Interested to hear that you are descended from Henry Brench - feel free to pvt message me - I'd be interested to learn more about your side of the family.

Thanks again

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Re: BRENCH family - Slough area
« Reply #10 on: Sunday 17 January 16 22:45 GMT (UK) »
Hey, I was only talking to my parents today about our Romany gypsy ancestor's & my great grandmother was called Minnie Brench & her daughter my grandmother was called Minnie too & originally when they came to Slough they lived in mansion lane site

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Re: BRENCH family - Slough area
« Reply #11 on: Tuesday 19 January 16 15:46 GMT (UK) »
Hi Lisa,

Welcome to RootsChat.

James has been notified of your reply hope to see him soon :)


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Re: BRENCH family - Slough area
« Reply #12 on: Thursday 21 January 16 02:57 GMT (UK) »
Minnie  Ives was baptised 6 Oct 1878 @ Towersey, Bucks. to Enos & Ann.

2nd Marriage.
Enos Ives(1821 Towersey, aged 49(Widower)) married Ann Allen(aged 20), 16th July 1870 @ Toweresy.  Son of Benjamin Ives,  Ann, daughter of Thomas Allen.

1st Marriage. 25 Oct 1843@Towersey.
Enos(x)IVES, aged Fa, Bachelor of Towersey, Labourer son of Benjamin Ives, Labourer.
Mary(x)DOVER, aged Fa, Spinster of Towersey. (Died May 1869.  Buried-14 May 1869, aged 46.@ Towersey).

Burial - 24 Feb 1902. Enos IVES aged 79 of Towersey

Enos Ives was baptised 13 Jul 1821, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Ives, @ Towersey.

Marriage. 18 Oct 1814.@ Towersey..
Benjamin Ives(of Towersey)
Elizabeth King(of Thame).
Witnesses- John Allnutt, Richd Collins. by Banns.

Baptism - 22 Mar 1789 Benjamin son of Benjn & Sarah IVES @ Towersey.

Marriage-1 Apr 1782.@ Towersey.
Benjamin  IVES of the parish,
Sarah  LOOSELEY of the parish. Witnesses-Moses Jackman, John Tipson. By Banns.

Baptism. 6 Dec 1761 Benjamin son of Ralph & Jane IVES, @ Radnage.

-13 Dec 1759. @Radnage.
Ralph IVES, Bachelor of this parish
Jane GIBBS, Spinster of this parish
Witnesses - Abraham Butler, Mary  Burnham. by Banns.

Baptism - 15 Aug 1736 Ralph son of Tho & Sarah IVES, @ Stokenchurch.

Marriage – 14 Oct 1717. @ Stokenchurch.
Thomas Ives to Sarah Randall.

BUT, please be aware that there is this marriage @ Toweresy.

15 Dec 1895@Towersey.
Charles WOODBRIDGE, aged 21, Bachelor of Towersey, Labourer son of James Woodbridge, Labourer
Minnie IVES, aged 19, Spinster of Towersey, Servant daughter of Enos Ives, Labourer

Steve. :)

Information from OxFHS Parish Transcripts & BucksFHS Parish Transcripts.
Ives, Stevens, Allen, Smith, King, Wooster, Elwood from Monks and Princes Risborough, Aylesbury, Wendover, Great Missenden, Bledlow, Horsenden, Saunderton, West Wycombe, High Wycombe, Lacey Green, Longwick, Illmer,  Hughenden, Prestwood, The Kimbles, Haslemere, Bradenham, Aston Clinton and more......!!  Plus a whole host of Oxfordshire areas.
Graham, Pimlott, Burgess from Cheshire and Lancashire area.
Acknowledgemets to  and

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Re: BRENCH family - Slough area
« Reply #13 on: Thursday 25 May 17 00:41 BST (UK) »
Hi Lisa. I don't know much about my great grandmother, but I was told her name was Brench and that she was a Romany gypsy who lived in Stoke Gardens in Slough. Do you think she could be related to Minnie? I know "my" Brenches owned a lot of property in or around Stoke Gardens.  Her daughter, my grandmother, was called Louisa.

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Re: BRENCH family - Slough area
« Reply #14 on: Monday 04 December 17 00:08 GMT (UK) »
Following on from my previous post, I've been doing some research into my grandmother, Louise Sutton (nee Brench) and have come up with the following. I think most is correct, although of course errors could occur! However, if it is not too long-winded, I hope it helps! See below:

(NOTE: some details may be incorrect, for example some couples may not have married, dates may be wrong, etc. Further investigations are needed to corroborate these details)

Louise Sutton’s (nee Brench) mother was Minnie Brench (nee Ives, but unsure if she was actually married), born in Towersey, Buckinghamshire in 1879, died in 1950.

She also married again later to John H Devonshire in 1943. He died in 1958.

It looks as if Minnie had also been married prior to marrying (or living with) William Brench, to Charles Woodbridge, on 15 December 1895 in Towersey, Buckinghamshire. She was 19 (possibly lied about her age as by my reckoning she would only have been 16?) and he was 21.

Minnie's parents were Enos Ives, 1823-1902, and Ann Sarah Ives (nee Allen), 1852-??  It appears that they had at least 10 children and it was Enos’ second marriage after his first wife, Mary, died aged 46.

Ann Sarah Ives’ parents were Thomas Allen, 1807-?? and Ann Allen (nee Acres), 1810-??

Enos Ives’ parents were Benjamin Ives (A), 1789-??, and Elizabeth Ives (nee King), no date of birth as yet.

Benjamin Ives’ (A) parents were Benjamin Ives (B), 1761-??, and Sarah Ives (Looseley), date of birth unknown.

Benjamin Ives’ (B) parents were Ralph Ives, 1736-??, and Jane Ives (nee Gibbs), date of birth unknown.

Ralph Ives’ parents were Thomas Ives, no date of birth known, and Sarah Ives (nee Randall), no date of birth known.


Louise Sutton’s father was William Brench, 1864-1936. His parents were John Brench (1)1831-1877, and Hannah Brench (2) (nee Webb) 1830-?? 

John Brench’s (1) parents were John Breach (3) (maybe misspelled?), 1800-?? and Elizabeth Breach (4) (nee Hawes), 1803-?? 

¥¥ Hannah’s (2) (nee Webb) parents were Andrew Webb, 1795-1871, and Elizabeth Webb (nee Dewitt), 1799-1854.

John Breach’s (3) parents were John Breach, 1777-?? and Elizabeth Breach (nee Flegler), 1777-??

Elizabeth’s (4) (nee Hawes) parents were James Hawes, 1777-?? and Ann ???

***The Brench children (of William and Minnie) listed in 1911 Census, were William (1898), Alfred (1900), Edward (1904), Nellie (1906), Florence (1908) and Louise (1910). There was at least one more child not listed in 1910, and she was named Minnie, (born 1917). Also, I believe there was a Robert, Jack (John?) and Edie (I think her birth name was Jean)***


¥¥ Following on Hannah Webb’s (2) family line (parents were Andrew and Elizabeth Webb - see details above).

Andrew Webb’s parents were Andrew Webb (5), 1765-?, and Ann Webb (nee Bullock), 1769-? 

Andrew Webb’s (5) parents were Thomas Webb, no birth date as yet, and Elizabeth Webb (nee Curtis), no birth date as yet.

Elizabeth Webb’s (nee Dewitt) parents were Robert Dewitt, 1765-1819, and Elizabeth Dewitt (nee Wilden), 1769-1811.

Robert Dewitt’s parents were Moses Dewet (note different spelling), 1721-1810, and Ann Dewet (no maiden name yet), 1725-1789.

No further information on Elizabeth Dewitt’s (nee Wilden) family yet.