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Re: Family crest Burt
« Reply #9 on: Thursday 04 February 16 11:22 GMT (UK) »
Generally I'd agree with the statement "there is no such thing as a family crest" but there is one exception : Scottish Clan Crests. I quote from the official guide ("") which makes clear the restrictions on the use of Coats of Arms but has the following to say concerning the use of the Crest:

"You can wear or display the Crest

Any kinsman/kinswoman of an armigerous Chief of Name and Arms may wear a device bearing the Chief’s Crest. Typically this will be a strap-and-buckle design, worn as a cap-badge, kilt-pin, plaid brooch etc. and used as a graphic image (on literature, merchandise and the like). In theory, the Crest belongs to the Chief (or senior Armiger) and properly, permission should be sought and fealty sworn. But informally, most Chiefs are only too happy to see as many people as possible wearing the Crest Badge.

The Chief, by the way, wears the Crest inside a simple circlet, with three eagle feathers. Chieftains and the heir of the Chief wear two feathers. Armigers of that name wear a single feather.

It also needs to be noted that this relates only to Clans officially recognized as such by Lyon King of Arms and not to other families, however well established.

Baron (of Blackburn), Chadwick (Oswaldtwistle), Watkins (Swansea), Jones (x3 Swansea), Colton (Shropshire), Knight (Shropshire/Montgomery) , Bullen (Norfolk), White (Dorset)