Author Topic: December Microsoft Updates!  (Read 5627 times)

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Re: December Microsoft Updates!
« Reply #18 on: Monday 19 December 11 19:23 GMT (UK) »
To see what it is like I downloaded a developer edition of Windows 8, and installed it on a virtual machine in Virtual Box, it won't work in VMWare player. By and large I like it and will probably take it when it is commercially available, but I was very surprised to find that with the December updates from Microsoft there was also an update for the developer edition of Windows 8.
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Re: December Microsoft Updates!
« Reply #19 on: Tuesday 20 December 11 09:43 GMT (UK) »
The bottom line is that it's impossible to write software without having bugs and unwanted 'backdoors'  :)
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Re: December Microsoft Updates!
« Reply #20 on: Tuesday 20 December 11 10:53 GMT (UK) »
The browser updates for IE will be done silently ie in the background and therefore I imagine shouldn't need a restart.
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Re: December Microsoft Updates!
« Reply #21 on: Tuesday 20 December 11 11:05 GMT (UK) »
I use Vista and have my computer set so that when there are Windows updates to instal, I get a message when I turn on the laptop.  I check whether they are relevant to my computer and most of them are,  I then click to instal.  They instal in the background, some require a re-boot of the computer and I'm given the option to re-boot immediately or postpone.  I usually postpone and then re-boot when I leave the laptop to do something else.

My laptop is switched on about 9.00am and switched off at around midnight.

Other updates to Roboform etc. work in the same way.  I'd never give permission for updates to be done automatically.

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