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Re: Thomas WENNY/WENNER-2nd wife
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Thomas Wenner is my 5th Great Grandfather. His daughter Louisa is my 4th Great Grandmother. Her daughter Lavinia Elizabeth Leal was born in 1851 in Gosford NSW. I have some information about them that may interest you that I found recently and I have some lovely photos of Lavinia and her family which I will try to post on here. Here is the information I found:

Lavinia Elizabeth Leal/Watts
Lavinia Elizabeth Leal was born on 25 April 1851 at
Brisbane Waters, NSW, Australia (1). She was the
second child, and had a brother named Robert born 3
Oct 1849. Her father was Robert Leal, a blacksmith
who was born in 1824 on the Isle of Wight, United
Kingdom. (2) Her mother was Louisa Wenner, born 31
July 1831 in Sydney, NSW, Australia (3)
Robert her father had immigrated to Australia with his parents and siblings as bounty
immigrants and arrived in Sydney on 9 November 1840 on the ship "The Royal
Consort”. (4)
Her mother’s father Thomas Wenner was a convict transported to
Australia for pick pocketing in 1820. (5)
Lavinia was baptised at The Church of England, in the Parish of Gosford, NSW,
Australia on 20 July 1851 (6)
By 1860 the family were living in Lane Cove, Sydney. On 30 September 1860,
Lavinia’s mother Louisa died from exhaustion, caused from her clothes catching fire
(7) The following articles appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald in 1860
Sydney Morning Herald 24 September 1860
On Saturday morning last a Mrs Neale of Lane Cove sustained severe injuries by her
clothes catching fire. She was afterwards removed to the Sydney infirmary, where
she now lies.
Sydney Morning Herald 1 October 1860
The woman named Mrs Leale (reported in our issue of last Monday as Mrs Neale)
who sustained severe injuries from her clothes accidentally taking fire at Lane Cove
on Saturday 22nd ultimo, died in the infirmary last night. An inquiry on the body will
be held tomorrow morning.
Sydney Morning Herald 3 October 1860
Another inquest was held at the Coroner's Office yesterday, touching the death of a
woman named Louisa Leal, aged twenty nine years. It appeared from the evidence
that the deceased was the wife of a blacksmith of Lane Cove. Both occasionally
indulged in intoxicating liquors and quarrelled in consequence. On the night of Friday
21st September, both under the influence of liquor, slept in the house of an old man
named Cormack, a relative of the deceased. They slept in different rooms, and in the
room where the deceased slept there was a fire. At about two in the morning
Cormack was awakened by a noise, and on getting up and going into the room
where the deceased was lying found her clothes on fire. He called for assistance and
threw a bucket of water on her, which extinguished the flames, but not before they
had inflicted severe injuries on her neck, face, hands, arms, left leg and charred the
flesh on her chest. It was assumed that her clothing ignited by coming in contact with
the fire in the grate, but this was by no means satisfactorily proved. The district
constable was informed on the Saturday morning and had her removed to the
infirmary where she died on Sunday last.
Verdict: "Died from injuries by her clothes catching fire at Land Cove - but how it
occurred we have no evidence to show."
In a rider the jury said that they looked upon the case as one of suspicion and
requested that further steps might be taken in it.
Lavinia’s father remarried in 1866, Eliza Carrick, and had another 5 children.
On the 10 May 1869, Lavinia aged 18, married Joseph William Watts at 41 Burton
Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia. (8) At the time, Lavinia was residing at Wortley
Street, Balmain.
Together Lavinia and Joseph had 13 children; Louisa Mary, Alice Maud, Violet
Rachel, Edith Elizabeth, Joseph William, Lavinia Jane, Clara B, Ruby May, Ada
Muriel, Herbert Clyde, Ivy Eveline , Stanley Victor and Leonard Vincent Cove. Four
of the children; Ruby May, Lavinia, Stanley Victor and Ivy Eveline all died in their
Lavinia and her husband and 2 children; Louisa and Alice, moved to Newcastle from
Sydney when Joseph started work at Newcastle Railway Station on 19 July 1873,
first as a watchmen and then a signalman in 1884. They lived at No. 17 Nobby’s
Road, The Sandhills, Newcastle, which was close to the railway station.
In 1904/05 her husband Joseph purchased the land at 46-48 Gordon Avenue,
Hamilton and built two identical weatherboard houses. Number 48 became the
family home and no. 46 was rented out.
Her husband Joseph Watts died 2 January 1912, aged 65, from cancer, glands in the
neck. (9)
Lavinia died on 9 September 1934 at Newcastle, NSW, Australia. She was 83 years
old. She was buried on 10 September 1934 with her husband Joseph Watts in the
Church of England Section at Sandgate Cemetery, Sandgate, NSW, Australia. (10)
Written by Belinda Starke
January 2008
Mrs Lindsay Watts Research
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