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Re: Interactive map of London Bomb Census 1940-41
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I find that the actual bomb hits are shown on a modern day map.
When I searched for Delamere Crescent W2 which suffered two HE bombs in May 1941 the place was not shown because of redevelopment in that area which occurred in 1962.
Pity that ...... I found no indication that a modern day map was being used.

Joe and I have been liaising on the story around and behind this particular bombing. The whole of Paddington between the GW railway and the Paddington canal was demolished, redeveloped and rebuilt in the 1960s and 1970s. However if you overlay a copy of the 1914 OS map for Paddington  you can see quite clearly where Delamere Crescent was. We know exactly which houses took the direct hits - and these do not correspond with the sites indicated on the Interactive maps. The bomb sites are reported as "Close to ..."

However, in their defence, the site does say that "The National Archives give no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or fitness for purpose of the information provided". Maybe, in due course, the administrators of Bomb Site will allow people with definitive information to correct - or at least annotate - such errors and / or omissions

Leicester / Northampton: Craxford,  Claypole, Pridmore, Pollard, Tansley, Crane, Tilley
Derby: Naylor, Ball, Haywood
Buckinghamshire: Cook
London: Craxford, Lane Crauford
Tyneside: Nessworthy, Simpson
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