Author Topic: Suffolk parish registers to go online?  (Read 10885 times)

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Re: Suffolk parish registers to go online?
« Reply #81 on: Thursday 12 October 17 18:25 BST (UK) »
I'd rather have a few garbled surnames than the records not being online. As said we can then go back further on our mutual ancestors the Otleys and Deeks and see if there is a link to Peggy Mitchell Barbara Windsor. Small chance but still a chance.

You'll find a lot of us have done that, Carol. I got rather excited when the name Izzard popped up on my tree, but alas, no connection. Barbara Windsor is my current target. :)

And mine, thank to our mutual Lucking, Otley and Deeks rellies. I traced our Deeks line to Isaac Deeks born c1675 who wed in Glemsford

Coombs, IF your Isaac Deeks in Stanstead was from Glemsford, he can only be the son of John and Anna Deeks.  The Isaac Deeks baptised the same year to Isaac Deeks and Mary Gardener was resident in Glemsford when his uncle Thomas Gardener made his Will in 1707.  The Will specifically states that Isaac was of Glemsford and his sisters Grace and Susanna also were left bequests.  The other Isaac only had a suriving brother, his other two siblings died as infants.

There are, though, other Isaac Deeks around the area at the time.

Thanks. My Isaac Deeks died in 1715 in Stanstead and had children up to 1708 there. He wed Ann Prick in 1698 in Stanstead. Not yet confirmed that he deffo was the one born to Johannis (John) and Ann but very likely. Isaac named his first child John. But we can now distinguish which of the 2 Isaac Deeks born 1694 in Glemsford is which. Wills are so handy.

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