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Hello Cork Researchers,

My name is Susan Barretta and I administer three ongoing genetic studies highly relevant to County Cork. FTDNA is holding its end of year sale again. In line with that sale I am offering Y37 testing scholarships for eligible men possessing the following qualities. Yes, this means a free 37 marker Y DNA test.

Relatives interested in participating in these genetic studies must get consent and cooperation from their eligible male relatives and can supervise their test accounts.

Surnames of interest (and their spelling variations)


Hourihane, Horan, Horgan

Finn, Doolen, Whooley, Minihane, Fuhill, Cadogan - must have West Cork ancestry

Participants must possess the following qualities:

- Tester has an eligible last name.
- Lineage is not already sponsored in the project (very unlikely).
- Knows unequivocally the origin of their earliest known paternal ancestor, to the first half of the 19th century or earlier (pre-famine), down to the townland or village in Cork.
- Curious about the ancient peoples who settled Ireland and Cork in prehistoric and early historic times.
- Active in their local historical and family history societies.
- Interested in complementing their paternal line family history research with a genetics component.
- Likes the idea of their test results helping others with the same surname in the Ireland diaspora trace their roots back to Cork
- Willingness to share lineage / family history and test results with the project.
- Willingness to allow results to be published and discussed in any future project promotional efforts.
- Ability to read some basic information, follow some written instructions, and fill out some forms, which can be done online.

You are known only by your sample number, test results, and family history. Your name and contact information are NEVER publicly revealed. Your family tree will be visible to anyone who matches you - optionally we can publish your lineage or family history online if you would like to.

If your family history is prepared for me to review and you have read the project documentation, this should take at most a few hours of your time. I can assist with any test account setup, preparation of a GEDCOM file if necessary, etc. All you will then need to do is follow the instructions submitting and returning the cheek swabs.

The sale ends on December 31, 2016.

All of these projects have successfully sponsored participants. CONTACT ME at the project emails at the URLS to the project pages (above) for further information.
PLEASE POST YOUR QUESTIONS TO THE BOARD, NOT THROUGH PM, so that everybody can take a shot at answering your question and benefit from the information.  I cannot respond to requests through private emails.

Barnane, Cahalane, Collins, Connolly, Driscoll, Hourihane, Hurley, Looney, McCarthy, Mahony, Sweeney, Young  in Skibbereen area of southwest County Cork, Ireland; Regan in RoaringWater bay area and in Caheragh parish

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