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Mayo Chambers Family Origins
« on: Sunday 01 January 17 16:36 GMT (UK) »
My Chambers Family came from the Castlebar area. Our yDNA test results are R1a branched down to haplotype YP1420. These results show our paternal ancestor to be a Norwegian Viking. From other tests done in the USA, I've concluded that the Chambers of Castlebar (including Pontoon, Crimlin and Greenans) are related to the Chambers of Newport.
The results support the possibility that the family was originally named McCambridge and MacAmbrois before that, and we came into Ireland with the MacDonalds from Kintyre/Islay . Plantation Chambers who left for America test as haplotype "R1b" or "I". English Chambers test the same as the Plantation Chambers. "R1a" is definitely the minority patrilineal line. Only about 2% of Norman Surname descent are R1a.
Family lore in Mayo say the Chambers came into Mayo from Tyrone. That supports the probability that they were Redshanks fighting for the O'Neals. It makes sense that they "came into Mayo before Cromwell" because they would have been on the losing side of the 1641 revolt.
Everything seems to check out except:
Sir William Chambers was a land agent for Colonel Browne in Westport. He lived in Ballinrobe in the late 17th Century. His brother, John Chambers, lived in Gallen. When Colonel Browne got into a financial crises, William purchased a number of properties throughout Mayo. He moved the family to Kilboyne House near Cregganbell where the family lived as Landed Gentry for almost 100 years. William's son, Thomas, was knighted and Burke's Armory states that the family came from Hertfordshire. The Coat of Arms matches Chambers from several shires around London. They are of Norman descent.
The direct line at Kilboyne House ended due to the 1798 rebellion. The last two sons fought in that war on opposite sides. Captain William Chambers was a hero on the English side in the battle of Castlebar where he was horribly wounded and almost killed. He died shortly thereafter. Captain George Chambers was hanged for treason at Ballinrobe. Kilboyne House passed on to Sir Samuel O'Malley due to his father's (Owen O'Malley) marriage to Anne Chambers. He lost the house during the Famine. It no longer exists. (They must have left a light on when they vacated the house)
Obviously, there are descendants from that Chambers family in Mayo. It has been suggested that all or most of the Chambers in Mayo descend from William Chambers or his brother. However, the yDNA doesn't fit unless there was a "non-paternal" event (Viking in the woodpile) prior to that Chambers family emigrating to Ireland. (It is possible and, at a much later date, there was a non-paternal event that makes the most famous British Chambers, bastard descendants of Sir John Stepney.)
Perhaps there are two unrelated Chambers families in Mayo.
So, I'm asking if any Mayo Chambers knows that their family is related to the Kilboyne House Chambers. Has any Mayo Chambers taken the yDNA test and found that they are "R1b" or, more likely haplotype "I"?

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