Author Topic: History of land in Kirkland of Dreghorn (adjacent to that of Croft Inn)from 1784  (Read 641 times)

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This is the Sasine/Bond history, 1784 - 1879, of an adjacent parcel of land to that described in my post on Croft Inn. Names mentioned are Boyd, Wilson (including American emigrant), Brown, McKinlay, Auld, Mitchell, Kirkland, Cameron, Kerr (with family details), Love, Semple, and Finnie

Dec 21 1784 (Ayr 1089)
John Wilson , Portioner, Kirkland, seised in part of Kirkland of Dreghorn by John Boyd , Farmer, Windyedge

Feb 10 1796 (Ayr 4670)
John Wilson in Kirkland of Dreghorn, as heir to Margaret Boyd, spouse of John Wilson, Farmer, Annanhill, his mother, seised in the quarter or fourth part of the 40s land of Kirkland Dreghorn with the Communities of the Muir called Warrickhill Muir, par Dreghorn on Pr. Cl. Con by the commissioners of Archibald, Earl of Eglintoun.

Jun 26 1802 (Ayr 6820)
John Wilson jun, Portioner , Kirkland, seised in half of the fourth part of the 40s land called Kirkland of Dreghorn & fourth part of the 40s land of Kirkland Dreghorn under burden of 30 to Janet Wilson and 37 to Margaret Wilson, his sisters.... on Post Nupt Mar Con between John Wilson sen, Portioner, Kirkland & Elizabeth Brown ,his spouse, May 23 1797

April 3 1806 (Ayr 8091)
James Muir sometime at Thorntown now at Holms, seised (in same lands as 6820 above) with pasturage in the Muir called Warrickhill Muir adjacent to said lands....on disp by the Commissioners of John Wilson sometime in Kirkland now in America.

Dec 5 1810 (Ayr 9912)
James McKinlay, Minister, Kilmarnock seised in same as 8091 above - in security of 200 - on Disp by James Muir, farmer , Holms

April 16 1813 (Ayr 10,889)
John Auld at Kirkland, seised in the Park called March Park extending to 4 acres & 3 roods of land being part of the 40s land of Kirkland of Dreghorn...under burden of a liferent annuity of 4 to Elzabeth Brown , relict of John Wilson, Portioner, Kirklands, ...on Disp by James Muir in Holmes and Janet Mitchell his spouse. This is the same couple as at Croft Inn in other post

July 7 1815 (Ayr 11.908)
Archibald Kirkland, Merchant, Kilmarnock, seised in the parks called Muir Park & Croft Park and House and Yard, being part of the 40s land of the Kirklands of Dreghorn extending in whole to about 5 acres of land, with common pasturage in the Muir called Warrickhill Muir under burden of the liferent of Elizabeth Brown, relict of John Wilson , Portioner, Kirklands...,on Disp by James Muir ,Farmer, Holmes.

Sep 24 1855 (Ayr 4043)
Janet Cameron, spouse of Alexander Kerr , Farmer , Gallowberry, seised in the half pro divisio of the Parks called Muir Park and Croft Park and House and above... on Disp by John Kerr residing in Kilmaurs, son and heir of Catherine Cameron, relict of Daniel Kerr, Grocer there.
Authors Note. All becomes clearer in the following sasine...

Nov 16 1855 (Ayr 4192)
Janet Cameron , spouse of Aexander Kerr, Farmer , Gallowberry, and John Kerr, sometime Merchant, now residing in Klimaurs, as heirs portioners pro indivisio to Archibald Kirkland, sometime Merchant , Kilmarnock, afterwards residing in Kilmaurs, their uncle and granduncle seised in above... on Decr Sp Serv

Jan 12 1877 (Ayr 2131)
Bond for 500 by Alexander Kerr, Farmer , residing at Gallowberry...Disp by his wife Janet Cameron or Kerr with consent of and by him to James Love , Writer, Stewarton - of the Parks called Muirpark and Croft Park etc as above

Aug 24 1878 (Ayr 5658)
Assig by James Love , Writer,  Stewarton to John Semple , Farmer , Linnhead, Par of Dunlop... of Bond for 500 by Alexander Kerr etc etc and his wife and also the Parks called Muir Park and Croft Park etc etc as previous
This Bond was discharged Jun 19 1879 (Ayr 7306), and the very next entry on same day .....

(Ayr 3707)
Disp by Janet Cameron or Kerr with consent of her husband Alexander Kerr, sometime Farmer at Gallowberry , Parish of Stewarton, now at Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, to Archibald Finnie of Springhill , Kilmarnock, - of the subjects in preceding minute