Author Topic: Gedmatch/Ancestry DNA help needed pls  (Read 1047 times)

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Re: Gedmatch/Ancestry DNA help needed pls
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 30 January 18 00:46 GMT (UK) »
Hello again,

Iím sorry, I think I totally misunderstood you previously. I somehow assumed you were male (perhaps it was the photo) and I didnít understand you had tested as well as your daughter. So you can disregard much of what I wrote previously. My apologies.

I have never used Gedmatchís phasing (I donít have the data required to use it), but I have certainly been able to separate my fatherís and motherís lines. I found the FTDNA definition of maternal ancestors to be helpful, as Jane says, but you can get something similar with FTDNAís ďin common withĒ - in your case, if you uploaded to FTDNA, you would start with your daughterís DNA and use ďnot in common withĒ you to identify matches that may be on her fatherís side.

I think you can do the same with Ancestry, canít you? And if you canít get Gedmatchís phasing to work, could you simply check the chromosome browser against her best matches and you, about ten at a time, and get a similar result? (It would be a little slower, but should work.)

In answer to your question, my situation was different to yours. My grandfather had given false information about his birth, naming parents who didnít exist at his stated place of birth in UK and giving a false age. But parents of those names did exist in Australia and I found a descendant of them and we both tested. We didnít match, which was a great disappointment, but then he matched my cousin and aunt when they tested, so we concluded my result was an anomaly (there was a match but below the normal threshold). So I concluded my grandfather had some relationship with that couple, but they had no children with his name and so I wasnít sure what that relationship was, perhaps a non-marrige child of a relative or something.

All that was on FTDNA & Gedmatch, and after 2 years I was feeling I was at a dead end, and feeling a little discouraged. So I tested at Ancestry as well, and found another good match, another descendant of the couple I was interested in and one generation closer. The key match was with my aunt - it was right at the top of the cousin range and couldn't have been anything else. That meant my grandfather (my aunt's father) and this new match's father were both children of this couple. So I checked all the known children and found that one had the same birthday as my grandfather (though a different birth year) and he disappeared from the record at the same time as my grandfather's paper trail started. I met with this new match and he and family stories that showed that my grandfather apparently had an argument with the rest of the family that may have explained why he changed his name, date and place of birth, married my grandmother and moved interstate - apparently never being in contact again.

So now I "only" have the mystery of my grandmother, who was adopted (before adoptions were government registered) with no clear indication of parentage!

I hope you find a way through.

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