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Re: Baptism Query
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 20 February 18 20:20 GMT (UK) »
I know there is no way of 100% knowing, is there ever?  ;) But take for example my Gx3 Grandad's younger sister Sarah:

She was born two years before her mother married a man called Samuel. Registered with her Mothers surname. No father is listed. The 1861 census (taken 3 years before she was born) shows her Mother living with Samuel (shes listed as a boarder as are her two older sons).                Mother marries Samuel in 1865. 1871, 1881 - listed as daughter... ALL the children have the Fathers surname (only the 3 younger ones were born AFTER they wed).                                     
On the parish register entry on Sarah's marriage, next to her name, crudely scrawled is "ILLEGITIMATE". She obviously marries under her legal name which was her Mothers maiden name. Finally on Samuels death cert the informant is Sarah - listed as daughter!

Now as I wasn't there at the time of her conception I cannot say who fathered her BUT...based on all the above info I'd put money on Samuel being her biological father. I don't think in your case Kjmck you can rule it out.

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Re: Baptism Query
« Reply #10 on: Wednesday 21 February 18 07:18 GMT (UK) »
A long shot but did Mr Hampton leave a will?

I have an instance in my families of a lady having 3 illegitimate children and then marrying and having two others before dying at the age of 31.  I can see the family on the 1841 census and the wife's sister within the household.  When the husband dies he leaves a will in which he names all his children - natural children before the marriage (he names the mother) and those born after the marriage - and also a bequest to the sister.

Transcriptions and NBI are merely finding aids.  They are NOT a substitute for original record entries.
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