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1066 Genealogy | Tuesday, 14 April 2015
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  Memorial number

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Alfred Crouch/ who departed this life/ Dec 16    
  1848/ aged 32 years/ "Unto you therefore which believes he is/ precious but
  unto them which be/ disobedient the stone which the/ builders disallowed the
  same is/ made the head of the corner"/ also of/ Sarah/ wife of the above/  
  died Oct 16 1862 aged 47/                                                  

  DOUBLE SIDED HEADSTONE                                                     
  In memory of/ Ann Crouch/ wife of James Crouch/ late Quarter Master        
  Sergeant/ of the 14th Foot/ who died April 7 1858/ aged 77 years/ "I shall 
  be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness/"                              
  Footstone JC 1840/ AC 1858                                                 
  In memory of/ James Crouch/ late Quarter Master Sergeant/ of the 14th Foot/
  died Sep 14 1840/ aged 77/ and of his/ undermentioned children/            
  Cassandra/ died 15 Mar 1813 aged 7/                                        
  John/ 27 Aug 1835 aged 30/                                                 
  Caleb/ 27 May 1837 aged 27/                                                
  James/ 18 Oct 1840 aged 43/                                                
  Charles/ 28 Mar 1842 aged 23/                                              
  also of Charlotte/ wife of the above/ John Crouch/ died 2 Oct 1832 aged 27 

  In memory of/ William Lavender/ who died December/ 1767/ aged 88 years/    

  In memory of/ Amy the wife of/ William Lavender/ who died July 21/ 1773/   
  Aged 88 years/                                                             

  Headstone now missing                                                      
  In memory of/ Ann the wife of/ Benjamin Foster/ who died March 29 1765/ aged
  38 years/ also one daughter ....                                           

  In meory of/ Benjamin Foster/ who died January 11/ 1781 aged 56 years/     
  "Weep not for me my children dear/                                         
  I am not dead but sleeping here/                                           
  I'm free from all my grief and pain/                                       
  till Christ shall raise me up again"/                                      

  In memory of/ Benjamin son of Benjamin and/ Ann Faster/ who died Jan 27/   
  1775/ aged 16 years/                                                       

  In memory of/ Anne/ daughter of/ William & Ann Foster/ who died/ Feb 3 1783/
  aged 3 years and five months/                                              

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ William Foster/ who died Dec 18 1803/ aged 30/   
  leaving a widow and 12 children/ (11 daughters and 1 son)/ to deplore his  
  loss/ also/ Anne relict of the above/ who died July 16 1834/ aged 78/      
  leaving the same family living/ by whom this stone is erected              
  Footstone WF 1803/ AF 1834                                                 

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Rowe Carswell/ who died Oct 18 1837/ aged 64/ and
  Elizabeth his wife/ who died Aug 1 1838/ aged 62/ also Charles their son/  
  who died June 11 1823/ aged 3 years/ also William Carswell/ son of the     
  above/ who died May 17 1838/ aged 30 years/                                

  Footstone JB 1823/  MAB 1848                                               

  Dislodged Top of Table Tomb                                                
  Also/ in memory of/ Louisa wife of/ Robert Ranking/ Died in March 1831/    
  Inscribed portion of tomb now missing                                      
  In memory of/ Mary wife of/ Robert Ranking/ Died 29 Sept 1824/ aged 50(?)  

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Rebecca Foster/ wife of Thomas Foster of Hastings/
  died November 2 1815/ aged 29 years/ Sarah Foster/ his second wife/ died   
  March 3 1820/ aged 29 years/ Walter Foster her son/ died Sept 29 1819 aged 2
  weeks/ Frederick William Foster/ son of Thomas and Harriet Foster/ Died June
  6 1824/ aged 3 weeks/                                                      

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ James Tutt/ who departed this life/ February 6   
  1824/ aged 71 years/ also/ Henry his third son/ whose remains are deposited/
  near this stone/ and also/ Rebecca/ wife of the above/ who died February 10
  1842/ aged 85 years/                                                       

  In memory of/ Jane/ Daughter of Mr J.J.Deighton/ of Cambridge/ who died at 
  Hastings/ born November 27 1822/ died June 25 1839/                        
  Footstone - JD 1839                                                        

  To the memory of/ John Manwell Esq/ who died 29 April 1832/ aged 49 years/ 

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Penelope/ Third daughter of the late/ Rev Hugh   
  Price/ of Castle Madoc Breconshire/ Rector of Rettenden and/ Little Ilford 
  in Essex/ She departed this life/ October 11 1825/ aged 15/                
  Footstone - PP 1825                                                        

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Mary Elizabeth/ Eldest daughter of the/ Revd James
  Cummings M.A./ Professor of Chemistry in the/ Univerity of Cambridge/ Born 
  Aug 13 1821/ Died Oct 6 1854/ "Blessed are the pure in spirit/ for they    
  shall see God"                                                             
  Footstone - MEC 1854                                                       

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Charlotte/ youngest daughter of/ the late/ Mr    
  Joseph Wilkinson/ of London/ who died August 10 1831/ aged 25 years/       

  To the memory of/ Anne Grant/ youngest daughter/ of the deceased/ William  
  Grant esquire/ of Congalton/ in the County of Haddington/ Scotland/ who    
  departed this life/ 25 November 1828/ aged 17 years/                       

  Sacred/ In memory/ of Elizabeth/ Eldest daughter of/ Thomas & Elizabeth/   
  Foljambe/ of Wakefield in the County of York/ who died at Hastings/ 15 Jan 
  1826/ aged 17 years/                                                       

  In memory of/ Charlotte Anne/ daughter of/ H.S. Partridge Esq/ of Hookham in
  the/ county of Norfolk/ who died Dec 11 1825/ aged 17/                     

  OPENED VAULT                                                               
  To the ...../ Susan .../ who died ..../ August..../ Aged ..../             

  In memory of/ Sarah Anne Bennett/ eldest daughter of/ Bt Major Richard     
  Bennett/ late of the 13th Light Dragoons/ She departed this life June 24   
  1825/ Born June 17 1801/                                                   

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Anthony Harvey/ who died at Hastings/ ? March    
  1850/ aged 84 years/ also Charlotte his wife/ who died 4 May 1828/ aged 67 
  years/ also/ Anthony Harvey/ son of the above/ who died 9 March 1868/ aged 
  67 years/                                                                  

  In rememberance of/ George Peregrine Phillips/ Clerk M.A./ Curate of       
  Glenfield Leicestershire/ only son of/ the Revd George Phillips/ and       
  Elizabeth his wife/ born 5 March AD MDCCCXII/ died 25 Sep AD MDCCCXLVII/   
  "Blessed are they which do hunger/ and thirst after righteouness/ for they 
  shall be filled/                                                           
  Matt: Chap V ver 6                                                         
  Footstone - GPP MDCCCXLVII                                                 

  Im memory of/ Mrs E.P.Phillips/ widow of the late/ Rev George              
  Phillips/A.M.(sic)/ daughter of Wm Speed of B....s.. Rise, Surry (sic)/ who
  died 12 Feb 1823 aged 36 years/                                            
  Footstone - EP 1823                                                        

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Charlotte Raines/ who departed this life/ August 2
  1819/ aged 68/ "For if we believe that Jesus died and/ rose again even so  
  them also which sleep/ in Jesus will God bring with Him"                   
  Footstone - CR 1819                                                        

  Sacred to the memory of/ Caroline/ the wife of/ Theodor Dury/ Rector of    
  Kighley (sic) Yorkshire/ who died Nov 19 1820/ in the 29th year of her age/
  Galns V 22                                                                 
  "The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy/ peace, long suffering, gentleness/  
  goodness, faith/ Such was her character who sleeps beneath this stone/     

  In memory of/ John Bittleston Esq/ of Upper Norton Street/ London/ who died
  at Hastings/ July 10 1823/ etat 83/ also of/ Mary Ann Bittleston/ relict of
  the above/ who departed this life/ 27 Feb 1842/ etat 76/                   

  In memory/ of/ Dora/ infant daughter of/ Capt Malcolm McNeill/ 17th Lancers/
  died at Hastings Sep 9 1823/ aged 10 months                                
  Footstone - DMN 1823                                                       

  Lucianna/ eldest daughter/ of Lucy and Sigismund/ Rucker Esq/ of Westhill/ 
  Wandsworth Surry (sic) died at Hastings/ Oct 13 1824/ aged 17 years/       
  Footstone - LR 1824                                                        

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Jane/ the wife of/ Thomas Sinnock/ who departed  
  this life/ December 16 1820/ aged 56 years/ also of/ Thomas Sinnock/ who   
  departed this life/ January 4 1854/ aged 78 years                          

  BROKEN HEADSTONE                                                           

  Footstones - CB 1857/ WB 1839/ GB 1855/ JW 1860/                           

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Sarah/ wife of William White/ who departed this  
  life/ May 9 1827/ aged 60 years/ also of/ William White/ who departed this 
  life/ November 13 1837/ aged 72 years/                                     

  In memory of/ Amy Ades/ who departed this life/ September 16 1847/ aged 30 
  years/ "Watch therefore for ye know/neither the day nor the hour/ when the 
  Son of Man cometh/ Matthew XXV V 13/ also/ Sara Ades/ Mother of the above  
  named/ Amy/ who died September 17 1848/ aged 66 (?) years/                 

  In memory of/ Thomas Reeve Emary/ son of/ Thomas & Susanna Emary/ who died 
  25 August 1827/ aged 10 years & 8 months/ here lies interr'd beneath the   
  earths cold bed/ he that for whom ten thousand tears were shed/ there's none
  that knew him could refrain/ from weeping though weeping but in vain/ now  
  his dear soul hath taken flight/ borne up by angels in the realms of light/

  In memory of/ Jane the wife of/ Robert Peters/ who died April 8 1779/ aged 
  51(?) years/                                                               

  This stone/ marks the grave of/ Elizabeth/ Wife of Edward Cornwell/ of     
  Hastings/ Died June 14 1830/ aged 83 years/                                
  Footstone - EC 1830/                                                       

  DOUBLE HEADSTONE                                                           
  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Sarah wife of/ Edward Kingsnorth/ who died June 23
  1854/ aged 43(8) years/ also/ to the above/ Edward Kingsnorth/ who died    
  November 29/ 1865 aged 72(?) years/ he lies interred/ at Croydon Surrey/   
  Footstone - SK 1854/ EK 1865                                               
  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Joseph Kingsnorth/ who died Dec 22 1851/ aged 73 
  years/ also Frances wife of the above/ who died ..... 1853/ aged 69 years/ 
  Footstone - JK 1851/ FK 1853                                               

  Broken Stone                                                               

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ William White/ who died December 21 1849/ aged 59
  years and 9 months/ "Look to Jesus in Heaven/ where ..... shall see his    
  face/ and never, never sin../ from the riches of his grace/ drink endless, 
  endless in/                                                                
  Footstone - WW 1849                                                        

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Mary Ross/ of the county of York/ who died August
  1 1847/ aged 38 years                                                      

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Jean the beloved wife of/ Henry Earley Wyatt Esq/
  of this parish/ who departed this life April 15 1852/ aged 41 years/ "My   
  flesh shall slumber underground/ till the last trumpets joyful sound/ then 
  burst the chains in sweet surprise/ and in my Saviours image rise/         
  Footstone - JW 1852                                                        

                      ( No inscription has been entered )                     

                      ( No inscription has been entered )                     

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Frances Hall/ who died Dec 17 1848/ aged 19 years/
  "The Lord giveth and the Lord/ hath taken ..... blessed be/ the name of the
  Footstone - FH 1848                                                        

  In/ Memory of/ Edward Eldridge/ of Pimlico/ who died in this parish/ Aug 7 
  1836/ aged 41 years/ also/ Edwin/ Eldest son of the above/ who died Nov 23 
  1837/ aged 17/ Phoebe/ Eldest daughter of the above/ who died May 17 1839/ 
  Aged 23/ also of/ John Edward/ Youngest son of the above/ who departed this
  life May 15 1847/ aged 22/ also Sarah wife of the above/ Edward Eldridge/  
  who departed this life July 3 1876/ aged 79/ "Them also that sleep in Jesus/
  will God bring with him" 1 Thess IV 14                                     
  Footstones - EE 1836/ EE 1837/ PE 1839/ JEE 1847/ SE 1876/                 

  Vault ?                                                                    

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Lieut Colonel William/ Granville Eliot/ of       
  Valebrook in this Parish/ and formerly of/ The Royal Artillery/ born       
  September 7 1779/ died August 26 1855/                                     
  Footstone - WGE 1855                                                       

  Sacred/ Major General/ Sir Howard Elphinstone/ Baronet/ Commander of the   
  Bath/ Colonel ........../ of the Royal Engineers/ who died 2? April/ aged  
  75? years/ and of/ Dame Frances/ his wife/ Born September 21 1783/ died    
  August 1854?/ aged 71/                                                     

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Richard Tavell M.A/ of Queens College Cambridge/ 
  and of/ Lincoln Inn/ who died at Hastings/ Feb 1 1840/ in the 31st year of 
  his age/ "This stone marks out his grave/ his memory is embalmed/ in the   
  tender recollection/ of Mother, Sister and Brother/                        
  Footstone - RT 1840                                                        

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Jesse Catt/ who departed this life/ April 4 1832/
  aged 44 years/ "When Christ who is our life shall appear/ then shall ye also
  appear with Him in/ Glory/ also of/ Spencer Catt/ son of the above/ who died
  July 22 1848/ aged 20 years & 3 months/ his death was caused by a fall/ from
  the roof of the house of/ Mr D.L.Shadwell Esq who has caused/ this stone to
  be erected to/ his memory/                                                 
  "Watch therefore for ye know/ neither the day nor the hour when the Son of 
  Man/ cometh/                                                               
  Footstone - JC 1832/ SC 1848/                                              

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Lieut Arthur Shakepear RN (Biblical text         
  illegible) Aged 38/ Also Louisa the beloved wife/ of the above/ (Biblical  
  text illegible) aged ..../                                                 
  (Biblical text illegible)                                                  

  Top turned face down but believed to be Elphinstone                        

  Here lieth the mortal remains/ of/ Theodosia wife of Lord Monteagle/ of    
  Brandon/ Second daughter of the Earl of Limerick/ born 16th January 1787/  
  Died at Hastings 10th December 1839/                                       
  "In what a Christain spirit she performed/ the duties of/ Daughter, Wife,  
  Mother and Friend/ the love and grief of her/ Parents, her Husband, her    
  Children & Friends/ testify abundantly/ God grant to those whom she loved/ 
  and who survive her/ that they may follow her example/ and through divine  
  mercy & the atoning merits/ of Christ/ that they may be united to her/ in  
  another world/ to part no more"/                                           

  Here lieth the remains of/ Mary Anna/ eldest daughter of/ Charles Henry    
  Marshall/ and/ Eliza Lucas his wife/ late of Cheltenham/ Born at Bath Oct  
  27th 1806/ Died at Hastings April 15th 1841/ "Blessed are the dead which die
  in the Lord/ .........../ ............./ Adam all die...../ Christ .....   
  Footstone - MAM 1841                                                       

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Charles Fyfe MD/ of Edinburgh/ who died July 15th
  1834/ aged 32 years/                                                       
  Footstone - CF 1834                                                        

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ William Tyhurst/ who died April 12 1830/ aged 38 
  years/ also/ Frances, wife/ of the above/ who died January 21 1849/ aged 59
  years/ Elizabeth their daughter/ died April 24 1820/ aged 2 years/ Ann their
  daughter/ died March 11 1822/ aged 1 year/ Robert their son/ who died while
  in command of/ the ship Lord Charles Spencer on/ the River Sherboro/ at    
  Bendoo in Africa/ January 15 1845/ aged 28 years/                          
  "Let me die the death of the righteous/ and let my last end be like his/   
  Numbers Chap XXIII: V 10/                                                  
  This stone was erected by/ the surving sons/ William, Richard/ Henry and   
  Francis/ 1860/                                                             
  Footstone - WT 1830/ FT 1849/ ET 1820/ AT 1822/ RT 1845/                   

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Judith/ the beloved wife of/ Thomas Foster/ who  
  departed this life/ the 24th March 1853/ aged 62 years/ also/ Thomas Foster/
  husband of the above/ who died April 10 1872/ aged 83 years/               
  "Them also which sleep in Jesus/ will God bring with Him"/ 1 Thess: 4 Chap:
  14 V/                                                                      
  Footstone - JF 1853/ TF 1872/                                              

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Amelia Button/ daughter of/ Thomas & Charlotte   
  Button/ who died March 26 1821/ aged 1 year and 2 months/                  
  "Weep not for me/ I am not lost but sleeping here/ my time was short but/  
  God took me home"/                                                         
  Footstone - AB 1821                                                        

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Thomas Button/ of Ore/ who departed this life/   
  March 25 1858/ aged 64 years/                                              
  "I waited patiently for the/ Lord; and he inclined unto me/ and heard my   
  calling/ Psalm 40: V 1/                                                    
  also/ in fond remembrance of Charlotte Button/ (wife of the above)/ who died
  June 18 1878/ aged 82 years/                                               
  "Blessed are the dead which die in the/ Lord from henceforth yea saith the/
  Spirit that they may rest from their/ labours ....... do follow/ them/ Rev:
  XIV 13 V/                                                                  
  Footstone - TB 1858/ CB 1878/                                              

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ John Foster/ who departed this life/ Jan 26 1857/
  aged 85 years/ also Sarah Foster/ wife of the above/ who departed this life/
  Jan 30 1842/ aged 73 years/                                                
  Footston - JF 1857/ SF 1842                                                

  IRON ROSE THORN BORDER                                                     
  No name (Plaque removed)                                                   

  17th Century Headstone (diamond and cross design)                          

  BROKEN STONE                                                               

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Musgrave Brisco/ of Coghurst in this Parish Esq/ 
  who departed this life/ May 9 1851/ aged 63/                               
  "Blessed are the merciful: for/ they shall obtain mercy./                  
  Blessed are the pure in heart:/ for they shall see God"./                  
  This tomb is erected by her/ who for twenty-one years/ was the object of his
  tender/ care and love/                                                     
  "I shall go to him but he shall/ not return to me"/                        
  (Burchell, Hastings: Stonemason.)                                          

  17th Century Headstone with trace of date at top: 16...?                   

  In memory/ of Sarah the/ wife of Thomas/ Glazier she de/ parted this life/ 
  July the ... 1779/ aged 30 ? years/ Left here three sons/ and one daughter/
  ON REVERSE SIDE OF HEADSTONE                                               
  "O blessed Lord/ My soul reward/ On earth for all my sins/ That I in Heav'n/
  May live with thee/ In peace with all my friends/ Where we amongst/ Thy    
  Saints may sing/ And glorify thy Name/ and darling children/ thence to come/

  In memory/ of Mary the wife/ of Thomas Genner/ senior she depart/ ed this  
  life May/ the 30 1772/ aged 66 years                                       

  BROKEN STONE                                                               

  In memory of/ Thomas Genner/ of Ore he departed/ this life February 17 ...3/

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Nelson Reed/ who died September 16 1851/ aged 41 
  years/ also Caroline Reed/ widow of the above/ who died March 24 1873/ aged
  62 years/                                                                  
  Footstone - NR 1851/ CR 1873/                                              

  HEADSTONE MOSTLY BURIED                                                    

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Henry Smith Faught/ born June 7 1838/ died April 5
  1839/ and also of/ William Faught/ born November 1 1840/ died November 10  
  1841/ infant sons of the/ Rev George Steers Faught/ and Anne his wife/ The 
  lord gave and the Lord/ hath taken away blessed be/ the name of the Lord/  
  Footstone - (l/h) HSF 1839/ (r/h) WF 1841                                  

  ? Mary ye wife/ of Richard Kidd/ who died May/ ye 28 1728/ aged 63 years/  

  ............................./ 65 year/ his age left/ issue 2 sons John/   

  Beneath/ here lie the remains of/ Eleanor Maltby/ daughter of/ Thomas Maltby
  Esq/ formerly of Wathamstow/ in the County of Essex/ and afterwards of/    
  Upper Harley Street/ London/ she departed this life/ at St Leonards on the/
  21 Nov 1839 aged 41/ expressing her steadfast hope of/ everlasting life    
  solely through the/ merits of our Redeemer/                                
  I know that my Redeemer liveth/ and that He shall stand at the/ latter day 
  upon the earth/ and though after my skin worms/ destroy this body yet in my/
  flesh shall I see God" 10 C Job/                                           
  Footstone - EM 1839                                                        

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Lydia Le Grand Gribble/ Daughter of/ Thomas      
  Gribble of Stockwell/ Surry/ Born 29th July 1810/ died at Hastings 5th     
  November/ 1853/ "She died in humble hope of eternal life/ through faith in 
  the Redeemer/ Her end was peace/                                           
  Footstone - LLGG 1833                                                      

  In memory/ Wm the son/ of Robert and/ Eliz Petters/ who departed this life/
  4th Dec 1754/ aged 22 years/                                               
  Stone depicts                                                              
  "Death the Reaper holding hour glass and scythe sitting on skull"          

  Inscription Illegible except for                                           
  Who died ...../ 1776 aged 86/                                              

  (BROKEN) SIDEWAYS TO SOUTH WALL                                            
  Sacred/ to the memory of/ the Rev Henry Palmerham/ Rector of this Parish/  
  who fell asleep in Jesus/ the 7 Sep 1813                                   
  FRAGMENTS OF INSCRIPTION                                                   
  "... yet speake/ .........are Ambassador/ ........did beseech you/         
  .....stead be ye re..../ For God so loved the wor.../ only begotten Son/   
  Believeth in him should not..../ Everlasting Life/ For God sent not His Son
  into the World/ to condemn the world but that the world/ Through Him might 
  be saved/ John/                                                            
  "How shalt we escape if we need/ .... so great salvation/ HEB Ch 11 Ver 3/ 

  Also of/ Graham Currie Moore/ son of the Rev Henry Moore/ & Lucie daughter 
  of the late/ D Currie of Liverpool/ who fell asleep in Jesus/ March 1 18??/
  in his 17th year/                                                          

  1st Face                                                                   
  In memory of/ the Revd Devey Fearon M.D./ 32 years Rector/ of the Parish of
  Ore/ who departed this life/ the 28 July 1847/ obt 78/ also of Harriot/ his
  wife/ who departed this life/ Dec 18 1822/ aged 38/                        
  2nd Face                                                                   
  In memory of/ Mary Ann Fearon/ who died Sep 29 1843 aged 24/ and is interred
  at Bucknell in/ Lincolnshire/ and Samuel John Fearon/ who died Feb 28 1847 
  aged 30/ and is interred in the Highgate/ cemetery London/ beloved children
  of the above/ Devey and Harriot Fearon/                                    
  3rd Face                                                                   
  In memory of/ Fanny Fearon/ obt 4 years &/ 9 months/ and/ Devey Cosmo/     
  Fearon/ infant children/ of the above Devey & Harriot/ Fearon/             
  4th Face                                                                   
  In memory of/ Nancy Brooks Fearon/ eldest daughter of/ Daniel Fearon Esq of
  London/ and sister of the Rev D Fearon/ who departed this life April 17    
  1837/ aged 58 years/                                                       

  In memory/ of/ Thomas Smith/ who died July 17/ 1818/ aged 66 years/ (broken)
  also Hannah his wife/ who died Jan 4 1851/ aged 79 years/                  
  Footstone - TS 1818/ HS 1851/                                              

  (Baby lying on Skull)                                                      
  In memory/ of Jane the wife of/ John Ellick/ who departed this life/ the 10
  November 1766/ aged 36 years/                                              
  Also near this place lies one/ Son & two daughters who died/ In their      
  Infency (sic)                                                              

  (Carved Shell)                                                             
  In memory of/ Christopher Thorpe/ who departed this life/ Nov 6 1762/ aged 
  86 years/                                                                  

  (Book, Shell, hourglass and angel)                                         
  In memory/ of Mary the wife of/ Christopher Thorpe/ who departed this/ life
  July 10 1761/ aged 71 years/                                               

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ Kensington/ Edward Whistler and Mary/ Whistler/ of
  Ridge Cottage/ Born Dec ? 1810/ died Feb 1? 18??/                          

  In memory of/ Elizabeth wife of / William Cruttenden/ who died June 15 1808/

  In memory/ of William Cruttenden/ who departed this/ life March the 16 1771/
  in the 51 year of his age/                                                 

  THIS STONE IS NOW MISSING                                                  
  Sacred/ to the memory of/ John Dungate/ Thwaites/ died Aug 4 1852/ aged 61 
  years/ also Hannah/ wife of the above/ died Dec 4 1815/ aged 21 years/ also/
  Sarah/ second wife of the above/ died Oct 6 1866/ aged 69 years/ also /    
  Hannah/ daughter of the above/ died July 7 1846/ aged 17 years/ who is     
  interred/ in St Marys Cemetery/ also five children/ who died in their      
  Footstone - JDT 1852/ HT 1815/ ST 1866/ HT 1846/                           

  Sacred/ to the memory of/ John Stace/ who died December 7 1856/ aged 84    
  years/ also Elizabeth/ his wife/ who died November 22 1814/ aged 44 years/ 
  and/ Frances/ his second wife/ who died March 31 1842/ aged 44/ also several
  sons and/ daughters whose remains/ are deposited near this/ spot           
  Footstone - JS 1856/ ES 1814/                                              

  STONE DIVIDED IN TWO                                                       
  In/ memory of/ Elias Sinnock/ senior who/ departed/ this life/ Aug 16/ 1776
  aged 69/ years/                                                            
  Humane and Gentle/ affable and kind/ plain but open/ moral honest mind/ he 
  lived to die/ in Christ he put/ his trust/ to rise thro' him/ Triumphant   
  with/ the just/ Anne the wife of/ Elias Sinnock/ senior who/ departed/ this
  life/ July the 26/ 1775 aged 68/ years/                                    
  Affliction sore/ Long time I bore/ Physicians were/ in vain/ Death did     
  seize/ As God did please/ to ease me of my/ pain/                          

  Footstone - EF 1819 -Random Position                                       

  IO C.R.I.S.P. fil.....St :/ Doboborn H. IOC (N or V) M/Tenentis: OB 27 Sept/


  To the memory of/ Richmond Blamire/ who died at Hastings/ on the 9 Feb 1831/
  aged 18 years/ ........./                                                  
  Exact position of stone unknown                                            

  17th Century Headstone                                                     
  TM 1676/                                                                   
  Stored for safe-keeping in Tower                                           

  Notes :                                                                    
  Brass circa 1412.  Husband & Wife, dressed in civilian dress.              
  Husand carrying a short sword on a baldric.                                
  Crocketed and pinnacled double canopy with pinnacled shafting.             
  Male Figure 57cm  Female Figure 56cm                                       
  This brass may be in memory of John Halle (died 1412) and Amico his wife   
  (died 1430) since they directed in their wills their desire that their     
  bodies should be buried in St Helens Church, Hastings                      

  Beneath/ this stone lie the remains of/ Jane/ widow of/ Lieut. Colonel     
  Cowell/ of Shoreham in this County/ She died at Hastings/ on the 24th      
  September 1783/ aged 67 years/                                             
  Inscribed in Roman maj. and min.                                           

  Sacred to the memory of/ Mary Ann widow of the late James U.M.Leith/ A     
  Captain in H.M 68th Regiment (Italics)/ She died at London Dec 23rd 1852   
  aged 69 years/ Also of Jane Walker Tomkins the only daughter/ Wife of Samuel
  Tomkins, Junior/ of Lombard Street, London/ She died at Hastings Sept 7th  
  1848 aged 37 years/ and of John Farley Leith, Grandson/ of the first and   
  elder son of/ John Farley Leith Esq/ of the Middle Temple, Barrister at    
  Laww/ He died at Brighton/ 22nd June 1853 aged 19 years                    

  In the family vault in this Church/ are deposited the remains of/ The      
  Honorable General James Murray/ (Late of Beauport in this County)/ Youngest
  son of Alexander fourth Lord Elibank/ of the Kingdom of Scotland/ He       
  departed this life at Beauport/ June 18th 1794 aged 75 years/ Also of his  
  second wife Anne/ daughter of Abraham Whitham Esq./ She died August 2nd    
  1824/ aged 63 years/ also of two of their children/ Elizabeth - Mary died  
  April 8th 1785/ aged 1 year and eight months/ and George died in February  
  1794/ aged two months.                                                     
  UNDERNEATH is a small rectangular white marble tablet :-                   
  The above tablet was removed/ from the Old Parish Church by the/ Honorable 
  General Murray's Grand-daughter Lady Troloppe wife of General Sir Charles  
  Troloppe,KCB/ November 1882                                                

  THREE MARBLE TABLETS                                                       
  1.  In memory of/ Ann, daughter of Fountain and Arabella North/ of Hampstead
  Heath Middlesex/ who died at Hastings/ August 11th 1801;/ in the 27th year 
  of her age                                                                 
  2.In memory of/ Fountayne North Esq/ of Rougham Hall(Italics) Norfolk/ and 
  Hampstead Heath(Italics) Middlesex/ who died at Hastings(Italics) the 21st 
  September 1810/ Anno Aetatis, 62/ also of Arabella his widow/ who died at  
  Weymouth(Italics), the 8th of January 1832/ aged 78/                       
  3.To the memory of/ Francis Frederick North Esq/ of Rougham Hall, in the   
  County of Norfolk/ and of Hastings, in this county/ Who died October 8th   
  1821/ aged 43 years/                                                       

  To the memory of/ the Reverend Mitford Peacock late fellow of/ Corpus      
  Christi College in the University of Cambridge and Elder son of the Rev    
  D.M.Peacock Rector of/ Great Stainton in the County of Durham/ who departed
  this life at Hastings/ on the 20th day of May in the year of our Lord 1828/
  In the 28th year of his age/ and was interred near this place/             
  Christian meekness, and humility, purity and modesty,/ Truth and sincerity,
  uncompromising integrity, active benevolence, and a tenderness for the     
  feelings of others/ Bespoke the blessed influence of religion in his heart/
  throughout life; he died in single reliance on the/ Merits and Meditation of
  the Redeemer our/ Lord Jesus Christ/                                       

  Sacred to the memory of/ The Reverend William Whitear LL.B./ who died on the
  8th day of February/ in the year of our Lord 1804/ in the 67th year of his 
  age/ Having been minister of this Parish/ during a period of 44 years. also
  to the memory of Elizabeth his wife/ who died at Hastings/ on the 29th day 
  of May 1808/ aged 60 years/                                                

  To the memory of/ Mary Whitham/ Widow of the late Abraham Whitham Esq/ His 
  Britannic Majestys Consul in the/ Island of Majorca/ Who departed this life
  at Hastings/ March 13th 1797 aged 73 years/ Her remains are deposited in   
  this church/ with those of/ Hugh William Whitham/ their youngest son/ who  
  died July 26th 1785 aged 23 years/ also of Mary Whitham/ their second      
  daughter who died/ March 2nd 1825 aged 75 years/ and of Susanna Whitham/   
  their third daughter who died/ March 5th 1830 aged 76 years/               

                                End of records                                





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