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1066 Genealogy | Tuesday, 14 April 2015
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From 27th August 2004
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Sussex Emigrants to Sydney NSW in 1839   PDF  E-mail 

1839 Sussex Emigrants to Sydney NSW 


On the 28th May 1839 the ‘Neptune’ sailed from Gravesend, arriving in Sydney, New South Wales , Australia on 6th September 1839 with a compliment of Sussex emigrants from an area in Sussex which included the villages of Burwash, Salehurst, Hawkhurst, (Kent) Robertsbridge and others on the border of Sussex & Kent.


In that one ship alone ninety nine lost sheep were herded together by the Salehurst parish and sent to New South Wales.


Having just located the original documents (Salehurst Poor Law Union) in the East Sussex Records Office, I am able to add further details to a previously published list of the people who emigrated.


The Poor law Union had agreed to pay Adults £2/10/- and children £1/10/- or £1/5/-  expenses to emigrate to Sydney New South Wales.



ADAMS Stephen (47) of Salehurst & Marie BEECHING (46) of Hawkhurst

Together with Stephen 25, Fanny 23, Thomas 20, Maria 18, Harriett 15, James    12, and Eliza 4.

Family were paid £15/5/- expenses.

BAILEY Thomas (30) of Robertsbridge & Sophia PROUDFOOT (27) of Salehurst

                Together with Hannah 8, Harriett 7, Lydia 4, Benjaman 2

                 Family were paid £10/10/- expenses

BAILEY William (33) of Salehurst & Mary A SIMMONS (35) of Salehust

                together with Harriett 13, William 11, Mary Ann 9, John 7, and David 5.

                Family were paid £12/5/- expenses

BAKER George (22) of Salehurst & Philadelphia ROLFE (21) of Salehurst

                 Together with George aged 6 months

                 Family were paid £6/5/- expenses

BAKER David (46) of Etchingham & Elizabeth BAKER (41) of Hawkhurst

together with James 21, David 18, Benjn 16, Harriett 14, Elizabeth 12, Maria 9         and Jane 4. Family were paid £16/5/- expenses

BAKER Thomas (46) of Salehurst & Sarah LESTER (42) of Etchingham

               together with William 15, Henry 12, Edward 9, Jesse 6, Sarah, 3

               Family were paid £13/-/- expenses

BAKER George  of Fairlight & Sarah ……? of Fairlight

BALLARD Robert of Northiam & Sophia HAWKINS of Burwash

BEAL Joseph of Shotley or Cholly & Mary A KENWELL of same

BOOTS James (27) of Salehurst & Sara Ann CLAPSON (26) of Salehurst

                        Family were paid £5/-/- expenses

BOXSELL Thomas (40) of Salehurst & Mary GOODSELL (37) of Robertsbridge

                 Together with Michael 10, Edmund 7, James 4 and Martha 2

                 Family were paid £9/10/- expenses

BUTLER Spencer of St Mary in Castle, Hastings & Harriet CHAPMAN of same

CLOUT William of Hawkhurst – (single)

CLOUT David of Hawkhurst & Caroline CLOUT of Hawkhurst

COLEBRAN William of Rotherfield & Philadelphia BAILLIE of Sandhurst

DANN John – (single)

DANN George (single) married WEEKS Hannah (single) C of E Sydney in about 1840

DANN Horatio of Burwash & Elizabeth CHINA (18) of Salehurst

                 Only Elizabeth received £2/-/- expenses

FORSTER George of Pett & Caroline GILL of Beckley

FRIEND Jesse (21) of Salehurst & Mary BAKER (22) of same

                together with an unnamed child of 6 weeks & Mary Ann 18.

                Family were paid £8/5/- expenses

FRIEND Edward (33) of Salehurst & Jane BAILEY (43) nee EXCELL of Northiam

BAILEY Charlotte (15) (single)

BAILEY Richard (11) (single) both children of Janes first marriage

                Family were paid £8/-/- expenses

HACKSLEY Robert (single) of Hawkhurst

HACKSLEY William of Hawkhurst & Harrirt COACHMAN of same

HAWKINS James of Burwash & Fanny GEER (died on voyage) parish not given

HAWKINS Thomas of Burwash & Charlotte HAZELWOOD of Dallington

HEAD Richard of Ore & Jane WYBORNE of same

HICKS John of Little Burwash & Harriet HAWKINS of same

HISCOCK William (41) of Salehurst & Elizabeth BEEK (39) of same

together with George 17, Harriett 16, Frances 14, John 12, Ann 10, James 8, William 5, Eliza 1.

Family were paid £19/10/- expenses

HYLAND Thomas of Burwash & Maria HASTINGS of same

KEMP Richard of Burwash & Mrs KEMP (died on voyage) parish not given

KING William of Burwash & Elizabeth HYLAND (died on voyage) of same

KING Thomas (single) in care of brother

FRIEND Mary Ann (single) in care of brothers, married St James C of E, Sydney 1845

LAVENDER John of Fairlight & Catherine PIPER of Peasmarsh

MARTIN William of Hawkhurst & Mary WITHYEAM of same

NEWMAN Francis W of Kew, Surrey & Elizabeth GLOVER of Kensington, W.London

OSBORNE John of Bodiam & Frances J JACKSON of Hawkhurst

OXENBRIDGE Henry of Ticehurst & Frances CONNEL of same

PAYNE William of Heathfield, a widower with family of 5 – no further details

PRYER / PRYOR Thomas of Arkeall, Kent & Matilda HAWKINS of same

ROBINS / ROBENS Stephen of Hastings & Sarah CATT of same

ROBERSON William of Surrey & Elizabeth PILCHER of Dorset

ROLFE William (46) of Salehurst & Frances MARCHANT (45) of Rolvendon, Kent

Together with Lucy 19, William 17, Charles 12, Frances 10, Robert 3, Alfred 3

Family were paid £13/10/- expenses

ROLE James (22) (single) of Salehurst relationship unknown – James was paid £1/10/-

RUSSELL George of Burwash & Anne WESTON of same

SEVYER / SIVYER William of Hawkhurst & Hannah …. Of same

SHEATHER Stephen of Ninfield & Hannah TESTER of Eastdean

STANDEN Lewis (40) of Salehurst & Maria BAKER (38) of Sandhurst

Together with Frederick 20, Mary Ann 16, Henry 14, Thomas 12, and                   Frances 10.

Family were paid £10/10/- expenses

STONESTREET James (25) of Salehurst & Harriet PILES (22) of same

                            together with Mary Ann 2, and William aged 1

                            Family were paid £7/10/- expenses.

STILES / STYLES Edward of Crowhurst & Harriet POOLEY of same

WALLACE / WALLIS John of Burwash & Sophy HAWKINS of same

WARBY James of Gertfordshire & Mary …. Of Ewell

WATKINS John of Pembroke, S Wales & Sarah James of same

WYTHES Thomas of Worcestershire & Charlotte WATKINS of Abberley

WHITEMAN Thomas of Udimore & Mary BUTCHER of same

WILSON William of Fairlight & Mary BEAL of Icklesham

WINDSOR Alfred of Hawkhurst & Susan SANDS of same

WOODHAMS David of Fairlight & Lucy RICHARDSON / THWAITE of Hastings

WOODHAMS Richard (single) of Guestling, son of John

WOODHAM James (single) of Guestling, son of John

WYBORNE John (died in England before departure)

WYBORNE Mrs (a widow) of Hastings – formerly Jane AVERY of Eastbourne


Single Males – where no relationship has been established to above families.

BOOTS John (23) of Salehurst, son of John & Elizabeth – John was paid £2/10/-

BRITT / BRETT John of Herstmonceux, son of Edward & Anne

BAKER Edward of Lydd, Kent, son of William & Mary

BLUNDELL Henry (19) of Salehurst, son of William & Mary – Henry was paid £2/10/-

FORSTER James (died on voyage aged 20) no details

GUNTER Stephen (19) of Salehurst, son of John & Matilda – Stephen was paid £2/10/-

HOAD John (20) of Salehurst, son of John & Elizabeth – John was paid £2/10/-

HOLMES George of Rye, son of John & Mary

HOLTER John of Westham, son of Henry & Jane

LUSTED William (19) of Salehurst, William was paid £2/10/- expenses to emigrate

LUSTED Edward (15) of Salehurst, son of William & Sarah – Edward was paid £2/10/-

MARCHANT Richard (21) of Salehurst, son of Richard & Jane CLOUT – paid £2/10/-

(see George & Philadelphia BAKER and David & Caroline CLOUT)

PAGE John (17) of Salehurst, son of John & Elizabeth – John was paid £2/10/-

FOSTE / TESTER Thomas of Etchingham, son of Thomas SINDLER & Sarah TESTER

THURLEY George (30) of Salehurst, son of George & Ann – George was paid £1/3/6d

SMALL Benjamin of Mayfield, son of Samuel & Hannah BAKER

SEXBY / SAXBY William (19) son of John & Mary – William was paid £2/10/-


Single Females – where no relationship has been established to above families.

CLIFTON Mary Anne of Burwash, daughter of Siceve & Phyllis

DRAWBRIDGE Mary Anne of Ticehurst, daughter of Charles & Catherine

HUMPHRIES Eliza of Beneden, Kent, daughter of Richard & Eliza

PULLEY Anne of Worcester, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth


Deaths on Voyage

BALLARD Jane, 5 years

BUTLER Thankful, 16 months (listed as SPENCER)

HYLAND Ann, 7 years (listed as Lucy)

HAWKINS Fanny, 22, wife of James

KEMP Mrs, 37 and daughter below

KEMP Emily, 5 years

KING Elizabeth, 19, wife of William

WINDSOR Susan, 21, wife of Alfred

FORSTER James, aged 20


Contact name (in 1988) for more information on the above is:

Fay & Albert King, 36 Cobargo Road, Gymea, N.S.W, Australia who would appreciate any correspondence relating to additional information and / or corrections


The above list of names was first published in the Sussex Family Historian Vol 8, No 2 - June 1988 and again in the Hastings & Rother FHS Journal, Vol 3, No 4 – January 1989


Link to further information on Salehurst





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