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12:01 Struggling with Neighbours Family history-HELP! (Lancashire) by Blue70
12:01 HOLLINGSWORTH (Gloucestershire) by rosie99
11:57 HUTCHCRAFT in Ramsey/Upwood (Huntingdonshire Lookup Requests) by emeltom
11:57 Native American DNA? (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by davidft
11:56 Mattie Kelly, Destin, Florida 1938. Can someone give her a bit of color, please? (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by jim1
11:55 Bankhead, Caerlaverock, Dumfries (Dumfriesshire) by cupcake
11:52 120 Cecil Street Manchester 14 (Lancashire) by trish81424
11:51 Robert MEIN/Isabella HAY (Renfrewshire) by cupcake
11:49 Merchant Seaman Register (The Common Room) by Loobs
11:46 "natural and lawful son of ..." (The Common Room) by SmallTownGirl
11:43 Mystery woman from Bermuda...or Birmingham, England? (The Common Room) by whiteout7
11:35 Violet Dene - Actress (The Common Room) by Christine53
11:33 John Piper (Family History Beginners Board) by rosie99
11:25 Wray Family Bally Shannon (Family History Beginners Board) by hallmark
11:22 Help,JONES, MIDDLE WOODFORD. (Family History Beginners Board) by suehallam32
11:16 Delany / Delaney of Cork and Kerry (Ireland) by Gilby
11:16 Parish registers for Farr and Strathy (Sutherland) by Munro84
11:15 1850 marriage record (Scotland) by Gadget
11:14 confusing (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by xinia
11:14 Edmund Burley - looking for some colour (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Avondale16
11:11 Christening from 1904 (London and Middlesex) by MacGrigor
11:09 Alice Viola Craven b 22 Aug 1907 Michigan (US Lookup Requests) by *Sandra*
10:56 Edward Whitney (1867- ) of Redditch (Worcestershire) by stesim58
10:54 Ancestry DNA questions (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by RebeccaNZ
10:54 Court record, Surrey (Newington) Quarter Sessions 1845 (Surrey Lookup Requests) by Bookbox
10:52 Bastidy bonds (Cornwall) by Pennines
10:45 Pedro Alfred Vinals Vernal (London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests) by Javier
10:24 Burial records for Fordingbridge Independent Chapel (Hampshire & Isle of Wight) by bearkat
10:21 JosephPerry born Approx 1796 Bicknoller Somerset (Somerset) by heddwch
10:20 Mary Eveline Logan born New Zealand (Australia) by wivenhoe
10:12 baptism for Mary Strachan (Scotland) by Wendy2305
10:08 William Finnie (Family History Beginners Board) by Haybag
10:05 Death at Shooter's Hill. (Kent) by Henry7
10:00 William Ryder Plymouth circa wartime (Family History Beginners Board) by rosie99
10:00 How many matches do you have? Plus, improvements for Ancestry (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Mart 'n' Al
9:57 More info on Henry and Richard Dudley Civil War. (Armed Forces) by Fenb0y
9:52 Ancestry search up the spout? (The Common Room) by Mart 'n' Al
9:51 William dundas b. 1805 crom, Fermanagh, ireland (Family History Beginners Board) by sway