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9:49 The Edwards Family (Monmouthshire Lookup Requests) by keyboard86
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9:28 baby in the bushes (The Common Room) by xinia
9:27 WAR TIME EVACUEES!!! (London and Middlesex) by c15wol
9:26 McArthur Family emigration (Immigrants & Emigrants - General) by AMBLY
9:26 Albert Whetton born abt 1876 in Measham, Derbyshire, England (Leicestershire) by stitchwitch
9:14 gallogley/martin (Ireland) by johng1
9:14 Alexander (Alex) CURRIE (abt. 1818-1892) Cannington. Uxbridge Journal Look-up (Canada Lookup Request) by krellia
9:13 1841 – 1851 St Luke Old Street Census Lookup Request (London & Middlesex Lookup Requests) by Union Jack
9:12 A welcome end to this sub-forum? (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by goldie61
9:12 McPadden + Flynn (Leitrim) by mmcpadden1
9:06 Cousin to Sir Francis Drake? (Devon) by goldie61
8:51 Nellie Stevens (1897-1984) - some colour please (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Avondale16
8:44 What are the odds of me being able to find what was my Great-Great-Great-Grandpa (Family History Beginners Board) by KGarrad
8:40 Robert Williams in Mold 1834 (Flintshire Lookup Requests) by pimpernel
8:38 Help identifying Badges on US Army Uniform (Armed Forces) by kentishkiwi
8:28 1889 diary, in Reading (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Deskman
8:25 Passenger lists UK to Canada 1871-73 (Canada Lookup Request) by *Sandra*
8:17 the leech family (Canada) by Glen A Yearsley
8:08 Book recommendations - DNA (The Common Room) by Pheno
8:08 Thomas Leech (How to Use RootsChat (Please don't post requests here)) by Glen A Yearsley
8:01 Local newspaper (Lancashire) by mrcakey
7:59 Calderdale Companion (Yorkshire (West Riding)) by mrcakey
7:57 Who was Hattie? (Staffordshire) by Jool
7:47 Which registers still to do on Lancashire OPC? (Lancashire) by mrcakey
7:46 Three questions, hope you dont mind Bertram born in 1898 and his brother Sidney (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by warpo
7:43 James Smith (approx 1822-) (Aberdeenshire) by AMBLY
7:39 Seeking Thomas Ward Jr ex. Ward family of “Langridge Farm”, Crediton, Devon. (Devon) by Arachne