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« on: Wednesday 27 July 11 18:11 BST (UK) »
Where is Etherstone?
I am researching Forster/Forester/Foster in Northumberland (pre-17th century) and see many references to what I presume is a place name of Etherstone, Edderston, and other spellings. A common reference I find is "Governor of Etherstone".

I *think* it is the village of Adderstone but would like confirmation. Is/was Etherstone a manor, tower, castle; or some other structure - or a village? Was it just another way to spell the village name which is now Adderstone?

Does any one know where or what Etherstone refers to?


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Re: Etherstone
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 27 July 11 18:55 BST (UK) »
Welcome to Rootschat.  I am glad you took my advice.  Now I hope someone can help you.  Many knowledgeable folks on this board.

Co. Durham:  Hall, Snowdon, Makepeace, Barnfather, Barrass, Gray/Grey, Wilson, Carr, Cole, Richardson, Greener, Lamb
Northumberland:  Grey/Gray, Richardson, Barnfather, Heron, Redpath
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Re: Etherstone
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 27 July 11 18:57 BST (UK) »
This is not a confirmation,  but Adderstone held bythe FOrester/Foster/Forster family since the 12th century. Again, not a confirmation, but i'd hedge my bets, i'll look into it a bit more :)

from wikipedia:

Adderstone is a village in the English county of Northumberland. Its name is given as Edredston in Domesday Book and is Anglo-Saxon Old English 'Eadred's farmstead'.

Looking at that Domesday entry name, i'm pretty certain that Edderstone is Adderstone, pace names do evolve but not by much.

and finally lol

Speeds Map of 1610, between Bradford and Lucker we have Edderston :)

So Adderstone is Edderstone :) Hope this helps :) - Still being called Edderstone in 1769 on Armstrongs Map but by 1820 it's now Adderston 1828 it's  referred to as Anderston

Sorry to ramble on hehe :) i love things like this hehe
Northumberland: Young, Parker, Wolens, Keenlyside, Taylor, Costello
Scotland: Dempster, Henderson, Jackson, M(a)cMillan, M(a)cLanders
Ireland (Co.Mayo): Monaghan, Costello

+ all variations of above names.

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Re: Etherstone
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 27 July 11 20:35 BST (UK) »
This is fantastic! 

Thanks Janis for pointing me to this forum.

Thanks Blythian for the map links. 

This retires one of the questions I have had for a long time.


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Re: Etherstone
« Reply #4 on: Thursday 28 July 11 17:26 BST (UK) »
Jim,according to Frank Graham's book the 'Castles of Northumberland' Adderstone was a tower held by Thomas Forster in 1415 and another Thomas Forster was the owner in 1509 and leader of a troop of sixty horsemen.They fought at the battle of Flodden in 1513.Adderstone Hall is said to be close to the site of the tower.


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Re: Etherstone
« Reply #5 on: Friday 29 July 11 00:40 BST (UK) »
I'm so glad you asked this question, Jim, as I've been looking for this place on and off for years - and I've lived in Northumberland all my life  :-[

It makes sense that it's Edderstone as older Northumbrians frequently pronounced 'dd' as 'th'


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Re: Etherstone
« Reply #6 on: Friday 29 July 11 10:44 BST (UK) »

 The anceient Parish of Bamburgh was comprised of 22 "townships". One of these 22 territories was Adderstone.

The Northumberland Farm Index database which lists communities, villages, farms etc under their appropriate township and parish, show four entries
( Adderstone, Adderstone Hall , Adderstone Low Mill and Adderstone Mains*) within the Township of Adderstone, all within the Parish of Bamburgh.

 (* "Mains" old name for farm, farm buildings adjacent to the Lord of the Manor's house.) 

The National Gazetteer of 1868 entry..
" Adderstone:A township in the parish of Bamburgh, 3 miles south-east of Belford. Adderstone House is the chief residence"

Extract from " Goodwife Hot , Northumberland's Past in its Place Names" by Godrey Watson...

"Dorothy Foster, famous for the rescue of her brother Tom from the Tower of London after the '15 ( 1715 Jacobite Rebellion) came from Adderstone, as well as the blacksmith who helped her. The name however  has no connection with " adderstyens" that fishermen used as lucky charms, thinking that the holes in them had been made by Adders. In fact it was " Eadred's Homestead"

   As our old name for an Adder was Ether it might be thought that Etherstone might have such an association even if Atherstone had not. Nevertheless this was probably Ethelred's Homestead.


GALLAGHER ( + variations).
Areas. Co Sligo, Co Leitrim, Co Mayo. IRELAND.
Ontario, CANADA
Lowell, Ma, USA
Counties of Northumberland & Durham, ENGLAND
MALEY/MELIA/MALLEY  - with or without " O "
Westport Co Mayo. Northumberland
Cumberland.. Brampton, Carlisle, ENGLAND

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Re: Etherstone
« Reply #7 on: Sunday 13 December 20 20:26 GMT (UK) »
Does anyone know of Etherstone or Bamburgh parish records from the 1400's?
I am researching Thomas Forster born 1425 and Elizabeth Featherstonhaugh born 1430. The fact they had 22 children 19, of them being male but I have yet to come across a complete list or anything from family trees and/or documemtation that lists all the children.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Best Regards
Barbara Forster