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Title: 1851 Census - Fisher
Post by: nrf31 on Saturday 12 November 05 20:40 GMT (UK)
Looking for a George Fisher in 1851 Census.  I think he would be living in or around Wimblington.  According to his son's (John) marriage certificate in 1859 his occupation was a jobber.  Any help would be much appreciated.


PS what is a jobber?
Title: Re: 1851 Census - Fisher
Post by: bedfordshire boy on Saturday 12 November 05 21:03 GMT (UK)
There are 3, possibly 4, George Fishers living in Wimblington in 1851 of an age to have had a son marrying in 1859, none of whom have a John living with them who could have married in 1859, plus others in other parishes.

Have you got any additional information which might narrow it down a bit? Wife, other children?

(You can consult the index on Cambs FHS website at )



Title: Re: 1851 Census - Fisher
Post by: nrf31 on Sunday 13 November 05 19:48 GMT (UK)
Sorry, I don't have any additional information.  I was hoping one of the George Fishers would be a jobber. 

I have been on the Cfhs site but unfortunately it does not give occupations.  I am really struggling with this as the only info I have is that John Fisher was born at Wimblington in 1826/27 (he was 32 when he got married in 1859 and was 34 on 1861 census 44 on 1871, 54 on 1881 and 64 on 1891 - on all he gives his birthplace as Wimblington, Cambs although he is living on all the census's in Lincs) and i cannot find him anywhere on the 1851 Census. 

John also does not seem to appear on the IGI/CFHS for births in 1826/27.

As stated his father on his marriage certificate is George who is a jobber ?
Title: Re: 1851 Census - Fisher
Post by: bedfordshire boy on Sunday 13 November 05 21:06 GMT (UK)
John's age was the crucial bit of missing information, as that probably cuts out 3 of the Georges, who were born 1811-1817. The remaining George is:

Frogs Abbey, Wimblington
George Fisher head marr 68 Farmer 11 acres born Wimblington
Mary Fisher wife 67 b Wimblington
Jabez Neville visitor 3 scholar b Wimblington

In 1841 this is probably the same family
In the Town, Wisbech Rd, Wimblington
George Fisher 60 cattle dealer
Mary Fisher 55
George Fisher 25 cattle dealer
John Fisher 20 ag lab
Sarah Fisher 20
John Fisher 10
Mary Fisher 35

A definition of jobber which I found by googling is "a buyer in quantity to sell to others". A dealer?

Instructions to enumerators in 1841 were that ages over 15 should be rounded down to the nearest 5 below. So ages under 15 should be actual. But there do seem to be a suspicious number of 10s and 5s in Wimblington and I wonder if the enumerator got a bit carried away and rounded down more than he should have done. It would probably need a bit of research on other families comparing census ages with the baptism index to see if this theory stacks up. If it does then the 10 year old John could actually be 14.

The next problem is sorting out relationships in 1841. As there is an elder John it seems to me as though the 25 year old George (actual age 25-29) might be the father of the younger John - although this wouldn't work if John was actually 14!

Of course John might have lied about his age on marriage and then kept up the pretence on subsequent censuses, particularly if his wife was a bit younger than he was.

Hope this helps


Title: Re: 1851 Census - Fisher
Post by: nrf31 on Tuesday 15 November 05 20:42 GMT (UK)
Thanks very much David.

Looking at the 1841 info it is likely that the younger John is the son of Mary.

It is possible that John lied about his age on his marriage certificate and on the Census's as his wife is 8 years younger than him.  Although as is occupation is Policeman I'm sure it wouldn't lie about his age(?).

It would be nice if I could find him on the 1851 census (i've looked at all the John Fishers on Ancestry and the CFHS) or his birth on CFHS/IGI (although looking at the 1851 census it appears that quote a few John Fishers are not on CFHS) but it appears he's just elusive (best bet for birth is probably 1817at Ely Wesleyan Church).

Anyway, thanks once again for your help.