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Title: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: icini on Sunday 08 January 06 16:02 GMT (UK)
HI: does anyone know what churchyard goes by the name ( in 1800s) of Bo'ness Upper Churchyard and Bo'ness Churchyard?  I was in Bo'ness last year and found a few churchyards. One apparently  had been moved due to a road going through the middle.  If anyone can help me.  I am looking for two siblings of  my GG Grandmother. they were

John Wallace died 1857, age one year,  from Croup buried Bo'ness Churchyard- parents James Wallace and Mary Buchanan; then his brother also named John Wallace age 7 weeks died 1858 , buried Bo'ness Upper churchyard.  Is there someplace I can research these records?   Thank you ..Donna
Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: andrew shanks on Saturday 04 February 06 13:04 GMT (UK)
This will be the old graveyard that is split in two by a road known as 'The Wynd', which runs from Linlithgow Road, Bo'ness down to the town centre.  It is on a slope, so one half of the graveyard is higher than the other.

I have details of a number of Buchanan's & Wallace's from Bo'ness but not enough to identify this particular family.  If you have any more info about them I will check it against what I have.


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Post by: icini on Saturday 04 February 06 14:32 GMT (UK)
Hi Andrew:  Thanks for answering.. That's it; I remember walking down there and seeing the two churchyards. I bought a book by a local author( Marlene Egan) who had transcribed some of the names from The Old Parish Church Corbiehall Bo'ness. I have no idea where that might be. There are some names in there which might be mine.  Anyway, I will give you all I have about the Wallaces, Buchanans, and early Hendersons( they married the Wallaces). Hopefully you might have some information.

James Wallace married Annie Stevenson  Nov 6, 1822.   Son James was born circa 1828 Dumbartonshire, Old Kirkpatrick, died November 08, 1876.  He married Mary Buchanan (b. 1831 d.,January 07, 1873) daughter of George Buchanan and Elizabeth Hunter. I have been unsuccessful at finding this marriage on SP , so maybe Elizabeth Hunter had a different name when married.  Mary was born in Glasgow. James and Mary married in Glasgow, July 12, 1851, before moving to Bo'ness.

Two children, Mary and James were born in Glasgow in 1854. It seems they were twins because on the 1861 census they are the same age. In   Bo'ness they had the following children- John ( 6/6/1856-1857), John
( 1858- 1858),Alexander Booth Wallace ( May 23, 1859),  Agnes ( 1866-1938),  William Wallace (1868-1870). 

Daughter Mary Wallace ( b. 1854,d.1813 in Glasgow) married John Henderson  ( 1850-1896), July 12, 1872, and had the following- Mary Buchanan Henderson ( 1872), John Henderson (1874) ,Anne Foote Henderson (1877) ,Janet Wallace Henderson ( 1881),Agnes Wallace Henderson (1879) ,Jemima Wallace Henderson (1883) , Alexander Henderson ( 1886), Maggie Henderson ( 1889) , Robert Henderson (1892)..

The above Agnes Wallace married ANDREAS ALBRETH Huldberg ,April 28, 1887. He was from Denmark but a BR citizen.  she died 1838 in Edinburgh.

The above Mary Buchanan Henderson married John Petrie 1896 in Bo'ness. I am descended from them.

I have more on the Hendersons but this is enough for now. My problem is when I come home for a holiday it takes a lot of time to visit these places and find things out. I do use SP but I also would like to see actual places.    Thank you for your rely   Donna
Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: osprey28 on Saturday 04 February 06 15:44 GMT (UK)

As you walk down to the bottom of Church Wynd - turn left at the bottom and the Corbiehall area extended from there westwards along to where Kinneil Pit once stood.  Most of the old buildings are gone now - including I think the church.  You probably know this anyway - the local history records are held at West Lothian Council Family History Centre at Blackburn.  The cemetery records are likely with Falkirk Council now as Bo'ness was taken into that political district during early 1990's - it was previoulsy part of West Lothian.

Best regards

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Post by: icini on Saturday 04 February 06 20:12 GMT (UK)
Thank you Opsrey:   I have been to Bo'ness  three times now and I like it very much. My families lived on North and South Street and someplace called East End?  At one time the Wallaces and Hendersons lived next door to each other. It's a good feeling to walk down those same  streets. I sometimes wonder if any of the people I pass by are related to me in any way.  Donna
Title: Wallaces in Boness
Post by: wildgoose on Thursday 30 March 06 18:17 BST (UK)
Name:   John WALLACE
Birth:   18 11 1848   Dysart, Fife
Occupation:   Potter
Religion:   Church of Scotland
Father:   William WALLACE (1818-1883)
Mother:   Ann SMITH (1825-1879)
Other Spouses:   Betsy KELLOCK
Marriage:   27 12 1894   Kennoway, Fife1
Spouse:   Eliza Will DUNCAN
Birth:   10 10 1855   Tenements, Kirriemuir, Forfar.2
Occupation:   Milliner
Religion:   Church of Scotland
Father:   Thomas DUNCAN (1825-)
Mother:   Mary HAGGART (1818-)

1 M:   William WALLACE (First Spouse)
Birth:   28 3 1870   Boness, Lilithgow
Occupation:   Potter kilnman
2 M:   David WALLACE (First Spouse)
Birth:   12 12 1871   Boness, West Lothian
Occupation:   Tailor
3 M:   Robert WALLACE (First Spouse)
Birth:   1878   Glasgow, Lanark
Occupation:   1891 Census rec. message boy
4 F:   Elizabeth WALLACE (First Spouse)
Birth:   1884   Dysart, Fife
5 F:   Margaret WALLACE (First Spouse)
Birth:   1886   Dysart, Fife
6 M:   Duncan WALLACE (First Spouse)
Birth:   1888   Kirkaldy, Fife
7 M:   Thomas WALLACE
Birth:   1899   England

Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: wildgoose on Monday 03 April 06 19:19 BST (UK)
with regard to data posted earlier.

All information taken from my personal database compiled from original sources - Crown Copyright acknowledge as stated.
Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: icini on Monday 03 April 06 23:06 BST (UK)
Thank you Wildgoose: Are you related to the Wallace's ?   I appreciate your  help..Donna
Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: wildgoose on Tuesday 04 April 06 07:06 BST (UK)
The WALLACEs are my direct line through John's brother William.
Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: JollyD on Monday 12 July 10 09:47 BST (UK)
Hi icini,
I am very excited to read your post!  I am the great grandaughter of Agnes Wallace and Andreas Albreth (Albert Andrew) Huldberg.  Their eldest child Mary Buchanan Huldberg b. July 1887 d. 1969 was my grandmother.  She married John Thomas Wade b. 1883 d. 1939 on 11/12/16 at the Kirk Manse, South Leith Parish Church, Leith.  He was from Keighley in Yorkshire.  They had 3 children, Agnes b. 1917/18? d. 1918?  She died in infancy with Whooping Cough.  Mary Buchanan Wade b. 20/8/19 d. 21/3/98 (my mother) and Albert who was approximately 3 years younger than my mum.  I do not know if he is still alive or not.
Reading your post it looks as though we may be distant cousins!  If I am reading it correctly your great grandmother was my great grandmother's sister so we both share the same great great grandparents!
The information you have given is just fascinating and has filled a lot of gaps in my searching.
Thank you.
Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: icini on Monday 12 July 10 15:45 BST (UK)
Hi there: Glad to meet you!! I am not at home right now but will check my database for more information for you.  It's nice to meet more relations. I know I have more information on Andreas's parents and I have some census stuff too. Talk later.  Donna
Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: JollyD on Monday 12 July 10 17:22 BST (UK)
Lovely to meet you too!!  I would appreciate any info you can give me.  Look forward to hearing from you~Diane
Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: icini on Thursday 15 July 10 15:51 BST (UK)
Hi again: I am home now and have entered the data you gave me. Here is all I have on the Huldburgs.
Andreas parents were Claus Edwing Hulberg and ELLEN ALBRETHS. Andreas was born February 03, 1860, Helligaands Kirke, Kobenhavn, Kobenhavn, Denmark, and died 1931 LEITH SOUTH EDINBURGH CITY MIDLOTHIAN.

1891 census data from Bo'ness

Agnes( Wallace)  Huldberg 25 
Albert( Andreas) Huldberg 31 
Andrew Huldberg 1 
Mary Huldberg 3 

1901 on South street Bo'ness
Albert       41
Agnes      35
Mary      12
Alexander    6
Andrew      11
James Wallace    4
Agnes      1

Alexander died 1939- Marine register - meaning wartime or at sea
Helena Nora Hulberg, born 1902, died August 19, 1949  married Albert Edward Dickson in 1927 in Edinburgh
there was also a son named Edwin born 1893 but I have no other data on him ,  or James.
the last name is written as Huldberg, Hulberg, Halbert, and other variations.   Hope this can fill in some blanks for you
Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: JollyD on Saturday 17 July 10 13:59 BST (UK)
Hi Donna,
Many thanks for sending me the info you have on the Huldbergs.  Some of it I have already but I didn't have anything on Helena Nora my grandmother's sister.  I think Edwin must have died sometime between 1893 and the 1901 census.  Agnes and Andreas had at least another 2 daughters - Madge who married Victor Eddington and Caroline who married Alfred Wyllie, both in Edinburgh.  Don't know the dates but I remember them both well as I do their sister Agnes (1 at the time of the 1901 census).  She was known as Ness and emigrated to Canada as did her brother James who married Evelyn.  Ness never married. Both Jim and Ness lived in Hamilton, Ontario and I visited them there when I was a young girl.  James and 'Eve' had no children.  Andreas also had a brother and sister - Edmund Oscar, christened at the Helligaands Kirke on 3/9/1858 and Caroline Eleonore, christened there on 12/9/1862.  The Helligaads Kirk still exists in Copenhagen.
With regard to the spelling of Huldberg, I have also seen it written as Haldberg.
The Wallaces of course are our shared ancestors and the info you gave about them in your post of 4/6/2006 helped me a lot.  Up until now I only had the names of James and Mary and an approximate date of marriage as 1850.  Interesting that they were married in Glasgow.
Thanks so much~Diane
Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: icini on Saturday 17 July 10 23:24 BST (UK)
Thank you for your information too; I'm glad we could help each other. I have been in Copenhagen but that was long before I started with the family research. Donna
Title: Re: Bo'ness churchyard
Post by: kirkbairn on Monday 19 July 10 16:50 BST (UK)
just to confuse matters
at Corbiehall on the left going towards grangemouth there is a long 3 storey tenement building which has been renovated over the last 5 years
straight across the road this was the site of  Corbiehall church and graveyard which was done away with in the 1970's it is now a meadow with some of the stones visable but lying flat in one corner
Falkirk local history society has done a few pieces on the gravestones of Bo'ness in their booklet Calatria