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Title: Adding images to Posting & Profiles
Post by: Berlin-Bob on Saturday 18 February 06 10:13 GMT (UK)
As these questions keep cropping up, I have collected tips from Kazza, Grandad James, Mickey, myself and others, and put them all here together.

If anything here doesn't work, because it is not clear, say so, and I will edit it !

Between us all on RootsChat, we should be able to write a "recipe" that everyone can follow !

Good Luck !

As the thread was getting a bit big, I've locked the original (#1) and started a new one here.
Thread #1:,128057.0.html

First of all, what can you load to RootsChat:
WARNING, please note:
Allowed file types: txt, jpg, jpeg, gif, pdf, mpg, png, ged.
Maximum attachment size allowed: 500 KB (i.e. kilobytes)

Update 05.03.2006: 
The maximum size allowed has been increased from 300 to 500 KB. Thanks Trystan  :)

Secondly, what does file size mean:
    ..... forget completely about the physical size of the picture you are using. it doesn't matter in the least wether it is 2"x1" or 6"x8", what really matters is the pixel size ----- [if you] resize your picture to 130x200 pixels and no matter how many inches it is, the size on your screen will be 130x200 pixels which is what you really want
and the size of the image file will be given in KB (kilobytes)

1) Resizing and cropping your image file:

your pictures probably have names ending with .BMP (BitMaP Format),
.GIF (Graphic Interface Format)  or .JPG (Joint Photographic Group)

To change the size and format you need a graphics program. 
The easiest, for this sort of stuff, is IrfanView, which is FREE and
you can download from:
(==> TIP: While you're at it, download the plug-ins as well.
One of them is for Djvú, which is handy for looking at GRO images !)
(ps. Mac-Users: Sorry, but I have no experience with a Mac, so I can't offer any advice for it)

- Load the image into IrfanView

- you may only want part of the image; in this case hold down the left mouse button and draw a box around the part of the image you need.
Adjust the size of the box to get it exactly right
 i.e. hover with the cursor over a box-line, the cursor will change shape to a double-headed arrow, hold the left mouse button down and move the box-line to where you want it.
Once you have it exactly how you want it, click on "edit" and "crop selection"

- in the menu "Image", click on "Resize"

- change the size.
   The width/height ratio will stay the same, unless you deliberately change it.
   The RootsChat board, excluding profile info and sidebars, is about 800 pixels wide (on a laptop), so try and stay within this limit, otherwise the screen will be "stretched" and we have to scroll left and right to read the postings.
- IMPORTANT: use "Save as ... " to store the new picture under a different name otherwise it gets written over the the old picture.
Even better perhaps, make a copy of the picture you are cropping, first, under the new name, and then work with the copy.
When saving, if your image was .BMP, change the file type to .JPG ! (far less bytes !)
Just in case, when saving, name your picture file without blanks i.e. "my-picture", not "my picture"  (RootsChat uses a Linux Server which has different rules)

2) Adding an image to a posting:

(a) As an attachment.

Quote from: Kazza
Take a deep breath.............. 

In the Post reply window,  underneath the bit I am typing this in,  there is an arrow,  and Additional options.

Click on additional options,  and in the top attach box,  browse to the file name.  Select it,  and it should appear in the box,  then press post.

Next cross all fingers,  say a prayer and tap your head 3 times saying,  I can do it,  I can do it.............
p.s. I use a german operating system: Durchsuchen means "Search" or "Browse"

(b) Within the text.

i.e. like this:  (  (No, it's not just you, it gets me like that, too !)

I have written [ img] and [ /img] for the tags, as RootsChat-Software won't print it otherwise. When typing them, remove the blank after the [  !

Warning: this only works for images that are on the internet !

- enter [ img][ /img] where you want to insert your pic.
(or click on the button above - Add BBC Tags, 2nd. row, 4th. from the left)
- place cursor between the brackets ][
- Paste in the URL
- Paste in the URL
- Add [ img] before the URL
- Add[ /img] after the URL
- Paste in the URL
- highlight the URL with the cursor
- click on the BBC Image tag (see above)

the line should then look like this
Code: [Select]

Click on "preview", the image should appear !
Title: Re: Adding images to Posting & Profiles #2
Post by: Berlin-Bob on Saturday 18 February 06 10:14 GMT (UK)
3) Adding a crest/image to a profile:

Please keep your profile image small, (maximum size is 150 * 150 pixels, Byte-size less than 20 KB). 
Remember that every time somebody clicks on a topic link,
all the profile images on that page will also be downloaded . . . 

. . . and a lot of people still have slow dial-up connections

Click on I will upload my own picture: in your profile, and find your image

4) Adding an image to the signature:

In general this is not recommended.
The maximum signature size is 500 characters ( = 0.5KB).  This includes any images.

The image must be available on RootsChat or elsewhere on the Internet.

Copy the URL of your image into "Research names and Areas:"


- Whichever you are trying to do, don't forget this bit .....

- If you have copied an URL from another site, you may need to add or delete the img-tags, according to where you are adding,  i.e. tags needed for images in postings and signature, no  tags needed for crests (see above). On some sites the tags will be <img> and </img> (standard HTML). On RootsChat the tags need to be enclosed in [ and ]

- If you have scanned an image using a scanner (probably 300 dpi = dots/pixels per inch) and want to print it, then you need to size it down to about a quarter (printer = 75 dpi)
Title: Re: Adding images to Posting & Profiles #2
Post by: Berlin-Bob on Saturday 23 September 06 07:39 BST (UK)

2) Adding an image to a posting:

(a) As an attatchment.

  Gar  summed it up very nicely here (Thanks  :) ):
Topic: Adding Photos - Very very very simple instructions please.,185004.0.html

Title: Re: Adding images to Posting & Profiles
Post by: Arranroots on Tuesday 23 January 07 08:52 GMT (UK)
Working on the basis that several explanations can be better than one, here is an external link that also explains how to resize pictures:

Title: Re: Adding images to Posting & Profiles
Post by: Berlin-Bob on Monday 23 March 09 20:49 GMT (UK)
Here is a topic, where you can have a practice ...

Topic: Adding images to Posting & Profiles - Practice Post,370538.0.html

Good luck  :)