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Title: Stray Boylands
Post by: Miss Jane on Tuesday 25 April 06 03:57 BST (UK)

I've been trying to trace my direct ancestor Ann Boyland in the 1841 census. She was born around 1811 in Membury. So far the closest match I've been able to find is:

Higher Lake, Stockland, DORSET
Joseph BOYLAND 30 - ag lab, not born in county
Ann BOYLAND 20, not born in county
James BOYLAND 15 smith apprentice, born in county

Ann was married in November 1841, and according to her marriage certificate her father was James Boyland, farmer. I found this James Boyland in the 1841 census:

Quantick, Stockland, DORSET
James Boyland: age 60: farmer.
Sarah Boyland: age 60:
John Boyland: age 20: blacksmith.
George Boyland: age 14: blacksmith.
Able Boyland: age 12: ag lab.
Page Boyland: age 10: ag lab.
Thomas Boyland: age 15: ag lab.
(None were born in county)

Can anyone shed any light on the relationships between these Boylands? Is there a connection between the first group and the second?

Any help would be much appreciated. ;)

Title: Re: Stray Boylands
Post by: AngelaR on Wednesday 24 May 06 19:08 BST (UK)
Hi Jane

I'm sorry, I've only just noticed your post  ::) I've got a copy of most of the parish records for Membury ( no marriages after 1837 though) and have just checked through for your Ann's baptism.

Unfortunately, not only is she not there, there are no Boyland baptisms at all that I can see between 1805 and 1820, which is the window I looked at. This matches with my experience of my own ancestors who were also farmers from Membury. In the case of my ancestors, they appeared to be small-scale tenant farmers who moved farms every couple of years and are incredibly difficult to track down since the children were usually baptised somewhere other than the place mentioned on the censuses  ;D

I've got fiche of the records for neighbouring Stockland and Dalwood, so will check those as well, but thought I'd let you know that you haven't been abandoned!

Best wishes

Title: Re: Stray Boylands
Post by: AngelaR on Wednesday 24 May 06 20:11 BST (UK)
Hi again Jane

I've now checked Stockland and Dalwood baptisms 1805-1820 and no sign of Ann.

Unfortunately, I've only got Yarcombe and Chardstock after 1813 but Yarcombe is on the IGI, so pre-1813 are checkable there. It looks like the James and Sarah you found in the 1841 were probably the James Boyland and Sarah Cooke who married at Yarcombe on 15 Mar 1809. Their first child looks like Elizabeth baptised 1811 according to the IGI. From my sources, there's a child Joseph , parents James and Sarah baptised Yarcombe 3 Mar 1813 and the interesting thing about this baptism is that the residence is given as White Horns in Membury Parish. James's occupation is farmer. So this couple would fit the occupation and location and there's time for a first child before Elizabeth - only problem is - no baptism!

Looking at Dalwood, there's a farmer James (& Mary) Boyland having children about this time, but no sign of an Ann, although the parish registers look like the mice have got at them, so no guarantees there......  :(

I think I've run out of ideas for the moment but will get back if I think of anything!

Best wishes

Title: Re: Stray Boylands
Post by: Miss Jane on Sunday 04 June 06 04:55 BST (UK)
Hi Angela,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you I haven't checked Rootschat for a couple of weeks. Thanks for all the effort you've gone to. :D It's narrowed down the areas I need to look at for Ann's baptism.

At the moment my hunch is that my Ann is the daughter of James Boyland and Sarah Cooke, because Ann's oldest daughter was called Sarah and because in 1881 there was a George and Albert A Boyland lodging with Ann's daughter Mary. The 1871 census shows that George and Albert were the son of Thomas Boyland, who was born in Membury in 1821. Thomas's baptism is in the IGI and lists his parent as James and Sarah. Unfortunately, I just haven't been able to find anything concrete that links Ann to the other Boylands.  :(

Thanks again,

Title: Re: Stray Boylands
Post by: AngelaR on Wednesday 07 June 06 08:39 BST (UK)
Hi Jane

I've been having another look at the baptisms of my own family, who were farmers in the same place at the same time.  Because that area is on the borders of Somerset, Dorset and Devon, the baptisms were in all three counties although only a few miles apart.

The earliest two, which took me ages to find, were baptised in Whitestaunton, Somerset. In view of the fact that two of the younger children of James and Sarah were living in Whitestaunton in 1851 (John & Abel), I reckon it might be worth posting a lookup for Ann's baptism there on the Somerset board.

If I have any other ideas, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, I'll keep an eye out for Ann in my Devon/Dorset/Somerset wanderings.

Good luck  ;D

Title: Re: Stray Boylands
Post by: langtry on Tuesday 27 June 06 19:14 BST (UK)
Hi Jane,

Puzzling is it not?I too have searched for Ann Boyland,and as yet no evidence that she was a child of James Boyland and Sarah Cooke,however James and Sarah are on my family treealong with about 1200 others.I have been researching my Boyland family tree for about ten years now and still at it,and at the moment in a dilemma much the same as you,because I need a birth of a Florrie Boyland from Stockland,but it does not seem to exist.Are you living in Devon?or are you able to get to Stockland easily?and would you like to meet other "Boylands" ???? For the second time,I have arranged a "Boyland" get together,on Tuesday 4th July 2006.We shall be at the Kings Arms,Stockland at noon,for a drink or two,lots of Boyland chit chat,a walk around the village and a meal in the evening.Last years effort was great,everyone enjoyed themselves.Do try to come along,the local press are to be there as well.

Best Regards,

Ron Boyland
Title: Re: Stray Boylands
Post by: ammata on Friday 01 March 19 10:39 GMT (UK)
Just noticed the posting re Boyland at the White Horns
I have an ancestor Joseph Boyland (marr Mary Knight in 1772 in Stockland) who is buried in Yarcombe but said to be 'of the White `Horns Membury"
I assume there must be a connection somewhere, though it will not be my branch of the family, but thought it might help
Title: Re: Stray Boylands
Post by: langtry on Friday 01 March 19 11:34 GMT (UK)
Not sure if this will be of any help.Joseph Boyland born Yarcombe 1749,married Mary Knight 1750-1835.on  3rd September 1772,he died in 1814, children were Ann 1773,Thomas1774,Joseph 1778,and James 1780.parents of Joseph were Thomas Boyland and Mary Wallis. at a guess the reference to White Horns could well be the name of a Farm.
Title: Re: Stray Boylands
Post by: ammata on Friday 01 March 19 13:44 GMT (UK)
Wow - that was a quick reply thank you - Can I ask where you found Joseph's birth and also the birth's of children Joseph and James, and whether you have copies you could let me have please. (I have a sub to Findmypast at present but couldn't find them on that.)
Alternatively Whitr Horns could be a pub perhaps?
Title: Re: Stray Boylands
Post by: langtry on Friday 01 March 19 14:32 GMT (UK)
I have been researching my Boyland family for well over twenty years now,and in the beginning I used the services of paid researchers who would go to different record offices to look on behalf,so quite a lot of the informaion I recieved was from that source.I also used to go the record offices myself to search the files etc.Not forgetting Rootschat who's volunteers have been extremely helpful to me over the years,and one final source came from my cousin who painstakingly,and regularly visited the GRO in London in the 1960's,his findings were left to his son who kindly passed them on to me.My Boyland line I have traced back to 1540 and mostly all from the West country,however,there are records on the net to show that the surname was around in the 1200's from Richard De Boyland who was a traveling Judge,going all over the place,so no wonder the name can be found so widespread.
Title: Re: Stray Boylands
Post by: ammata on Friday 01 March 19 16:05 GMT (UK)
interesting thank you