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Title: Important - Etiquette for Posting Replies
Post by: Ticker on Thursday 27 April 06 19:04 BST (UK)
I have been asked to provide some guidance on posting replies to threads on the Irish Boards.

Many RootsChatters look for posts that have no replies as they assume that others may have been answered.

It is therefore important that if you reply to a thread that has not been replied to before you either answer the question or add something of importance to the thread.  If you post non relevant information it will reduce the likelihood of the post being answered and will reduce the value of the board.

For all threads (however many replies they have had) you should only post information relevant to the thread - general chat should be dealt with by personal message.

To ensure that all members get the best possible service, the moderators may delete material that is considered to be likely to reduce the potential positive repsonses.  If you think one of your posts has had a reply of this nature please let me know by personal message.

I hope that this helps - if you have any comments on this please let me know.

Best wishes