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Title: ann cunnah b 1846, ANN EVASON
Post by: garstonite on Wednesday 14 February 07 12:51 GMT (UK)
hi...i`ve just found out that my g g grandfather daniel oakes ,married twice.....his 1st wife was ann cunnah..and she was born in 1846 in kidderminster......she married in 1871,in liverpool to daniel oakes....she died 2yrs later in kidderminster,1873 aged 27....have death ...ann oakes,kidderminster......would it be possible to find ann cunnah on 1851 and 1861 census please....can`t seem to find any cunnah`s in this area at all......regards...allan..ADDED...THANKS TO PHRISHY,WE NOW KNOW HE MARRIED ANN EVASON in 1871,in liverpool...
Title: Re: ann cunnah b 1846,kidderminster
Post by: phrishy on Wednesday 14 February 07 13:02 GMT (UK)
If I check the LancashireBMD site I find that Daniel Oakes married Ann Evason in Our Lady & St. Nicholas & St. Anne, which is the other female name on the list March quarter 1871 8b 136.

Ann Cunnah married David Davies.  There are two names listed, both Ann Cunnah and Ann Roberts, so it would seem that she had been married previously.
Title: Re: ann cunnah b 1846,kidderminster
Post by: phrishy on Wednesday 14 February 07 13:06 GMT (UK)
In 1861 there is a 20 year old Ann Evason, dressmaker,  living 1 Nelson Yard, Kidderminster, born Worcester Kidder.  There is a boarder, 28 year old Sarah Duttong, Dairymaid also living in the house.
RG9; Piece: 2078; Folio: 6; Page: 6

Could she have stretched the truth a bit with her age to make her seem nearer her husband's age?
Title: Re: ann cunnah b 1846,kidderminster
Post by: garstonite on Wednesday 14 February 07 16:03 GMT (UK)
prishy....sorry about the delay,but i`ve been on a couple of other sites as well,doing research......unless ann evason and daniel oakes had a baby,there`s no real point in me pursuing the history of ann evason.....ann evason/oakes...i don`t know what happened to her ,did she die or were they divorced...more likely she died...divorce used to take at least 3 years in those days............daniel married marianne merrick in 1874......then had 9 children....william 1877 being my g grandfather...marianne was my g grandmother....not ann....but if ann had a child,then her relations are connected...more than likely ,i`d have to get ann evason/daniels marriage cert....i don`t know exactly where ann evason was born!!!!....i`d value your opinion...regards...allan
Title: Re: ann cunnah b 1846,kidderminster
Post by: phrishy on Thursday 15 February 07 08:33 GMT (UK)
I'm assuming that the Daniel and Ann Oakes living in Garston in the 1871 census are your couple, luckily must have just married before the census was taken.

I suppose the death in Kidderminster means that maybe she went home to family to be cared for when she was sick.

In three years there's every chance that there was a child, could be even that she died in childbirth. 

The main suggestions I could give you would probably involve spending money, depending on where you live and you might not think it worth while for something that is unknown.

If you check the birth indexes and list any Oakes born in Liverpool or the Kidderminster area (particularly towards the 1874 mark) and try to identify whether they might have belonged to Daniel and Ann by perhaps checking baptism records.  So of course if you can't get to the Liverpool Record Office it would mean ordering Parish Registers through the LDS. 

Living alone in 1861, if I have the right Ann, would seem to indicate that she didn't have any parents at least, although there might be some siblings about who might possibly have taken in a child, but it seems unlikely to me.

Looking at the 1881 census gives the one clue that I would follow up on - your ggrandfather's elder brother Thomas Walter.  If he is aged 7 in 1881 it's questionable which of the ladies would be his mother without the birth certificate.  However, I don't see a birth for him on FreeBMD in Lancashire and the only one in Worcestershire is in Dudley for a Thomas Walter is dated 1876 which seems a bit late to me.

I think you should check the indexes themselves rather than relying on FreeBMD being accurate, and make certain that there are no Thomas Walter's in either the right area of Worcestershire, or .... I believe West Derby is the right area to cover Garston, and then check for a baptism.  As Daniel is still living in Garston in 1881 the chances are that if you have found William's baptism then the other children might well have been "done" in the same church, and see what the mother's name has been given.

Good luck
Title: Re: ann cunnah b 1846,kidderminster
Post by: garstonite on Thursday 15 February 07 10:56 GMT (UK)
thanks prishy.......i live in garston...daniel was the 1st oakes to come here....and we`re still here.......i`ll go and see the vicar,and ask him if he can check for a birth 1871/72/73......then i`ll try and find out if an ann oakes died in garston 1873.....if not ...your ann oakes in kidderminster ,looks like the one.......regards......allan