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Title: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: Fransmoi on Saturday 16 June 07 00:11 BST (UK)
Trying to find the birthplace of WILLIAM MACKENZIE clothier who built the house named "Erradale" at 2 Ladies Walk, Invenness  about 1895. He had a shop in Bridge St caled " My Coat is All Wool" from it's wrought iron sign showing a lamb and these words.

At his marriage to Annabella  Bertrude Grant at Duthil in 1873 he states he is 34 years old thus born about 1839. Thus in 1901 we'd expect him to be approx. 62

His parents were HECTOR MACKENZIE crofter & CATHERINE CAMPBELL but I can find no such couple anywhere although I suspected they'd be Gairloch Mackenzies from the Erradale crofting area.

William & Annabella had 11 children :-

ALEXANDER Roderick Mackenzie  b 17 May 1874
HECTOR Donald Grant Mackenzie  b 20 June1875         
WILLIAM John Mackenzie              b 18 Jan 1877 
JAMES Grant Mackenzie                b 20 June1878 
       He  died at Inchberry Lodge,Lentran on 23 Sep 1889 aged 11 from "Larcoma of the   chest  wall ." which he endured 20 months.   
ARTHUR Henderson Mackenzie      b  9 Feb 1880
       Arthur married Mary Harwood from Devon. A distinguished educator in India he was awarded the Star of India .He died in Inverness in 1936 of stomach cancer having left his retirement too late for it to be treated when he got back home .His usual residence given as
" Erradale" the family home where his brother Harry still lived.
ALLAN Campbell Mackenzie         b19 April 1881 .
    Allan married Norah Hunt,Gore's Landing,Ont.He died in Montreal Canada  24 June 1933.
ENEAS Kenneth Mackenzie           b 9 Mar 1883
Known as "Dr E.K." he had his practice in Tain. He died  27 Mar Croit Mhairi, Tain He married Helena Burnett a Fraserburgh nurse in Aberdeen 13 April 1911 and they had  2 offspring that I was told of : 
        Ashley or Ashleigh Mackenzie who married Stella and had family :-
        Dr Valery Mackenzie & Captain 'Bunty' Mackenzie R.N.a London gaeneacologist )
ANDREW Duncan Mackenzie         b 7 January 1885 .
        Andrew  died at home from croup on 2nd May 1888 aged 3 yrs 4 m
ELLA  May Mackenzie who lived but 3 days from 21 June to 24 June 1886.
         Very sadly  their only daughter.
HARRY McPherson Mackenzie       b 28 Oct 1887  He ran the shop with his father and   was his principal heir.Harry was the last to write up the Family Register in the bible and the house was sold after he died there of heart failure on 22 Dec 1944 aged 57 & unwed.
DOUGLAS Mitchell Mackenzie       b 19 Feb 1890 

Mother ANNABELLA died at "Erradale" 21 Aug 1920 -Heart failure. Her parents were
                                                     Alexander Grant,farmer  & Jane Allan
Father WILLIAM died at "Erradale"      11 Dec 1923   Heart failure. His parents were 
                                                     Hector Mackenzie ,crofter and Catherine Campbell.

This family were said to be cousins of my grandmother and the present owners of the house "Erradale" very kindly presented to me the Mackenzie family bible found in their attic so I am now honour bound to prove the relationship !

Does anyone recognise any of the above named ? You may hold the one clue I seek.
Thanks for listening, Listers.
Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: MonicaL on Saturday 16 June 07 11:08 BST (UK)
Hi Fransmoi

You may be in luck  ;) There is only one birth entry (unnamed child) showing for parents Hector and Catherine Campbell on IGI and that is in 1855. Nothing is showing for them before the start of official registration in 1855:

MAC KENZIE  Birth: 08 JUL 1855  Gairloch, Ross And Cromarty, Scotland

1855 is the magic year for BMDs in Scotland. For one year only, the entries ran over two pages of the register and included a wealth of additional info. By 1856 the certs. had been cut down to one page (still brilliant in terms of info!). An 1855 birth cert will give a wealth of additional info on the parents: ages, when they married, where they were from, how many children they had (alive/ deceased) etc. Certainly one for you to view for background on the family.

The other thing that this birth cert. will confirm is that the parents lived past the start of official registration. Therefore, you should be able to find their death certs. on Scotlands People.


Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: MonicaL on Saturday 16 June 07 11:32 BST (UK)
Although William is showing a Gairloch birthplace in 1881, I wonder if this is him with family in 1851. The whole family are showing a birth place of Stornoway, Ross-shire:

Hector McKenzie 48, Crofter Fisher 3 Acr
Kathe McKenzie    38
Kathie McKenzie 9
Rodk McKenzie    6
William McKenzie 4
Alexr McKenzie    2
Mary McKenzie    1

Address: Strath, Gairloch

Although for William's marriage as you say he showed an birth year of c. 1839, his 1881 census entry shows an 1847 birth year:

Wm MacKenzie    34, Master Clother 2 Men & 1 Boy, b. Gairloch
Annabella B MacKenzie    35, b. Elgin
Alex R MacKenzie 6
Hector D MacKenzie 5
Wm J Mc I MacKenzie 4
James G MacKenzie 2
Arthur H MacKenzie 1
Betsey Campbell 28, servant
Maggie Rollo 17, servant

Address:  Cabarfeidh Villa, Inverness

Similarly, in 1901:

William McKenzie    54, Dutfitter (spl?)  (draper), b. Gairloch
Anabella McKenzie    55, b. Graktown (spl?), Morayshire
Hector D G McKenzie    25
Arthur H McKenzie    21
Allan C McKenzie    19
Harry M McKenzie    13
Douglas M McKenzie    11
Matilda Hamilton    76, servant

Address: Ladies Walk Erradale, Inverness



Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: Fransmoi on Saturday 16 June 07 14:22 BST (UK)

Very many thanks, Monica ,

I think 1847 has the most votes for William Mackenzie's birth as his death certificate also agrees with his age on each census  and that he assumed he was born in Gairloch parish - which covers a large area !
Perhaps he chose "Erradale" - same Parish - for his house name from boyhood holidays at his grandparent's croft - who knows .
At both his marriage and at his death his mother's name is spelled Catherine Campbell - which may have been a variable  of course.
It looks as though this is one I may be a long time chipping away to find if ever !
Still to hunt for his parents' death certs though so on with the hunt.
Appreciate your searching.
Rootschat never fails !

Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: Fransmoi on Thursday 21 June 07 16:26 BST (UK)
I have found Hector and his 3rd son William  of Erradale,Ladies' Walk,Inverness in that excellent tome " Hisory of the Mackenzies"by Alexander Mackenzie and it would seem it was Hector's son who wrote it !

Never thinking he had an illustrious ancestry I thought to gain some background and then discovered a family known as SLIOCHD ALASTAIR CHAIM ( Alexander the One Eyed )from Alexander  4th son of Alexander V of Gairloch who lost an eye in the battle of Worcester.
He married, in 1652, Janet, third daughter of John Mackenzie, I.
of Ord, [The marriage contract is dated "at Chanonrie, the 21st
of July and 26th of August, 1652.

The line runs down to Hector born April 1810 in Gairloch parish ,possibly North Erradale.
His father died when Hector was a year old .
A considerable amount of money was left for him with the tacksman but Hector saw none of it.
His father's widow re-married and left for Cape Breton .A daughter Janet also stayed in Gairloch.

"He was thus left a penniless orphan and was obliged to fight
his way in the world as best he could as an honest, industrious,
and respected crofter and fisherman.
He married on the 17th ofFebruary, 1838, Catherine, daughter of Roderick, eldest son of
Alexander Campbell, "Alastair Buidhe Mac Iomhair," the well-known
Gairloch Gaelic Bard, by his wife Catherine, daughter of Roderick,
son of William Mackenzie of Shieldaig, a cadet of the Gairloch"

Their children were :-

1. Alexander, of Park House, Inverness, who was born on Christmas
Day, 1838 the author of many clan histories . He married, on the 3rd of August,
1865, Emma Sarah Rose .

2. Roderick, born on the 13th of July, 1844, a member of the
firm of William Cumming & Co., wholesale woollen warehousemen,
Huddersfield, but residing in London.He married twice.Firstly Julia Catherine18th of January, 1871 and secondly Mary Lang on 18th of December, 1889

3. William, clothier, Inverness, born on the 12th of November,
1846, and married on the 16th of July, 1873, Annabella Bertrude,
daughter of Alexander Grant, tacks-man of Easter Gallovie,
Strathspey, with issue - Alexander Roderick, C.E., born on the
17th of May, 1874; Hector Donald Grant, born on the 20th of June,
1875; William John Macintyre, born on the 18th of January, 1877;
James Grant, born on the 20th of June, 1878, died on the 23rd of
September, 1889; Arthur Henderson, born on the 9th of February,
1880; Allan Campbell, born on the 19th of April, 1881; Eneas
Kenneth, born on the 9th of March, 1883; Andrew Duncan, born on
the 7th of January, 1885, died on the 2nd of May, 1888; Harry
Macpherson, born on the 28th of October, 1887; Douglas Mitchell,
born on the 19th of February, 1890; and Ella May, born on the
21st of June, 1886, and died on the 24th, three days after.

4. Another Alexander, who served for twelve years in the 2nd
Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) in which he was Troop Sergeant-Major,
and subsequently went abroad.

I have tried to summarise and be brief but am happy to share what is omitted .
Thanks to all who went digging with me !

Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: MonicaL on Thursday 21 June 07 16:54 BST (UK)

Fantastic luck - you couldn't ask for better background on your line!


Monica  :)
Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: JDQ on Monday 03 January 11 18:11 GMT (UK)
Dear Fransmoi,

Yesterday I came across your enquiries about the Mackenzies of Erradale Inverness posted in 2007.

I found it when looking for information on Alexander Roderick Mackenzie-the eldest of the family of 11 children at Erradale-who was the father of my stepmother. Alexander Roderick married Mary Macdougall who lived at 5 Ladies walk, just a couple of houses away. Her sister Annabell married a Dr. Grant- I wonder if there is any connection with William's wife,ARM's mother, who had been Grant before her marriage?

It is fascinating that you have the family bible for Erradale. I wonder in which directions your searches have led. I knew Inverness and Ladies Walk very well between 1965 and approx 1980, and lived at 5 Ladies Walk for a time. I am very interested in the links between the two households, and wonder if you know of any more?

The information about the history of the Mackenzies was fascinating and William's story filled in many gaps in my knowledge for which I am very grateful.

Thank you for reading this,maybe we can add to our knowledge.  JDQ
Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: Baun on Tuesday 01 February 11 09:26 GMT (UK)

Hello Fransmoi,
I was looking for possible information on my great-grandmother
 and came upon your site. Her name was Catherine Campbell McKenzie born approx 1857. She came out to New Zealand and sadly died at the age of 34yrs. She married a John Joshua Horton. I believe she was born in the Glasgow region but cannot be sure of that. The fact her name so closely aligns with those relatives of which you were seeking information I wonder if she may have been one of them. Perhaps a daughter of Hector McKenzie and Catherine Campbell and a sister of William ?
Kind regards,
Maureen Jamieson. NZ

Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: MonicaL on Tuesday 01 February 11 11:16 GMT (UK)
Hi Maureen

Welcome to RootsChat  :)

I found this entry regarding Catherine's inquest. Husband John stated to the coroner that his wife Catherine was originally from North Shields (England I would imagine as there is no North Shields in Scotland). This gives you some background on North Shields

The newspaper entry I was looking at was here

Also in this article it mentions that John and Catherine married in Edinburgh, but I am struggling to find a corresponding entry on the official pay to view site for BMDs

Sad, sad  story reading through the inquest details  :'(

Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: MonicaL on Tuesday 01 February 11 11:24 GMT (UK)
Found the marriage entry now on IGI. You should be able to view the marriage certificate image on Scotlands People. Scottish marriage certs are very informative and should include her parents' names including mother's maiden name to let you work back to her family. This is how the entry will be indexed on Scotlands People (as showing on IGI):

John J. HORTON and Kate Hortond MACKENZIE Marriage on 22 Sept. 1875 in Edinburgh.

There is also a possible birth entry for John Joshua Horton on 14 Feb 1853 in Kingswinford and St Mary's Chapelry, Stafford, England. Parents showing as Joshua and Phoebe Elizabeth.

Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: MonicaL on Tuesday 01 February 11 11:59 GMT (UK)
Possible census entry for Catherine from 1861, corresponding with her birth year and also birth location indicated by husband John:

Colin Archd Mackenzie 33, minister Scots Church b. Scotland
Catherine C Mackenzie 5 b. Tynemouth, Northumberland
Sarah F Sudder 21, servant

Address: 5 North Place, Tynemouth, Northumberland
RG9, Piece 3840, Folio 29, Page 54

Trying to find Catherine/Kate in later censuses brings up this likely entry for 1871. Father Colin is showing as John on this transcript - not sure why. The younger children's birth registrations on IGI show parents as Colin Archibald MacKenzie and Mary Gilfillan and these children match what is on this 1871 census entry:

John A Mackenzie 43, Minister Govan Free Church, b. Edinburgh
Mary Mackenzie 38 b. Edinburgh
Kate C Mackenzie 15, b. England
Jessie F Mackenzie 13, b. England
Colin A Mackenzie 4 b. England
Agnes A Mackenzie 6 b. Govan
Alfred Mackenzie 4 b. Govan
William L Mackenzie 3 b. Govan
Christina T K Mackenzie 8 months b. Govan
Wilhamina Campbell 22, servant
Jane Beatie 19, servant

Address:    Free Church Manse, Govan

Parents look to have married in 1851. There is this entry showing on IGI:

Mary GILFILLAN (father Walter GILFILLAN) married Archibald Colin MACKENZIE on 17 April 1851 in Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh. Mother Mary and sister Jessie F. look to have been away from home for the 1861 census as they didn't show on that entry, just Catherine and father.

Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: MonicaL on Tuesday 01 February 11 12:17 GMT (UK)
Maureen, there is a little bit more on line on the family, principally because of father Colin being a minister and also younger brother Colin who followed father's profession in later years and also became a church minister.

1895 born North Shields, 17th Jan. 1860,
son of Colin Archibald M., min.
of Scots Church, North Shields, after
wards of Govan U.F. Church, and Mary
Gilfillan ; educated at Academy and Univ.
of Glasgow ; licen. by Presb. of Glasgow in
1888; assistant at Broughton, Lamington

First step though is to verify parents details from that 1875 marriage entry we have found which will then let you be certain we have the right family for both Catherine and husband John.

Monica  :)
Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: Baun on Tuesday 01 February 11 19:33 GMT (UK)
Dear Monica,
Wow ! Thank you so much for your information and I appreciate your time and effort involved. I think you are on the right track as my grandmother - Catherine's daughter was named Mary Gilfillan Horton! We always wondered where the Gilfillan came from. They seemed to have a custom of using the maiden surname of the mother as a second name for the children.
Kind Regards,
Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: MonicaL on Tuesday 01 February 11 19:48 GMT (UK)
Hi Maureen

That is great that you have a reference to Catherine's mother's maiden name of Gilfillan. Scottish naming pattern, if used, would normally have first born daughter being called after her  maternal grandmother.

I did find earlier a likely birth entry for Catherine from

2nd Qrt of 1855, Catherine Campbell MacKenzie - Tynemouth, Northumberland. Ref. Vol. 10b. pg. 132

Catherine's been on my mind this afternoon  :-\ From her early years as the daughter of a Church of Scotland Minister, to such a sad end to her life at the age of 34.

Let me know if you need help with anything further  :)
Title: Re: 1901 census look up please - Inverness
Post by: Baun on Tuesday 01 February 11 20:15 GMT (UK)
Yes Monica, from reading the inquest we often wondered what the situation was between Catherine and John Horton to end like it did. The way John referred to 'the child' that was with Catherine (-my grandmother) it almost gave you the impression she was not his. She obviously was not living with him at the time of her death and possibly living with her oldest son in Greymouth. They were hard times and she would have been away from her family in Scotland so who knows what support she would have had.Makes you want to reach back down through the ages and put your arms around her.
Thank you once again