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Post by: Arkwright on Sunday 15 July 07 20:30 BST (UK)
Good evening you wonderful, helpful, patient, kind and considerate people... ;)

Does anyone fancy trying to come up with a theory on a marriage for me please.

As usual I have very little to go on, but I know that's the way you like it.

I am trying to establish the wife of a gentleman named Francis Allum b. 1738 Horham. I thought I had worked it out when I found a likely marriage to an Elizabeth Auldis in 1761 in Ubbeston, Suffolk.

I'm also trying to find Elizabeths parents if indeed that is who he married.

However when I began to look for Elizabeths parents, I somehow managed to change her name to Aldous which I now believe to be incorrect.

Sorry if that's all a bit vague, but I'm sure when one of you experts casts their beady eye on the situation, you'll see where I was going.

Thank you in advance...

Arkie... 8)
Title: Re: Allum & Auldis/Aldous Mystery
Post by: Suffolk Mawther on Sunday 15 July 07 23:29 BST (UK)
Have you had a look at

Started by the late Douglas Aldous, now looked after by Barry Aldous and RayAldous, although all Doug's original research has been placed in the SRO Ipswich branch.

SM ...
Title: Re: Allum & Auldis/Aldous Mystery
Post by: Arkwright on Monday 16 July 07 07:20 BST (UK)

Thanks for that. Sort of confirms that I was probably on the wrong track with the Aldous name.

Which leaves me with my Francis Allum being married to someone called Elizabeth Auldis of which I can find no record whatsoever other than their marriage on 19 May 1761 in Ubbeston, Suffolk.

So still looking for help  ;D

Title: Re: Allum & Auldis/Aldous Mystery
Post by: annelid on Monday 16 July 07 11:21 BST (UK)

I am currently discussing this very marriage with someone on another site.  He had contact woith another researcher who sent him this......

"All I can be sure of is that an "Elizabeth AULDIS, of this parish" is recorded in the parish records of Ubbeston, Suffolk as marrying a "Francis Allum of this parish" on 19th May 1761. The witnesses were a Robert Girling and (unreadable) Barber but neither of these surnames are linked to my tree in any way. Neither Francis nor Elizabeth were recorded as baptisms in the parish of Ubbeston either so I suspected that they were only "of this parish" in terms of their then current address rather than being born of the parish?

I do however know that my Francis Allum (bapt 25/1/1738 Horham, Suffolk) is highly likely to have had the following children (There is no other Horham area based Francis Allum that these children are likely to have been born to that I have found).

Francis 14th Feb 1762 Laxfield, Suffolk
Ami 1765 Horham
Hannah 1774 Horham
John 1775 Horham

Each of these baptisms just states parents as Francis and Elizabeth Allum. The only Francis and Elizabeth marriage I found locally tying in with this first child was that above in Ubbeston in 1761 not far away. My assumption was that they married in Elizabeth's home parish at the time living with her parents (?), moved to Laxfield not far away at time fo their first child and then moved back to Horham (Francis' birth place) for the rest of their lives.

Their burials in Horham are highly likely to be those recorded as follows - Francis 8th Aug 1816 stating "a married man" aged 78 (agreeing with 1738 birth) and Elizabeth Allum shortly after on 6th January 1817 noted as "wife of Francis Allum" shown as age 80. I could not find an Elizabeth Aldous/Auldis born in Ubbeston, Laxfield or surrounding parishes with a birth date of 1737 but I did find a baptism of 1744 in Stradbroke to Richard and Hannah Aldous. Given Francis and Elizabeth's third child's name was Hannah I took this as a likely match but of course this could be incorrect and was just a bit of circumstancial evidence.

Given that other researchers lines seem to have this Elizabeth marrying someone else (I presume proven by a marriage witness or notation that suggests this line or by being of correct date, location etc to make a more probable link) it would seem I've got the wrong Elizabeth Aldous. At these dates records are difficult so a lot of research is assumption without proof.'"

So this makes it interesting.  Any thoughts?

Title: Re: ALLUM & AULDIS/ALDOUS Mystery
Post by: crazymoona on Tuesday 10 May 22 13:47 BST (UK)
I am trying to find the birth Cert and parents of my 3rd G Grandmother Louisa Allum 1791 Horham Suffolk, she married a Robert Rowe 1795 Blyford Suffolk, whose parents were Robert Rowe 1769 and Susannah Girling. I thankyou in advance if you are able to help.
Regards Cheryl :)♥
Title: Re: ALLUM & AULDIS/ALDOUS Mystery
Post by: gobbitt on Friday 13 May 22 13:37 BST (UK)
Louisa's details vary in the census returns (1841 Louiza, aged between 45 and 50; 1851 Lois 56; 1861 Louisa 70). When she was buried in 1880 her age was recorded as 87, making her quite likely to be the daughter of Francis Allum and Anne née Denny born on 6 July and baptized on 28 July 1793 at Horham. This girl's name is transcribed somewhat implausibly as Issa by the Suffolk FHS. The manager of the Allum family data at ( considers it to be "Unrecognisable" or "T/Fsia" and gives no further life events for her.

Title: Re: ALLUM & AULDIS/ALDOUS Mystery
Post by: crazymoona on Saturday 14 May 22 06:04 BST (UK)
Thank you for that David.
Regards Cheryl