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Title: Doncaster Lookup
Post by: scoobeuk on Sunday 09 March 08 13:34 GMT (UK)
I'm trying to trace a Joseph Field JOHNSON.  He lived in Middlesex in 1841, but was marked as not being from Middlesex.  He died October 1847, Age 42, so born c1805.

Then I came accross a marriage in Doncaster for a Joseph JOHNSON to Susannah FIELD 20 Nov 1804.

Would anyone with Doncaster Records be kind enough to see if my hunch is correct?

Many thanks
Title: Re: Doncaster Lookup
Post by: CaroleW on Sunday 09 March 08 15:49 GMT (UK)
The IGI has a number of Doncaster births for Joseph & Susannah but your Joseph is not shown

I doubt they were his parents as they had a son b 27.10.1805 called George and then a daughter Harriett b 26.1.1808

PARENT SEARCH ON IGI - On home page - click on  “Advanced Search” to the right of the blue SEARCH button

Select “International Genealogical Index” from the left hand menu

Input fathers name and surname BUT only put mothers christian name as not all entries have the maiden name

REGION – select British Isles from the menu

COUNTRY – select one or “All countries”

COUNTY (will appear when you select COUNTRY)  – select whichever matches what you know about the family

Title: Re: Doncaster Lookup
Post by: scoobeuk on Sunday 09 March 08 16:29 GMT (UK)
thanks for that, but I had already checked the IGI and BVRI, perhaps I should have mentioned that.

I know the IGI isn't exhaustive either, so I was hoping someone with actual parish register transcripts would have a peek.  I didn't think that having one son being born Oct 05 would preclude Joseph being a possibility, I don't think I have one marriage on my tree where the bride wasn't already at least quite pregnant, but perhaps thats just the moral quality of my tree!

I also checked Joseph FIELD baptisms, as its quite possible he was baptised before any marriage.

Thanks for you input, its appreciated.
Title: Re: Doncaster Lookup
Post by: KLM on Sunday 16 March 08 13:56 GMT (UK)
I am a volunteer at Doncaster FHS.They are closed on Good Friday but I shall be there the following Friday and will see what I can discover.
Title: Re: Doncaster Lookup
Post by: scoobeuk on Monday 17 March 08 18:37 GMT (UK)
Thank you so much for your very kind offer, much appreciated  :D :D :D
Title: Re: Doncaster Lookup
Post by: KLM on Friday 28 March 08 14:20 GMT (UK)
You do not mention a parish,within Doncaster,where these events might have taken place.In the event,I looked up the central parish of St.George only to find that the records are,virtually,unreadable.
The medieval church was burned down in 1853 and the valuable records were affected by the fire.They were rescued but the heat has warped the parchment/vellum of the registers and distorted them beyond recognition.I am sorry not to have been more positive but I did try.If you can identify a parish,I will look again for you next week.
Title: Re: Doncaster Lookup
Post by: scoobeuk on Friday 28 March 08 18:34 GMT (UK)
I really appreciate you taking the time to look.  I'm not sure exactly which doncaster parish it would be.  Further checks show the marriage also to be on Pallots index, just as doncaster, and its shown on a genealogy site as Doncaster marriage only, register date 1785 - 1837, which probably does make it St George.

Which makes the record destroyed I guess :(

Looks like he will remain a mystery man. 

Once again, many thanks for looking for me, its very much appreciated.
Title: Re: Doncaster Lookup
Post by: pinkduracell on Friday 23 November 12 11:48 GMT (UK)

I am also looking for information on Joseph Field Johnson b 2 Jan 1804, d 29 Oct 1847

now here my information is different
Married to Mary Ann Brunswick on 29 April 1829 at St Mary Lambeth, surrey

If you can add any more information that would be great

He is my 4th Great Grandfather on my mothers fathers side of the family.

I live in South Australia, Australia
Title: Re: Doncaster Lookup
Post by: scoobeuk on Friday 23 November 12 13:33 GMT (UK)
Hi, Your information isn't different, we are talking about the same person, previous posts metioned a possible marriage of his possible parents.  I dont do my tree much anymore, but if there is any information I can share just pm me