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Title: best place to order BMD certificates?
Post by: bonjedward on Sunday 16 January 05 22:32 GMT (UK)
I've never tried ordering Irish birth, marriage or death certificates. Can anyone suggest the best (i.e. cheapest) way to do it? Right now it's a birth certificate from Derry (city) in 1871 I want to order. I had a look at the websites for the Register offices in Belfast and Dublin, but they require information e.g. Mother's residence at time of birth that isn't on the indexes.

Some of the companies that offer to obtain certificate are charging what seems extortionate to me e.g. 35 US $ - plus VAT! The cheapest I've found so far is in Australia,

which offers to post the certificate by airmail for about 10, which seems a lot more reasonable. But even so, you can quickly spend a fortune. Maybe I'm just spoiled, because I've only been researching my mostly Scottish ancestry since the Scottish certificates were made availabe cheaply online. If anyone knows of a better alternative, I'd like to hear it.

Ideally, I'd prefer a scan, delivered by email, of the Irish BMD entry ordered. No reason to pay for airmail, as I'd throw the certificate away myself after it was scanned into my computer.

Title: Re: best place to order BMD certificates?
Post by: kated on Monday 24 January 05 10:04 GMT (UK)

If you already have the names and the volume and page number, the Dublin GRO should be able to send you out a photocopy of the entry for a reasonable price.

Is 1871 one of the years that the CLS does not have on film?

Title: Re: best place to order BMD certificates?
Post by: bonjedward on Monday 24 January 05 19:05 GMT (UK)
I had another look the Dublin GRO site, and you're right: I did find the following:

Photocopy of entry in the Register: 3.81
When reference information is supplied: 1.90

Reference information consists of Year, Quarter, Volume and Page No.

I hadn't seen it the first time; instead I had found an application form (where you choose between various types of certificate (Long, Short, Authenticate) or a photocopy. However, here it says:


and one of these is:
"*Address of Place of Birth   (Hospital/Home)"

Maybe it only applies to the certificates, not the photocopies, but I was certainly in doubt. I'll give it a try next time. This time I've order it from that Australian company I mentioned. Funny to be ordering an Irish certificate from Australia to be sent to Denmark!

A Rootschat member was able to do a lookup for me, so I do have the index reference for it.  I'd have to order any Irish or British microfilms at any Danish Family History centre.