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Title: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: *sparkle* on Tuesday 12 August 08 17:20 BST (UK)
Just on the off chance someone is investigating HYSLOPs in Sheffield I thought I would post up this thread.

Itís a long story, but I have been investigating the HYSLOP family burial plot at Lochrutton Church, Kirkcudbrightshire, Dumfries & Galloway.

I have gone quite far back with my HYSLOP family but there is a branch who were sons of James HYSLOP (b abt 1771). Specifically John HYSLOP (b abt 1822).

I have found John, his wife Margaret and his brother Alexander on the C1851 living at 69 West Street, Sheffield with servants. It looks like these brothers had migrated with their work as drapers. Alexander was back living in Scotland on the family farm at Nether-Barr by C1861.

John HYSLOP died in Sheffield in September 1860, and was either buried or remembered on a grave in Lochrutton Church Yard.

Has anyone come across this HYSLOP family in Sheffield?

Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: Tuppie on Tuesday 12 August 08 22:38 BST (UK)

These burials at the General Cemetery, Cemetery Rd Sheffield appear to be part of the family.
U40 20/09/1853,  John HYSLOP 12 d., Infant 69, West Street, Convulsions John & Margaret Hyslop   Draper
U40 15/09/1853,  Margaret HYSLOP, 34 Wife of John Hyslop, 69, West Street   Diarrhoea         

Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: Dalum on Wednesday 13 August 08 01:32 BST (UK)
Two more burials in the same grave:

U40† 21 Sep 1860 27 Sep 1860 John Hyslop 38 Draper West Field Terrace
U40 27 Jan 1861† 30 Jan 1861 John Hyslop 4m Son of John Hyslop, deceased Brook Hill
[grave/date of death/date of burial/name/age/description/address]

..and there are also:

U18 26 Sep 1881 30 Sep 1881 Alexander Hyslop 70 Gentlemen 8 Pomona Street   
U18 13 May 1891 16 May 1891 Ann Hyslop 70 Widow 273 Solly Street   

All these burials are in the unconsecrated (non-conformist) part of the cemetery.

Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: *sparkle* on Friday 15 August 08 16:12 BST (UK)
This is wonderful stuff Dalum & Tuppie.

Sorry I haven't replied until now but I was sorting out the family relationships.

It doesnt look like John & Margaret Hyslop had any children who survived. And I havent pinned down John Hyslop's second wife, not if they had any more children. This is my next line of searching.

Alexander Hyslop was brother to John. After Alexander died, another two brothers were visiting with his wife Ann. Ann and Alexander did not have children.

And this has answered my question in so much that John Hyslop was buried in Sheffield and had a stone laid in Lochrutton by his father/brother.

Do you know if these are just lair records or would there have been a headstone?

Many many thanks!!

Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: Dalum on Friday 15 August 08 18:14 BST (UK)
"lair records"† ??? :)

These are from the transcriptions of the burial registers. Someone else may be able to say if there is a gravestone.

This cemetery has an excellent website:

If you scroll down and click 'plot owners' you can search for these two graves (click on 'search' first and the search windows appear).

This will tell you that there are three more burials in grave U18. Here are 2 of them (I haven't spotted the fifth).

U18 26 Jun 1900 28 Jun 1900 May Tomlinson 11m D. of Edwin Tomlinson, forger 254 Springvale Road
U18 06 Jan 1907 09 Jan 1907 William Tomlinson 80 Scissor forger 40 Michael Rd   

From the reference numbers William TOMLINSON was the last person buried in this grave.

Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: bluepenguin on Sunday 04 January 09 19:24 GMT (UK)
Alexander Hyslop late of Corsock, Dumfries, married in 1856 in Sheffield my great great Aunt Anne Marples. They lived in Sheffield for the rest of their lives and are buried in the General Cemetery Sheffield in a family plot with Anne's sister Emma, her Husband William Tomlinson and their baby granddaughter who died in 1900 as a baby. This is plot U18, plot U16 is also held by the family of Tomlinson, where 3 further Tomlinsons are buried. There are stones on both plots, let me know if you would like a transcription or more info.
I also have census info for Alexander for the years up to his death (1851, 61, 71 and 81) haven't found him in 1841 yet have you?
Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: *sparkle* on Monday 05 January 09 16:31 GMT (UK)
Thanks Blue Penguin. I may have got Alexanders confused as I had him moving back to Scotland!?! But if he didnt move it explains why he isnt mentioned on the Hyslop family plot.

I'll go have a search and report back as its a wee while since I looked up the Hyslops. I think I had him in the 1841 census, so I shall go and check to make sure I'm right.

I would live a transcription of his grave!

Many Thanks!! :)

Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: *sparkle* on Monday 05 January 09 18:19 GMT (UK)
I really am confusing myself as there were a lot of brothers..... but I think Ive caught up with myself now.

I HAVE found Alexander in the 1841 Census. It was brother William who was found both sides of the border at different times.

In 1841 Alexander is living at Nether Barr with his parents and siblings, aged 28, in Kirkcudbrightshire. and is listed as a 'Land Surveyor'

Hope this helps.

Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: bluepenguin on Tuesday 06 January 09 21:31 GMT (UK)
thanks for reply.first must say ive checked ann marples married alexander hyslop 26 june 1856 at queen st presbyterian chapel sheffield.he states his father as james hyslop(deceased)she as william marples also deceased.ann was my gt gt gt aunt,on my previous message i was one generation out.another thing i checked today was census details 1851 alexander was in sheffield and on 1861he was here as well with ann.however 1871 i felt they were visiting his old mum in scotland.the alexander was stated as 39 but instinct tells me it should be 59...perhaps the hand writing was very bad and got transcribed 1881 alexander and ann were living on pomona st sheffield which is very near the general cemetery where they are buried..what do you think about the visit home in1871,but he still came back to sheffield.if you still want i will send the grave details next time  hope to hear soon 
Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: *sparkle* on Wednesday 07 January 09 09:28 GMT (UK)
I have had a look for Alexander in 1871, and yes he is back at the family farm Nether Barr with Ann. Who knows whether it was for a visit or stayed a couple of years!? The Hyslops liked to trave but seemed to remain a close knit family, so I don't know if we can ever find out. I think the age is trannscribed wrongly.

I would still love details of the grave.

Many thanks

Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: bluepenguin on Wednesday 07 January 09 19:34 GMT (UK)
thanks for the is the cemetery info....Sheffield general cemetery unconsecrated section† † † †plot u16.
in loving memory of Edwin beloved husband of Lilly tomlinson who departed this life December 14 1936 aged 71 years.
also Lilly tomlinson beloved wife of the above who died November 11 1944 aged 75 years.
also their eldest son William Edward tomlinson beloved husband of Doris creswick tomlinson who died February 15 1977 aged 86 years.

Plot U18
In Affectionate remembrance of Alexander Hyslop late of Carsick, Dumfries Scotland who departed this life September 26th 1881 aged 70 years.
Also Ann Hyslop wife of the above who departed this life May 13th 1891 aged 70 years._Thy will be done
Also Emma Beloved wife of William Tomlinson who died November 3rd 1895 aged 68 years
Also May infant daughter of Edwin and Lilian Tomlinson who died June 26th 1900 aged 11 months
Also William Tomlinson husband of the above who died January 6th 1907 aged 80 years
*the Carsick on the gravestone is probably a miss spelling of Corsock by the stone mason
hope this is ok will be intouch with more thoughts and questions soon
Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: bluepenguin on Wednesday 07 January 09 19:57 GMT (UK)
tracey..just to elaborate on my previous message about the graves...alexander married ann marples my gt gt gt aunt.they are both buried with anns sister emma,my great great grandmother and her husband william tomlinson. also in the grave is their baby granddaughter.she was the baby of the other couple in plot u16!
u16 has two of my great grandparents lilly and edwin great uncle will is with them but his wife doris is with her family on the other side of the city!!  a little strange for acouple married over 50 years.
may i ask even though alexander is only a relative by marriage i am still interested,does the hyslop family have a family plot and stone at lochrutton..when did james,alexanders fatherand mother       die,theyve got me hooked..if we ever came up to the dumfries area for a break we would know where to find them..
Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: Dalum on Wednesday 07 January 09 23:27 GMT (UK)
*the Carsick on the gravestone is probably a miss spelling of Corsock by the stone mason

The mason probably had in mind the areas of Upper Hallam (western Sheffield) called Carsick and Carsick Hill.

Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: bluepenguin on Thursday 08 January 09 07:56 GMT (UK)
yes, some time ago thought the same..carsick hill rd isnt far from where ann and alexander lived..the widowed ann was living on brookhouse hill ,fulwood area on the1891 census with alexanders brothers staying or visiting...theyre not blood related,only by marriage but its very intriguing.i am still "investigating"...fran
Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: *sparkle* on Thursday 08 January 09 10:37 GMT (UK)
Bluepenguin.... I'm still laughing at Car-sick  :o

Its definitely got to be Corsock. Thanks for the transcriptions, its wonderful to tie together all the family members! All very very appreciated.

Yes the remaining family are in a large plot at Lochrutton Kirk. Its definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. I meant to go back up at Christmas but didn't find the time. Give me a shout if you need directions as it isnt the easiest place to find (have to drive up a very narrow steep track but theres space to park at the top)

When I have 5 minutes, later today I can type the transcriptions out if you would like.

I also found the census where the brothers were visiting Ann. All I can assume is that they were a close family and got on well enough to visit their sister in law. A generation previously two hyslop brothers emigrated to New York, and the brother who is my relation returned home. So it looks like they liked to travel, but kept strong links with 'home' (Bit like me!)

Title: Re: Hyslops, Drapers of Sheffield
Post by: *sparkle* on Friday 09 January 09 00:40 GMT (UK)
There are a group of 6 stones (only 4 of which I have pictures as I didn't realise at the time) in the Hyslop plot;

These two are the most relevant but all the hyslops are related back to a John Hyslop who died 21.2.1761 aged 72:

Late James HYSLOP, Nether Barr, Kirkpatrick Durham, 6th son Robert HYSLOP died Carlisle 17.9.1857 aged 32. Son John HYSLOP died Sheffield 22.9.1860 aged 38.

Alexander HYSLOP late in Carswadda died Kirkland of Terregles 12.4.1814 in his 84th year, wife Elspeth AFFLECK died there 15.9.1806 in her 58th year, their only son James died Nether Barr 22.11.1844 in his 73rd year. Wife Margaret HYSLOP died Nether Barr, Corsock 15.4.1873 in her 87th year, their second son David died Nether Barr, Kirkpatrick Durham 31.12.1853 in his 40th year.

So basically; father to Alexander, and John is James HYSLOP who died 1844. James had six sons with his wife Margaret; David, William, Alexander, John. Thomas and Robert.

Father of James is Alexander HYSLOP who died 1814 Carswadda. James was the only son, but on another stone there is two daughters, Agnes and Isabella.

I have father of Alexander as brother to my branch of Hyslops, John Hyslop b 1720 Charles Hyslop and Thomas Hyslop b 1729 ; they are all sons of John HYSLOP b 1689