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Title: Duncan, Taylor, Craig, Hutton
Post by: apduncan on Friday 28 January 05 16:52 GMT (UK)
First time I post in this forum.

I'm searching for more information on the following persons living in Dublin (1772? - 1820):

Name                               Address

William Duncan, Esq        34, Charlemont Street, merchant
John Duncan, Esq              6, Granby Rd., merchant
James Duncan, Esq          17, Eccles Street (a Hospital now), W Indies Trader
Leland Crosthwait, Bart    Bank of Ireland, Bank Director
Rebecca Duncan
Agnes Duncan
Jane Duncan
Margaret Duncan

John Craig

David Taylor                      Eden Quay (agent of the Dublin, Glasgow &
                                         Cork Steam Packet Company). Edendale.

A son of William Duncan, James Duncan emigrated to Barranquilla, Colombia, South America, on or about 1815 and his brother William followed him later. James Duncan, the son, married Jane Anne Emily Dimmock in 1823 in Colombia and their two children were sent to Ireland (?) and/or England to study. I have reason to believe they lived with David Taylor in Edendale in the early 1830s... but I'm not sure.

The son of James Duncan, Esq., married a daughter of Leland Crosthwait and became the manager of the Bank of Ireland in Sligo. I have more info on him.

I've hit a brickwall trying to get more info/data on my ancestors in Ireland... it has been difficult. I'm interested in the mercantile trade in Dublin in early 1800s.

Any help is appreciated.
Title: Re: Duncan, Taylor, Craig, Hutton
Post by: Christopher on Monday 21 May 07 09:51 BST (UK)
Hello apduncan,

I'd a hunch there was at least one book about Dublin merchants and traders. I've found one by googling ...

"Directory of Merchants & Traders of Dublin in 1798" [ISBN 1 898471 56 8] by Sheila Martin. Price €9.00 It gives details of the trades and businesses that existed in Dublin in 1798. Over 4,800 merchants and traders are listed in this publication. Their names were extracted from “The Gentleman’s & Citizen’s Almanack” which was compiled by John Watson Stewart in 1798.

Source:  The Genealogical Society of Ireland website.  (

Title: Re: Duncan, Taylor, Craig, Hutton
Post by: apduncan on Monday 21 May 07 14:17 BST (UK)

Hello Christopher,

Indeed... I've confirmed that William Duncan and John Duncan were listed in that Directory as well as in Pettigrew & Oulton as merchants in Dublin.

William and John Duncan were also members of the Merchant Militias of 1798; what I have found hard to find is more information on them and a David Taylor who married Margaret Duncan around 1825.

According to the Rev. John Duncan Craig, this David Taylor was a relative (cousin?) of Zachary Taylor, 12th POTUS but I haven't been able to confirm this. David Taylor is also listed as a Linen Factor as David Taylor & Son.

Thanks for the suggestion... I think that book ought to be in my library.

Best regards,

Alfonso Duncan