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Title: Surnames Cross and English (Completed)
Post by: ericx on Tuesday 13 April 04 16:46 BST (UK)
Seeking info on William Broom Cross (gt gt grandfather) b. 1807? d. Sept 1869 Ely, Cambridge.
Martha English (gt gt grandmother)
b. 26.03.1807 Countess of Huntingdon, Ely, ch.19.04.1807, d. SeptQtr 1883.
They left Cambridge prior to 1837 to live in London.
Any help would be appreciated.
Title: Re:Surnames Cross and English
Post by: Geoff on Saturday 24 April 04 01:51 BST (UK)
Hi Ericx,

I have a William CROSS born 1792 at Holy Trinity,Ely,Cambridge.
He was baptised on the 10th March 1792.
His parents were Robert CROSS and Sarah BARTLE.

William was the youngest of 10 children to this couple.

I have no idea of his particulars other than that.
Do any of these facts match up??

Title: Re:Surnames Cross and English
Post by: ericx on Saturday 24 April 04 10:46 BST (UK)
Hi Geoff

Thanks for the info. It could be a possibility that this could be the one.

Unfortunately, as yet I haven't any direct links. But I will follow this up and see what comes of it.

If I find anything I will come back to you.

Regards Ericx
Title: Re: Surnames Cross and English
Post by: Nick Carver on Tuesday 10 August 04 09:42 BST (UK)
I have a William Cross baptised at Isleham in 1800, son of Robert and Mary. However, from the later marriage record of Robert's daughter, it is apparent Robert could not sign his name, which may discount him from contention.
Title: Re: Surnames Cross and English
Post by: ericx on Thursday 12 August 04 11:31 BST (UK)
Hi Nick

Thanks for the info. Not certain this is the William Cross that I am looking for, but will look into it. I think my William Cross was born in Ely.

Regard Ericx
Title: Re: Surnames Cross and English
Post by: AndrewMartin on Thursday 18 November 04 20:43 GMT (UK)
I have CROSS ancestors too. The last ancestor of mine was Mary Ann Cross, born 1870 in Ely's "Buggs Hill".

I was fortunate to receive a lot of CROSS information from the late Pam McClymont in Australia.

I've managed to flesh out some of her research using a combination of resources and i've posted them to my website at

Take a look - ive got loads of CROSS info.. not all of it is going on the site as it will overwhelm it!
Title: Re: Surnames Cross and English
Post by: ericx on Thursday 18 November 04 23:15 GMT (UK)
Hi Andrew
Thanks for your message. Unfortunately none of your Cross family appear in any of my family records.
My GtGt Grandfather William Broom Cross married Martha English some time around 1830. I have no info on William, but Martha was born in Ely on 26 March 1807 and Christened on the 19 April 1807 at the Countess of Huntingdon, Ely and died in Dorset Sept 1883. They had the following children in Ely.
Mary Ann English Cross born 7 May 1831 died 1831.
Alfred Broom Cross born 9 August 1834 died 1908.*
They then moved to Shoreditch, London, where to my knowledge they had three more children.
Adolphus Charles Cross born 9 August 1837 died 5th February 1921 .*
Susannah Rebecca Cross born 1 August 1846.
Agnes Louise Cross born 15 September 1848.*
They may have had more children but I'm not aware of any.
If at any time you can shed some light on these people from their ealrlier years I would be grateful.
Regards Eric Cross
PS  I have the marriages of those people marked with*
Title: Re: Surnames Cross and English
Post by: AndrewMartin on Saturday 20 November 04 18:18 GMT (UK)
I have found in the Ely Cemetery Book, the following entry which i think you may find interesting.

William Broom Cross
buried 06.09.1869, aged 62 years.
died at Gallery Street, St. Mary's Parish, Ely, Cambridgeshire.

It then reads "B296(u)" which im assuming denotes the grave plot.

I hope this helps.  I just recalled the "Broom" part of your Cross name... and when i saw it, made a note of it.

Title: Re: Surnames Cross and English
Post by: ericx on Saturday 20 November 04 19:15 GMT (UK)
Hi Andrew
Youv'e made my day! I'm fairly sure that this is the Gentlemen I'm looking for. I will only be certain when I get his Death Certificate.
Thank you for your interest.
Regards Eric Cross :D ;D
Title: Re: Surnames Cross and English (Completed)
Post by: lschrag1 on Monday 05 February 07 17:16 GMT (UK)
Hello Cross family members,
My husband Loren H. Schrag is related to the Cross family through his mother's side of the family.  Loren's mother was Florence B. Roy, her mother was Emma V. Cross married to Oscar Joseph Roy.  Emma's father was Mathew Cross married to Sarah Morrison in Australia.  Mathew's father was George Cross.  Lonnie (Loren's nickname) and I live in Roundup, Montana, USA.  I am very interested in emailing other family researchers.  I can provide some info on the Mathew Cross family in the US.  I am very excited about making contact with another family member in Australia by the name of Lyn Kirkland.  She provided several sites to look into.  Feel free to email me at

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Thanks, Lynn Schrag