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Title: The Carrick Family
Post by: Ringoroses on Monday 13 October 08 10:59 BST (UK)

I'm interested in any Carrick families who lived in or around Rothesay c1840-1880.

Of particular interest are:

William and Flora Carrick who lived at 79 High Streeet with their children Hugh (born Glasgow c1840) , William (born Balfron, c1843) , Margaret (born  Castleton House - aka Shirvan, which belonged to the Graham-Campbell family and was situated on the edge of Loch Gilp c1846) , Duncan (Born Glasgow, c1848) and James (born Rothesay, Bute Feb 1850).  (Flora also lived at Old Vennel at one point, before moving back to the Anderson district of Glasgow in the 1870s)

Also, Henrey and Agnes Carrick who had 9 children including William, Henrey (died aged 15, buried somewhere in Rothesay), Donald, Margaret....etc.) and lived at 54 High Street at one point.  Henrey was one of several children of William Carrick [parent's William Carrick and Ann Steuart] and Mary Sivel, of Old Kilpatrick. He died in Glasgow in 1900. Mary Silvel's parents were English - Henrey Sivel and Ann Coppar[d?], from Lewes in Sussex.

Also James and Janet Carrick who lived at 64 High Street. James was a stone mason who died in Glasgow in 1866. Janet, who worked in the cotton factory, was born in Partick. They had several children - Jessie, Annie, Mary and James. Jessie and Annie went to Massachusettes in the US, James was a plumber in Glasgow. Janet moved to Lochwinnoch with her daughter Mary (a dairy maid who married a Crawford) where she died c1889.

But I know other Carrick's moved into and out of Rothesay during the period, including a Robert Henry Carrick (son of James [b Scotland] and Hannah of Liverpool) who married a Lillias Baxter Gunn of 27 High Street, before settling in Liverpool; and a William and  Margaret (Kirk-Kennedy) Carrick who had a son, Robert, in Montague st in the 1860s.

If you know anything more about any of these families, I'd love to hear from you.

Title: Re: The Carrick Family
Post by: Ringoroses on Wednesday 04 November 09 15:42 GMT (UK)
Well, that generated a big fat zilch.   :'(

I'm now concentrating my efforts on finding out more about William Carrick and three of his sons,  Hugh (born Muirhouses, Glasgow c1840) , William (born Balfron, Stirlingshire, c1843), Duncan (Born Strathbungo/Glasgow, c1848) - and hopefully their descendents!

Both Hugh and Duncan are known to have been mariners - which means they could either have been lost at sea, or have settled pretty much anywhere in the world. Consequently, they're unlikely to appear in any passenger lists or such like and pinpointing a crew agreement with no other information is virtually impossible.

The last I know of Hugh is between c1861-70, he's known to have been at sea, somewhere...

Duncan first trained as a cabinet maker (in his youth) before turning to the sea like his brothers. He's known to have spent some time in Liverpool in the 1880s and was there at least once (he appear's in Kelly's in 1894) afterward. There's a possibility he ended up somewhere like New Zealand (like his nephew), or America (according to family legend).

Young William was a soldier in the 42nd Regiment and the 79th regiment up until at least 1873. By 1881, he's no longer listed in the census, so he's either overseas with the regiment, or he's retired. Again, there's a possibility he ended up in NZ like his nephew, or maybe it was him who ended up in America (no one can remember which one of them it was, just that one of them "probably" did!  >:()

Their father, also called William, is a bit of a mystery. The only census he appears on is in 1851. He was dead two years later, apparently (although I've no death certificate, just a note on a poor relief application made by his widow some years later).  It seems he died in Glasgow, although the family still lived in Rothesay at the time. All I really know about him is, he was a carter, labourer, an ag labourer and a fisherman at various points in his life; it's likely he was born in or around Auchinloch (Kirkintilloch) c1810-20 and he was married in Glenmavis (aka New Monkalnd/Airdre) in 1838 - so where there other Carricks at the wedding, or at his Christening?  The couple travelled about a bit during their marriage, as the children's birth places attest, which was probably related to the work he was doing at the time. 

Aside from that, I can't get past him, or any further with them - so if anyone has a spare William, Duncan or Hugh Carrick in their tree, or has an unexplained McMillan/Carrick somewhere, maybe they're mine!

Any help would be much appreciated - getting fed up of being stuck now  :'(


Title: Re: The Carrick Family
Post by: RicJac on Wednesday 17 July 19 00:18 BST (UK)
Clutching at straws and going old school. I decided to have a look at some of the old forums and came across the series of messages that you posted relating to the Carrick family.
I need to hold my hands up and admit that I may or may not have Carrick connections, but DNA testing suggests it is a very strong possibility with more links to Carrick lines than I have to confirmed lines on my tree.
The reason I'm messaging you is because my 2nd great grandfather is a Hugh Ward who was born in Scotland in the mid 1820s, married Ann Duff in Stirling in 1850 and moved to Manchester the following year.
There is no trace of him in any records prior to his marriage so I drew a blank.
In census returns in 1861 and 1871 he has a Thomas Nugent then a Nathaniel Nugent staying with him who are brothers and are described as being brother in law to Hugh Ward.
The Nugent brothers parents were John Nugent and Elizabeth Carrick with Elizabeth born  in 1803 being the daughter of William Carrick and Mary Martin who lived in Balfron.
The large number of DNA matches I have to the Carrick's as all seem to be with descendants of this couple.
I see that you have Balfron connections with your Carrick's and also Rothesay interests.
Nathaniel Nugent when he returned to Scotland and married lived in Rothesay.
I don't know if you may have come across any of these names in your research but keeping fingers crossed.
The presumption is that Hugh Ward is the son of Elizabeth or one of her siblings or possibly but less likely a Carrick cousin.