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Title: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Jimbly on Saturday 05 February 05 13:44 GMT (UK)
We have traced our family back to Causewayend, Ancrum,looking for information on Walter Turnbull and son Walter,ages 37/38 and 5/6 respectively as of 1841 census. What happened to all the Turnbulls of Ancrum?  Thanks, Jim from Canada
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Andrew R on Monday 23 March 09 23:42 GMT (UK)
It may have taken four years but Ive found that one Turnbull (james) was married to a Helen Rutherford and he was a tennant at Bewcastle and she died aged 60 in March ???? and is buried at Ancrum and thats all I can make out on the attached pic

Ive tried every thing I can to the pic short of X ray and ultra sound  ;D ;D ;D

Probally useless but its here so
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Terie on Tuesday 24 March 09 01:24 GMT (UK)
Hello Jim,

this is a very large family of Turnbulls living around Causewayend in Ancrum,I wonder,  have you been in touch with Geri Whitlach who lives in Boise,Idaho,USA?

Geri is a descendant if this Turnbull family and has done quite a bit of research on them, I was able to help her out about 2 years ago with some records and photos of the Turnbull headstone from Ancrum Churchyard,a large red sandstone one, they were masons,

I have Walter Turnbull b Nov 23rd 1803, 3rd son of Richard & Isabella Turnbull, Richard died 1830 at Ancrum,
Walter married Margaret Michie, their son Walter married Elizabeth Ford,
do you recognize these names,

I can put you in touch with Geri if you want more info,

Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: alan14578 on Wednesday 25 March 09 21:54 GMT (UK)
jimbly. My Turnbull OPRs shows Walter christened Ancrum 25-1-1805 with father shown as James Turnbull. No mother shown.
Possibly the Walters son Walter was born 1-2-1835 Ancrum with the parents shown as Walter Turnbull and mother Margaret Michie  who were married at Jedburgh on 28-12-1832

James Turnbull/Helen Rutherford marriage is not shown on OPRs probably they were married where she lived and not Ancrum.
You can get the Ancrum MIs from Borders family history Soc see web site.
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: alan14578 on Saturday 18 April 09 20:22 BST (UK)
jimbly I have found my Mi book for Ancrum.Three entries lying together.
1. In memory of Walter Turnbull,Mason who died at Causewayend 8-2-1904 aged 69yrsand Elizabeth Ford his wife who died there 25-10-1898 aged 58yrs also Elizabeth their daughter who died 10-4-1892 aged 24yrs.
2. In memory Richard Turnbull ,Mason son of William Turnbull,Mason and Isabella Davidson his wife died at Causwayside ancrum 5-6-1839(?) Isabella Turnbull wife of said Richard Turnbull and daughter of the late Walter Turnbull, weaver and portioner Lilliesleaf Jannet)?) WALKER(?) his wife died at Causewayside Ancrum -----also  George Turnbull son the above Richard Turnbull, Mason------
3. in mem ofWalter Turnbull who died at Chester 9-3-1864 aed 58yrs Jessie Renwick his wife died at ancrum 24-8-1881 aged 76yrs also a child whoi died in  infancy. also their eldest son James Turnbull who die at Lidgate ancrum 7-4-1905 aged 68yrs also Walter Turnbull youngest son of the above Walter Turnbull whoi died at Lanton Hall 15-1-1889 in the 66th year of his age  Jane SKEED who died at Lanton  Hall 3-6-1917 aged 70yrs.
I think No 3 is the one you are looking for. There are 32 headstones listed with Turnbulls but no other Walters.The photo provided by the other chap is also listed if you cannot read  it and want the info then let me know. Dont ask for the 32 listed but buy it from
Hope this helps
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Juniper0601 on Sunday 01 November 09 13:18 GMT (UK)
Hello all,
I am researching my Turnbull origins from Ancrum, and also have an interest in Causeway End as members of my Brown and Turnbull families lived there over time.  I have back to William Turnbull (1753-bef 1837) m Isabella Davidson (christnd 1746,parents James Davidson and Isabel Easton. William and Isabella had Richard, George, Betty, William, Archibald, Janet, Peggy, Jean, all between 1778 and 1796. Richard's death is noted as June 5, 1830, Causeway End. He married in 1800 to Isabella Turnbull (b 1781 to Walter Turnbull and Janet Walker, Ancrum). Richard & Isabella had James, Walker RB, Walter (m Margaret Michie), Thomas C, Archibald C, Isabella (1817-1897) This Isabella Turnbull m Thomas Brown (1818-1888 Ancrum) and they had Thomas, Richard, Isabella, Elizabeth Davidson, Agnes, George, Margaret Scott, Janet Ann and John McEwan Brown. My gr-grandmother was Margaret Scott Brown who came to Australia in 1876.  I am slowly filling in the gaps and am very interested in the human stories surrounding these large families from Ancrum.  I would be interested in any information at all...especially about Causeway End and Ancrum itself. 
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Wendidgo on Sunday 17 January 10 00:26 GMT (UK)
Hello; It has been awhile since I viewed these posts.Thanks to Jennie!! Our line here in Canada is directly linked to William who married Isabella Davidson. We had no idea that Richard (d.1830) had so many siblings.Walter (m.Margaret Michie) had a son Walter m.Eliz.Ford,so far we have discovered that about 6 of their 13 children finally came to Canada. At this point,it seems that our mother is the last Turnbull of this line over here. As far as I recall,Walter and Margaret (Michie) also had a son George who moved to Australia and died in a place called Rookwood. Will post more info later. Thanks,James
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Jimbly on Sunday 17 January 10 22:06 GMT (UK)
I have found the page reference for George Turnbull who we believe was buried in Rookwood Cemetery,Australia. If you are interested,Jennie,please contact me. James
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Juniper0601 on Saturday 23 January 10 00:50 GMT (UK)
Thank you interested in any info at all on these Turnbulls.  My gr-grandmother Margaret Scott Brown came to Australia with some info/documentation but these were lost when the family chest containing all these items was stolen in the 1960s. It's been an interesting but rewarding journey to discover. The information I have to date has been gathered over time and Geri Whitlach also shared some research that she had undertaken.
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Wendidgo on Saturday 23 January 10 03:25 GMT (UK)
Hi Jennie, this is really amazing, I was just looking at all the work Jim and I have done in the last several years about an hour ago. We will gladly share any info that will help you. Just tonight Jim and I talked about going through the many pages again, so this weekend will be an interesting one. Thanks again, looking forward to comparing notes and filling in blanks. Wendy
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Wendidgo on Saturday 23 January 10 14:14 GMT (UK)
Good morning Jennie, was just chatting with my brother and we would like to know where you got all the information on Richard and Isabellas family.We have tried to find more children of theirs and were so surprised to see how large the family is. If you would like to email me directly that would be awesome, and as I said last night, we will go through all we have and share with you. We only knew of two children, so if we can find more siblings there might be some more family for our mother, who thought she only had one cousin from the family. Happy Hunting and digging. LOL Wendy
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: GeorgeRoberts529 on Sunday 26 February 12 22:49 GMT (UK)
I know this thread has be inactive for a couple of years, but here's my bit to add.
Causewayend seems to be a house on the north side of the village green in Ancrum. The Davidsons lived there, followed by the family of George Hardie (married to Elizabeth Davidson) until at least the 1920s. If anyone knows better, I'd love to have the information. I've been to the village once and it is largely unchanged from family photos taken in the 1920s.
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Terie on Monday 27 February 12 16:18 GMT (UK)
Hello George,are you interested in Turnbull families in Ancrum or the Causewayend area of Ancrum?
Locally the area between the village school and the village green is known as Causewayend,
if you have a connection to any of the Ancrum Turnbulls we would love to know about it,thanks,
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: GeorgeRoberts529 on Monday 27 February 12 17:45 GMT (UK)
Hello from Canada and thanks for the clarification - much appreciated. The only  Turnbull that shows up in my Ancrum ancestors is Robert Turnbull Aitkin who married Mary Scott Hardie of Ancrum in 1871. He was a bootmaker in Jedburgh. She was my gggrandmother's sister. I assume his mother was probably a Turnbull, but have no documentary evidence
George Roberts
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Terie on Wednesday 29 February 12 18:41 GMT (UK)
Hello George,

I know it's a long shot but looking through my Turnbull notes I have a Robert Notman age 22 of Hawick marrying Isabella Knox Turnbull age 21yrs of Jedburgh, her father George Turnbull,mother Elizabeth Turnbull,ms Hardie. They were married at Ancrum 27th April 1928.Witness,William H Turnbull.

Also from Ancrum churchyard; George Hogg Turnbull died 28th Oct 1958 age 78yrs &
wife Elizabeth Wright Hardie died 1950 age 69yrs.

 Could this be on your tree???
Title: Re: Ancrum Turnbulls
Post by: Jimini on Tuesday 28 April 15 00:18 BST (UK)
Hello Amanda, it's been a few years!
 We have learned so much thus far, but have had trouble getting details on Richard and his parents and beyond. I have tried to locate Geri but have had no luck, is she still in touch with you?

Thanks for your help,