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Title: identifying location
Post by: mongoose2 on Monday 23 March 09 20:46 GMT (UK)
The extract attached is from the 1861 census in Devon. The people are

William Henry Foxley b. 1834 in Northampton
Laura Matilda Barlow Foxley nee Jones  b.1836 (no idea!!!)

George Washington New Foxley b. 1858 Woolwich Barracks
L ? Foxley daughter b. also in Woolwich Barracks although cant see it in FreeBMD

Need help identifying where Laura is born.They aren't too helpful and I cannot trace them in any other census other than 1861.

Title: Re: identifying location
Post by: Eyesee on Tuesday 24 March 09 01:01 GMT (UK)
It is somewhere in the US

1871 - indexed as FOSELEY
Thames?? Buildings, Woolwich
Laura FOXELEY, head wid 32, Needlewoman (Military), American (Naturalised BS)
Eleanor?? FOXELEY, dau 6, Scholar, born Kent, Woolwich
Susannah FOXELEY, dau 3, born Kent Woolwich Cheshire
Harriet FOXELEY, dau 1mo, born Kent, Woolwich

92 Knowsley Rd, Battersea
Alfred SHORE, head mar 40, General labourer, born Gloster, Devises
Laura SHORE, wife mar 40, born America, Nat British Subject
Harriet SHORE, dau 10, Scholar, born Kent, Woolwich (Defd. birth)
Mary SHORE, dau 6, Scholar, born Buck, Windsor (Defd. birth)
Emma SHORE, dau 1, born Surrey, Battersea, (Defd. birth)
Lydia FOXLEY, stepdau unm 21, Laundry Packer, born kent, Woolwich
Laura FOXLEY, stepdau unm 19, Laundry marker, born Portsmouth
Susannah FOXLEY, dau unm 13, Scholar, born Portsmouth (Defd. accident)

32 Knowsley Rd, Battersea
Alfred SHORE, head mar 51, general laborer, born Devizes, Wilts
Laura Matilda SHORE, wife mar 52, Derby, N America
Lena Foxley SHORE, dau unm 25, dressmaker, born Woolwich
Harriet Eliza SHORE, dau unm 20, packer in laundry, born ditto
Mary Elizabeth SHORE, dau unm 16, born Windsor
Alfred George SHORE, son 10, born Somersetshire

15 Latchmere St, Battersea
Laura SHORE, head wid 62, Military shirt maker, born Philadelphia
Mary SHORE, dau unm 26, Military shirt maker, born berks, Windsor
William ALLUM, nursechild 1, born Surrey, Wandsworth

Laura FOXLEY married Alfred SHORE Sep qtr 1870, Lambeth, but for some reason she is still as FOXELEY in 1871 census.

Can't see a death for William Henry FOXLEY.

Ian C
Title: Re: identifying location
Post by: mongoose2 on Tuesday 24 March 09 08:11 GMT (UK)
Thanks for that. I did eventually work out the marriage to Alfred and then find her in 1881. Death of 1st hubby was 1868 from the National Archives. they were at chatham barracks in 1868. That makes Harriet's father a ?.

Eleanor Esther Foxley was my Great Gtreat Grandmother.

The others I can now add to the tree.