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Title: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: David Layne on Friday 03 July 09 19:10 BST (UK)
Attached are pictures of a "little brown jug" that has been in my family for years and I am now passing on to my daughter.

I would be curious to know a little about Dale & Sons so my daughter has some knowledge of the history behind this screw top jug.

Being born and raised in Grantham the only Dale I know of was the headmaster of Gonerby School, John Arthur Dale (Jad)

Also I would be interested to know what the jug originally contained or was it a "generic" jug used to store vinegar or something similar.

Thanks, David.


Title: Re: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: Geoff-E on Friday 03 July 09 20:19 BST (UK)
1933 Directory

Dale Bros. mineral water mfrs. 240 Harrowby rd. TN 97

Title: Re: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: David Layne on Friday 03 July 09 23:20 BST (UK)

As mine jug is named as "Dale & Sons 1930" I presume the senior Dale died sometime prior to 1933.

Title: Re: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: Geoff-E on Friday 03 July 09 23:51 BST (UK)
1 Harrowby Road
George DALE 41 Mineral Water Manufacturer, Ingoldsby

Deaths Mar 1933   
DALE  George    73    Grantham    7a   735

As directories tend to be a year ot two "out of date", I suggest that GD may have retired before the time of his demise.
Title: Re: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: David Layne on Sunday 05 July 09 20:27 BST (UK)
Thanks for the information Geoff.

It's nice to know the bottle was for Mineral Water, I would never have guessed.

My daughter has carried it safely back to Florida and now she knows a little more about "the little brown jug!"
Title: Re: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: SH46-51 on Wednesday 25 May 16 20:15 BST (UK)
I have only just discovered this site, hence the belated response.  I too have a jar identical to yours, but mine is dated 1924.  They were actually used not for lemonade but for brewed Ginger Beer, as were smaller 10oz stoneware bottles also with internal screw stoppers.  Glass bottles with crown cork finish (still of course the norm today) and some Codd's (internal marble) were generally used.  The demise of the use of the opaque stoneware containers came about following a most serious court case involving a decaying snail in a bottle found by an unfortunate lady who had already enjoyed her glass of Ginger Beer (NOT I hasten to add from Dale's).  This became a cause celebre in consumer law interpretation and rights.  Dale's also used the smaller ones, but mainly Codd's, always with the gas lamp trademark.
My interest?  George Dale was my maternal great-grandfather and one of my christian names is Dale.  I spent my working life in the soft drinks industry.  My jar I bought at a fair!

Title: Re: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: Earlybird29 on Thursday 26 April 18 17:11 BST (UK)
I too have only just come across this site and George Dale was my maternal great-grandfather too! My grandmother was Millicent Dale who married James Palmer. Some of the other great aunt and uncles I remember (sons and daughters of George Dale) are Gladys, Ada, Alice, George, Ernest (died in France in WW1) and I believe there were 4 more. The great aunt and uncle we used to visit as a child lived at 230 Harrowby Road in Grantham (my dad was born in Grantham). My dad told me that his grandmother (wife of George Dale) was born in Ireland near the Mountains of Mourn and she was quite fearsome! I also have a couple of old ginger bottles of GW Dale and Sons - one with the original marble in the top. We must be related and I would love for you to get in touch with me please.
Title: Re: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: Earlybird29 on Thursday 26 April 18 17:17 BST (UK)
I have a photo somewhere of my great grandfather and mother and all their children. I will try and find it and then try and figure out how I post it up on here.
Title: Re: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: SH46-51 on Saturday 28 April 18 19:18 BST (UK)
Thank you for the unexpected message - cousin!.  I too have a photo, undated but probably about
1913/14, showing the family.  My grandfather on the left as a sergeant, His younger brother Ernie
on the right, also sergeant, both in the Lincolnshire Yeomanry.  Ernie died of wounds near Arass
in September 1917.  The two younger brothers Dave and Dick(Richard) and the four girls.  Your
grandmother, Millie, seated on the right.  My mother always considered that Millie was the prettiest!
I have a number of photos and documents passed down, and many remembered family snippets
of information; I expect you have too.  I always felt sure there must be a whole tree of descendants.
I live in Northamptonshire.  I look forward to hearing further.
Title: Re: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: Earlybird29 on Saturday 28 April 18 19:56 BST (UK)
Oh how lovely to hear from you! Yes we are indeed related. I have visited Great Uncle Ernie's grave in France, he is in a cemetery just outside St. Pol near Arras. I took some photos of his grave that I will have to dig out. I have a feeling that Ernie (Ernest) wasn't his real first name but his middle name - but I might be wrong. Somewhere I have his last letter that he wrote to my grandmother thanking her for the knitted socks she sent to him.

I live in Peterborough so not far from you and it would be great to meet up sometime and share some of our memories of the family. It was Great Uncle Dick I think that lived in Harrowby Road where we used to visit. My parents were very close to Phyllis and Tom for many years - Phyllis was Dick's daughter and I think was one of the last Aunt's remaining. My mother (Joan) and father (Ken) died in 2001 and my father's sister, Joan the year after. I have a remaining cousin but we aren't that close although he lives in Peterborough too.

I have an ambition to visit the Mountains of Mourn and try and find out more about my great grandmother as she must have come across on one of the "famine ships" I think - so there is probably a ship's list with her name on it somewhere.

My father was interested in genealogy but tended to concentrate more on his father's side of the family but he went back to the 18th century. I will have to search out his drawings to see if there is a tree with my grandmother's side of the family.

One thing I do remember as a young child - it was my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary and Auntie Alice was staying with them overnight. The next morning though they found her dead in bed. It was a very harrowing time. I remember going to the 50th wedding anniversary party that they held (probably in the Baptist church hall).

Apparently now I've posted 3 times I can PM someone so I will try and do that with my contact details. I only joined this site because I saw someone was talking about the ginger jar and then I came across your posting.

Best Wishes
Title: Re: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: SH46-51 on Saturday 28 April 18 20:35 BST (UK)
Ernie was John Ernest Dale.  We too have been to his grave.  A wonderfully peaceful area isn't it
though hard to find. and have photos.  I have also the embroidered Xmas cards he sent to his little
niece - my mother, and the photo taken when he was commissioned.  Some years ago we went to
the Essex regimental museum to read the war diary.
I have pictures of Alice as girl; what a sad end and at such a time.
Our daughter will be fascinated about all this.  She has been buying Dale bottles for years but not
aware of this site.
We had better start looking at diaries and find out at what point we can disclose personal data.
Kindest regards
Title: Re: Dale & Sons Grantham
Post by: Earlybird29 on Sunday 29 April 18 20:13 BST (UK)
Here is a photo showing George W. Dale with his wife and 9 children. My grandmother Millicent (Milly) is seated to the right hand side at the front.