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Title: Francis Machon
Post by: myyran on Sunday 04 April 10 23:13 BST (UK)
Hi Everyone, Looking for information on my Gt Grandfather Frank Mahon ,don't know much about him.  From what I can gather  he came from Ireland... its a big country...just don't know what county  to start looking.  He at one time.. around 1882/83  worked as a miner in the Ironstone mines in Carscadden, Scotland I have guessed that he would maybe be 20-30Years old then.
I cant find any trace of him in Scotland.
If anyone out there could point me in the right direction,that would be wonderful.
Title: Re: Francis Machon
Post by: shanew147 on Sunday 04 April 10 23:23 BST (UK)
Finding details on Francis will be difficult without knowing a birthplace for him, but if he was born after civil registration started in 1864 you could try the Civil Index for his birth... although there may be quite a number of possible matches - see Irish Civil BMD Index (;p=2;t=searchable)

For earlier births you would need church records, and to research these you will need to establish his religion, and a place of birth - i.e. parish, town or townland

Do you have any other details on Francis ... e.g. father's name and occupation for his marriage cert

Title: Re: Francis Machon
Post by: myyran on Monday 05 April 10 00:19 BST (UK)
Hi shanew147,
No I have nothing,just his name on a application form for my Gt.Grandmother to say he lodged with her(she was a young widow ).. before the birth of my Grandfather.I feel he maybe left to go back to Irelandsoon after and because that made my Grandfather Illegitimate the family all clammed up,and it was not allowed to be mentioned.
Title: Re: Francis Machon
Post by: rathmore on Wednesday 07 April 10 13:06 BST (UK)
Ireland in maps the names comes up as MacCohon or MacCaughan from Co. Antrim and Co. Louth.
Title: Re: Francis Machon
Post by: rathmore on Wednesday 07 April 10 13:15 BST (UK)
also MacCahon and Mahon comes up as Mahony or O'Mahony
Title: Re: Francis Machon
Post by: rathmore on Wednesday 07 April 10 14:10 BST (UK)
have you not been in touch with the National Archives of Scotland, HM General Register House, 2 Princes St, Edinburgh. EH1 3YY they could tell you were to look for your relative when he work for the Iron Stone Mines.
if you go through one of the search engines like google when the box comes up type in National Archives of Scotland iron mines in scotland
Title: Re: Francis Machon
Post by: rathmore on Thursday 08 April 10 13:00 BST (UK)
the mine is spelt Garscadden in Dumbartonshire, Scotland.
Title: Re: Francis Machon
Post by: bighaich59 on Friday 15 May 20 22:07 BST (UK)
Hi ,
   Just a curious thought ffrom myself on your Francis, could he may have been McMahon. The Irish did dropthe MC or Mac when arriving here in Scotland, jobs etc as it gave away their Religion.
   Now Another look is like my name it is Machon but not really. My GGGGrandparents came over as either McMahon or Mahon. When My GGGradfather died his name was Francis Mahon, his Death Cert. was Francis McMahon. His Informant was his Father Francis McMahon/Mahon. So there are many ways to look into his name. My Machon name changed in the 1891 Scottish Census from Mahon to Machon, possibly because of the laungage barrier??. We also have another variabnt later from our name of Machan. So that may help you or may not, & my Grandfather's name was Francis Machon as well but born here.

Sorry to have bored you a little.

Harry Machon.
Title: Re: Francis Machon
Post by: myyran on Wednesday 27 May 20 13:11 BST (UK)
Hi Harry, sorry i've taken so long to get back to you. Thanks for the info. Of course you didn't bore me. Don't think we will ever find the answer. My G Grandmother applied for help and relief on 8th November 1881. She was given 2/6 per week, but when she became pregnant to Frank Mahon??? she was struck off for co-habiting ,and was admitted to the poorhouse. That's when we found out that she was a widow aged 35 who had 3 children ,who worked at the pithead at the Ironstone mine in Garscadden. one of her children Mary worked there ,she was 13years.The said Frank worked in the mine, and G Granny Helen took him in as a lodger, but when he found out she was pregnant he absconded back to Ireland. So I don't think we will ever find out ,as through the years the family refused to talk about it. x
Title: Re: Francis Machon
Post by: bighaich59 on Wednesday 27 May 20 17:08 BST (UK)
Hi Myyran,
             Thanks for the reply, sad to say these things happened then & happen still. Though in them days it was a burden & most time left shame on the woman. I would like you to get an end resulton it & a shame the brickwall has been built in the family. I had that in my own from years ago & they don't want to talk about it. So you don't know anything of this man at all, shame, I think he would be a Mahon/McMahon.