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Title: meeting myself coming back
Post by: Xinia :) on Wednesday 12 May 10 16:51 BST (UK)
Well, today I discovered that a new rellie, was really an old rellie, and that though we are cousins we could also be Gt. aunt and niece, now I am not sure yet... cos it is very complicated... and if I ever work it out it will be a miracle.. 

How many  of you suddenly find you are related to yourself or something similar.??

I did my daughters husbands tree and his maternal gt. grandfather was born in the same street as my daughters paternal grandfather.  Now that would be ok.. if they met in the town that all this happened - but no  that all happened in Lancashire, and they live way down south..

So (a seperate issue to my new rellie above) when I was searching my family 80% from the midlands, why then did I find a link to my daughters husbands tree up north...only a very tenuous link, but there all the same...

headless chicken or wat ;D ??? ::)