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Title: Mitchell Library George SEYMOUR
Post by: Jaznjjj on Wednesday 02 June 10 08:42 BST (UK)
I'm wondering if someone out there has regular access to the Mitchell Library and might be able to do a lookup for me please.  The information I have I think came from an entry in their card index system many years ago.  I hope this is an ok post. 

Brisbane's Despatch
Convict Families 1822 A1193 - could be page 227
George Seymour, Asia, wife Sarah no children
1 Union Place, Commercial Road, London

This, I believe, was a request for George Seymour, a convict who arrived on the Asia in December 1820, to bring out his wife.  What is particularly intriguing is that George Seymour marries Mary Yench (actually Mary Steward) at Sydney in October of that same year.  I am not sure what rules governed the marriage of convicts in NSW who had wives in England and what elapsed time was acceptable before a re-marriage.  In this instance, the time was probably only two years. The despatch above may throw some light on the topic. 

Even if a lookup cannot be done, I am very interested to find out about the marriage customs of the time in New South Wales, particularly the attitude of the Church and government administration.

I'm also curious about what exchanges of correspondence would have been normal for convicts of that time with family left behind in the UK.  Was the sending of a letter within the financial means of convicts?  How accessible was the mail system for them?