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Title: MacPherson
Post by: Moerangi on Tuesday 03 August 10 23:54 BST (UK)
Looking for information on John MacPherson b. 18.1.1833 Greenock brother James Drummond MacPherson b.1831
Title: Re: MacPherson
Post by: AMBLY on Wednesday 04 August 10 00:09 BST (UK)
Hi Moerangi

Kia ora and welcome to Rootschat   ;D

Have you got any information already re: parents, Census or BDM etc  for these brothers?
(so we don't go looking for what you already have!)

Did they come to NZ?

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Post by: Moerangi on Wednesday 04 August 10 02:12 BST (UK)
Thank you   Yes they did come to NZ   John Is my great grandfather.   I gather he came through the States as he was discharged from the Trinity Rangers during the Humbolt and Klamath Indian Wars in California in  11.10 1858.   He married a  Maori named Mariana Te Oha and their daughter Heni Tuia or Jane was my grandmother.   John was a store keeper in Matata ( also known as Richmond in the early days)Bay of Plenty and also the first post master.  He became well known in the Bay of Plenty. and died in Tauranga 13.8.1887   I have not been able to find his arrival in NZ and have really only begun to try to find out more about him.    His brother James is listed as a  Christchurch Merchant and owner of two boats in the 1860s.   John also owned two boats in the 1870s.  Is this any help?
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Post by: AMBLY on Wednesday 04 August 10 03:44 BST (UK)
Hi Moerangi

On the IGI, extracted birth is :
James McPHERSON b 29 Jul 1829, Greenock - parents John McPHERSON & Jean DRUMMOND

Also on IGI, all extracted:  - To those same named parents are:
Isabella McPHERSON, b 3 Jun 1831, Greenock
Christian McPHERSON b 14 Oct 1834 Barony Glasgow
Elizabeth McPHERSON b 1 Nov 1836, Barony Glasgow
Malcolm McPHERSON b 18 Mar 1839 Barony Glasgow
(the mother is "Jane" for the Glasgow birth; Jane/Jean interchangeable in Scottish names)

The following  census, for this family:

1841: Melville St, Perth, Perthshire
John MacPHERSON 40, Exciseman, -N
Jane MacPHERSON 35 - Y
James MacPHERSON 11 - N
John MacPHERSON 8 - N
Christian MacPHERSON 6 - N
Elizabeth MacPHERSON 4 - N
Malcolm MacPHERSON 2 - N
Jessie McNAUGHTON 20, F.S. - N

1851 : 12 Salisbury Street, Laurieston, Gorbals, Lanarkshire
Head: Jane McPHERSON 48,  widow, Annuitant, b Crieff, Perthshire
Son: Jas McPHERSON 21, unm, Merchants Clerk, b Greenock Renfrewshire
Dau: Christian McPHERSON 16, b Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Son: Malcolm McPHERSON 12, Scholar, b Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Son: Thos McPHERSON 8, Scholar, b Perth, Perthshire

The 1851 can be found on FreeCEN:

Some of the children on the Census, I haven't found an IGI birth entry for. Not all parish records (up to circa 1873)  have made it onto the IGI, for various reasons. Some scottish counties have better coverage than others - Lanarkshire is pretty good, but I think Perthshire less so.

If your John had already joined the Army by 1851, that explains his absence above. I do think this is your McPHERSONs - James may have adopted the use of middle name "Drummond" - his mother's maiden name  - even though he was not baptised as such.  Have often see this type of 'adoption' in  people who have immigrated away (particulary but not only, in the Americas).

Scotlands People index in their wills section:
Jane MacPHERSON  or DRUMMONOD (sic),  Helensburgh, widow of John MacPHERSON, Perth
Died 28 Aug 1877 at Helensburgh (Bumbartonshire), Intestate - Admin  30 Oct 1877.

There are at least 3 John Mc/Mac PHERSON in the wills section which might be her late husband - but nothing to as yet positively identify. Two of them were boat captains/masters - I imagine an Exciseman might own a boat ?  ??? Not sure if that's a valid imagination or not  ;D

Title: Re: MacPherson
Post by: AMBLY on Wednesday 04 August 10 07:38 BST (UK)
James Drummond McPHERSON was in NZ  by 1859, according to the following:
"To the Right in the top photograph is the store of James Drummond Macpherson (1829-1894), built in 1859 on piers above the original beach....... A Customs Agent, Lloyd's Agent, Ship owner, General Merchant, Coalmonger and Farmer, Macpherson was the first representative of Mathieson's Agency, a London company which shipped merchandise to the colony on consignment."

He died in Waverley, Sydney  on 1 Oct 1894, age 64
NSW BDM: Death in Waverley District - 1894 - James D MacPHERSON, father John, mother Jane

Death Notice AU and NZ

My Gosh - by 8 October 1894, a week after he died - they were Auctioning off his stuff (5th Column along, quite a way down)

Loads of mentions in the Aussie papers site, including marriages of his daughters etc. One of the daughters was named Kate Malcom MacPHERSON (his youngest). He was often referred to as J. Drummond MacMcPHERSON, sometimes justr as Drummond.

I saw the very nice Obit for your John in Papers Past - he was obviously very well thought of.

I came across this - a photo entitled "Portrait of John MacPherson's two daughters"
Wondered if they could they be your John's?

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Post by: Moerangi on Thursday 05 August 10 23:51 BST (UK)
Hi there  Amberly   I am new to this research business and can't find the obit for John on the Past Pages.  Could you tell me how to get it?

On looking properly at the Indian war discharge I find that John was  mustered into the service of the State of California in October 58 and was honouraly discharged on 4 April 59 so only spent eight months as a ranger.

I would expect that he sailed from here to either Australia or NZ perhaps following James as he definately was owner in the Bay of Plenty of two boats the Bella and the Brunette between 1870 and 1875

Re the two daughters. I can't be sure  - John had 6 daughters and two sons
Mary, Christina, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Catherine, Hugh and Isobel   Jane was married in 1885 to my grandfather Harry William Burt 

Many thanks for your help so far   Moerangi
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Post by: AMBLY on Friday 06 August 10 01:50 BST (UK)
Hi Moerangi

This is the link to his obituary in BoP Times:

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Post by: LCR on Thursday 19 August 10 12:40 BST (UK)
Kia Ora Moerangi. great to see another family member searching. I have been doing this now for about 6 years off and on and still im no where.
John and mariana are my GG GrandParents, i come down the line of John
Have photos of John, James , johns mother etc

went to a tangi several years ago at matata and went to awakaponga cemertery, so sad to see all the burt family and names i used to hear the old people talk about.

Hope to hear from you soon
Title: Re: MacPherson
Post by: Moerangi on Thursday 19 August 10 23:11 BST (UK)
Dear LCR

Great to hear from you    I gather like me you are in NZ   I am one of those that you spoke of in your bit and am the grand daughter of Jane MacPherson.
I have just started to find out about John but it is a hard job though Ambly has been very helpful with a start.

I gather that there is someway that we can exchange emails or telephone messages but I am not sure how to do that   Do you Know and would you be interested?

Looking forward to a reply    Moerangi
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Post by: LCR on Friday 20 August 10 06:37 BST (UK)
Hi moerangi
Thanks for the email. yes im living in the Bay of Plenty I do note there is a private message facility although "New members must make at least three postings before being allowed to use the PM facility."

I am looking forward to emailing and talking to you. and sharing information together.

Did you attend the macpherson reunion several years ago at rotorua

as soon as i have done more postings i will give you my email / phone etc

Cheers  LCR
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Post by: Moerangi on Friday 20 August 10 22:28 BST (UK)
Sounds great   I have a feeling we might be related more closely and will look forward to further contact.

Regards   Moerangi
Title: Re: MacPherson
Post by: LCR on Saturday 21 August 10 06:29 BST (UK)
cheers Moerangi

looking forward to hearing from you 2
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Post by: ajc on Friday 11 March 11 09:04 GMT (UK)
Hi, This is the first time I have used rootschat.  I found old chat messages which mention John MacPherson.  I am a great grandchild of John MacPherson and Jane.  Was hoping to get a bit more information.  I live in Tauranga and noticed that you lived in the Bay of Plenty.  Would love to see photos if you have them.  Perhaps I have information that might be useful to you.  Look forward to your reply.
Title: Re: MacPherson
Post by: Te Tarata on Saturday 17 December 16 23:30 GMT (UK)
with greetings from Christchurch to Moerangi, LCR and AJC.

I am researching a circa 1879 photograph in the collection of National Library of NZ, titled 'Portrait of John MacPherson's two daughters (http://Portrait of John MacPherson's two daughters)'

Through research I have identified the girls as sisters, daughters of John Drummond Macpherson (1833-1887) and Miriana Te Oha (or Mariana Macpherson) (1852-1931). There are two other photographs of the sisters, taken in 1879 with their Macpherson cousins in Christchurch - the three photos can be seen at

I have information that I would be pleased to share about these families and do hope (with your help) to be able to identify the two sisters, who are either:
Jane [Heni Tuia] and Elizabeth Macpherson
Elizabeth and Christina Macpherson

It would be excellent if you were able to make contact. Please email Ken, care of email address found at:
Title: Re: MacPherson
Post by: jennifer71 on Friday 12 May 17 07:06 BST (UK)
I am the great great granddaughter of John MacPherson and Mariana MacPherson, their son John Koa MacPherson (my great grandfather) is Christina Macpherson's brother.
I did find a newspaper clipping from papers past, Bay of Plenty Times, Volume XV, Issue 2280, 14 May 1888, where Christina Macpherson is applying for a publicans accomadation for a house in Matata, called the Horse Shoe Inn.
Matata is where John resided before he died in 1887.

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Post by: Andrea1961 on Sunday 21 May 17 17:00 BST (UK)

I am descended from Isabella Mcpherson, the daughter of Jane Drumond and John Mcpherson (married 08/09/1828 Campbeltown). Ambly has listed the 1841 census but Isabella is not showing, can anyone help with where she is then please ?. The previous posts are very interesting , I wasn't aware John Mcpherson was an excise man, and wondered why he moved from Campbeltown to Greenock but I suppose he would have moved with the job.
I would be grateful for any further info on Jane and John, there is a birth listed on the index on Scotlands people for Jane Drummond  B 16/11/1800 Methven Perth(father listed as James) but not sure if this is her or not


Title: Re: MacPherson
Post by: Rosinish on Sunday 21 May 17 18:29 BST (UK)
She doesn't appear on the SP Index either.

Quite possibly just missed?

Had a look at others & don't see her with Drummond g/parents but I haven't done an extensive search, I only looked at

Title: Re: MacPherson
Post by: Andrea1961 on Monday 22 May 17 18:01 BST (UK)
thank you for looking Annie

Title: Re: MacPherson
Post by: Te Aumihi Macpherson on Tuesday 17 April 18 08:13 BST (UK)
Kia ora my name is Te Aumihi Mapherson I come across your conversation as I was also looking for information on my  gg.grandparents Mariana Te Oha and and John g.grandparents are John Koa Macherson who married Rangikahiwa Macpherson(nee Marino) they had 9 kids. The youngest was my grandfarther Frank father's name is Lance Marino John Macherson...ive just red these conversations to my parents who might be able to help with a few things... My dad says our kuia Mariana Te Oha was born on an island here in Rotorua called    Mokoia island (Te motu tapu A Tinirau )..we also attended the Macpherson reunion a few years back and met a lot of family 😊 looking forward to hearing from you all
Title: Re: MacPherson
Post by: mahtalr on Thursday 23 August 18 23:43 BST (UK)
Tena ra koe Te Aumihi. Your koro, Uncle frank and my koro Hugh are brothers. give my regards to Lance haven't seen him for a while. and to the rest of the were very little when I last saw you when I used to visit aunty Mabel
enjoy your time with whanau searching Te Aumihi


Latham Rodgers