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Title: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: Kiaya on Saturday 18 December 10 13:34 GMT (UK)
I am trying to piece together a tree for the Flower family from Melksham.
So far I have Nicholas Flower c 1607 the son of Robert FLower 1571 and Edyth Rutte.  Robert's father was Nicholas Flower 1545 Melksham and I think he may have married Perwell Cooke in Melksham in 1570.
I would love to establish if this is correct and if possible who Nicholas' parents were as I have found conflicting trees on line.
I would be so grateful if anyone could help me.
Title: Re: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: west on Saturday 28 April 12 22:11 BST (UK)

Melksham Marriage Pr's.

Just in case you have yet to find the answer to your question.

27 Nov 1570. Nicholas Flower. (No Parish Stated) Perwell Cooke. Melksham.

Title: Re: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: Kiaya on Sunday 29 April 12 15:31 BST (UK)

Many thanks for that.

Regards, S
Title: Re: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: davierj on Friday 04 May 12 17:37 BST (UK)
With regard to your query regarding Nicholas's parents, unfortunately the St Michael, Melksham baptism records only go back to 1568.

Title: Re: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: Kiaya on Friday 04 May 12 20:07 BST (UK)
Hello Dave,
I do appreciate your reply.  I have managed to get back to a will of my Nicholas Flower dated 1485 and together with other documents from the Wiltshire archives I have pieced the family tree together from then.  I also know that the family were in Maelksham going back to the 1300's but there is a gap inbetween which I am unable to bridge and perhaps never will.

Regards, Sue
Title: Re: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: yfs on Tuesday 22 May 12 03:06 BST (UK)
Hi Sue
I think I might be connected to this Flower family in Melksham. Perhaps you might be able to confirm.
I have a John Flower, born Trowbridge 1687 (who married Anne) died Trowbridge 1777. His parents were James Flower and Elizabeth Passons. James' father was James father, born c 1619 Trowbridge, his father John Flower, born Oct 1584 Melksham (- I think, trying to confirm the connection).
This John Flower was married to Agnes Odlam, his parents were Robert Flower and Joan Cater, and Roberts father was John Flower born c 1515 Melksham.
There could be some errors here... does any of this tie in with your family in Melksham and/or do you have any info on these Flowers?
Many thanks
Title: Re: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: Kiaya on Tuesday 22 May 12 13:02 BST (UK)
Hello Louise,
This is interesting, you may be connected and if you are it would fillout my tree.  Your Robert may be my ancestor's brother but it is tricky because believe it or not, if their father was John 1515 from Melksham he also had a brother called JOhn born 5 years before him.
I am told that often parents would have two sons with the same name in case one of the died and they were anxious to carry on the name through the family.
I have a lot of documentary evidence about the Flowers from Melksham which I would be happy to share with you but it might be easier if you email me direct:
Regards, Sue

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Title: Re: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: Jan Kingshott on Thursday 04 April 13 21:06 BST (UK)

In your travels through the FLOWER family of Melksham, have you found any links to the FLOWER family of Corsham?

I descend from the Corsham FLOWER's.


Title: Re: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: Kiaya on Friday 05 April 13 15:23 BST (UK)
Hi Jan,
Thanks for responding.  I have to admit that I have not looked at the Flowers in Corsham as, so far all mine seem to be in the Melksham - Semington - Steeple Ashtone and Littleton areas.  I know that there was another Flower family in Chitterne and Potterne but I am unable to make a connection with them.
I have got a copy of pages from a book called the 'Flowers of Wiltshire' which is now out of print which says the following:
Melksham Bradford, Chippenham and Corsham - Nonconformist families.
A family of barbers, some of whom were Quakers, may have originated in the ramifications of Nicholas and Christian's descendants (My ancestors form Melksham) William and Enoch emigrated to America in 1681 from Corsham; Abraham Lincoln's maternal descent has been traced to Thomas Flower the Barber of Melksham which has a baptismal entry in the parish register of Enoch, son of Thomas Flower the Barber in 1635.
A Corsham family appears in Quaker refisters and a series of nonconformist wills come from Corsham during the late 17th and 18th centuries.  This family appear to be connected  with Samuel of Chippenham, whose will was proved in 1795, as both he and Samuel of Corsham referred in their wills to relatives in Kingston St Michael.'
I have no idea if any of this makes sense to you or if you have heard of any of these names.
I am always eager to find out more about the family, so if you do find a connection I would love to know.

Regards, Sue
Title: Re: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: Jan Kingshott on Friday 05 April 13 17:39 BST (UK)
Hi Sue,

Perhaps you would be interested in seeing my research on this family. I would certainly like to see the work that you have done. We may perhaps be able to see some possible links.

I've also got a photocopy of the book that you mention, but, as you say, the Corsham family don't get much billing in there!

I'll PM you my email address.

Kind Regards

Title: Re: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: Ukandrewf on Sunday 08 June 14 15:00 BST (UK)
I'm just beginning this research. I know my present flower family is from Weymouth Dorset and i think my great great grandfather came from swanage Dorset. There is a branch of the family in Bournemouth.

My middle name is john which I believe has been passed down the family.

So interested to see if there is a connection with Wiltshire.

I'd always been told there were two flower families one from the north and one from the south of uk. It's not a very common name .

Andrew flower
Title: Re: FLOWER family from Melksham
Post by: hengeman on Monday 11 February 19 00:09 GMT (UK)
My 6th gt grandmother was Elizabeth Flower who married John Caswell 13 Apr 1686 Cherhill. I'm pretty sure her parents were Robert Flower and Jane Snowswell.  Born 10 Jun 1666 Ogbourne St George.  Robert was born 7 May 1641 Chippenham, which I think makes him from the Corsham line.
Rumors were that the Cherhill line was very musical, and the Corsham line had musicians who played for The King.

Some years ago, I downloaded ALL the Wiltshire Flower family entries from the LDS IGI, and I merged them into my Caswell file, which has 101,000+ names.  This is a working file, so there are lots of loose ends, and as the IGI could have several entries for a couple, one entry for each child, It makes it difficult at times.  Here is the file

I have many other family name downloads from the IGI, and if you want a copy, just ask (PM) me.  If anyone has a comprehensive Flower gedcom please let me know. I'd love to add it to my files.  Ultimately, I'm interested in seeing how my Elizabeth fits into the Abe Lincoln line. My American neighbors will treat me like royalty!  :-)