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Title: Link: Asylums
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A Book 'The Private Lunatic Asylums of the East Riding' 1976
Finding Number DDOW/5/2/1
Includes information on
Sculcoates Refuge also Finding Number DDX873/3/2 & DDX657/1 & DDX657/2 & QAL/3/42 & QAL/3/43 & QAL/3/44 & QAL/3/45 & QAL/3/58
Moor Cottage
Summergangs Retreat
Cottingham Retreat
Dunnington House
Hessle Retreat
Marfleet Retreat
Rillington Retreat
Hull and East Riding Refuge
Weaverthorpe Retreat
Field House, Anlaby also Finding Number DDX657
Kilham Retreat
Albion Street, Hull
Park Street, Hull

Weaverthorpe Asylum 
Finding Number  QAL/3/49  -  Commissioners' and Visitors' reports - 1844-1856
Finding Number  QAL/3/50  -  Weaverthorpe Asylum, notices of admissions - 1843-1856
Finding Number  QAL/3/50/1 - Notice of admission of George Armistead Wright - 31 Oct 1843
Finding Number  QAL/3/51  -  Weaverthorpe Asylum, notices of discharges - 1843-1856
Finding Number  QAL/3/52  -  Weaverthorpe Asylum, notices of deaths - 1851
Finding Number  QAL/3/53  -  Weaverthorpe Asylum, correspondence: escape and recapture of patients; visits of Justices - 1843-1856

Broadgate Hospital, Walkington, Nr Beverley 1871-1971 -
Finding Number NH6
Men's Case Books with names starts at page 13 No125 to page 157 No1570
Women's Case Books with names starts at page 158 No 1571 to page 314 No3132
Page 314 to end is other records relating to patients.
Burial Registers   
Finding Number CM2 1938-1980
Finding Number CM2/1 1938-1980

Names are available on some records to view on line, more details are held in the Registers - click on the highlighted number on left hand side of entry. There is also many pages to each so make sure to click to turn page.

If search bar is not seen, click on Online Archive Search type in the Finding Number for the relevant place and it will bring up all the relevant items held within that collection.

All records held at ERYC Treasure House, Beverley
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Here is a link to the Book.

Sarah :)