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Title: Lingards in Tideswell
Post by: Lingard Aust on Friday 20 May 11 04:38 BST (UK)
I'm looking for help in clarifying whether John Lingard christened in Tideswell on the 1.1.1789 son of Anthony and Elizabeth is the same John Lingard that married Hannah Wood on 29 January 1824. 

I have heaps of information Census records, birth, marriage, death certificates etc., from current generation up to 1841 Census, and if he is John born of Anthony and Elizabeth who married in 1786, then I can move forward with other info I have on his siblings and his parents births and siblings up to mid 1700s

Any help would be appreciated.  Researching from Australia isn't the easiest task.

Title: Re: Lingards in Tideswell
Post by: Tuppie on Saturday 21 May 11 16:15 BST (UK)
Have you come across the book "Within Sight of the Gibbet" by Ian Morgan, this is about the LINGARD family and the beginning has a family tree for this family..

It lists the children of Anthony LINGARD and Elizabeth NEAL (m1786)

Mary b.1787, John b.1789, Anthony b.1791-1815, Joseph b.1793-1797, James b.1796-1797, James b.1798, Martha b.1799-1800, Hannah b.1800, Martha b.1803, William b.1805, Elizabeth b.1806, Samuel b.1807, Alice b.1809.

The family lived in Litton a small hamlet close to Tideswell.
Anthony LINGARD the younger 1791-1815 became the last man to be executed and gibbeted  in Derbyshire for murder. Also see:

William LINGARD b.1805 committed highway robbery and was transported to Australia where he endured punishment after punsihment, at one time escaping to become a bush ranger, before being recaptured and sent to Norfolk Island.

Title: Re: Lingards in Tideswell
Post by: Lingard Aust on Wednesday 25 May 11 04:00 BST (UK)
Thank you for your responses.  I really appreciate the website recommended, I'm learning so much about the area etc., and when I'm in the UK later this year hoping to do some hands on research. 

I have the history of Anthony and William, I'm actually doing research in Australia trying to find out what happened to William after getting a conditional pardon in 1852 as he wasn't allowed to return to the UK.

I believe I am a direct descendent of Anthony and William ie my great great grandfather John who married Hannah is their brother, so I'm doing my best to get info to confirm this.

Again thank you for your assistance.
Title: Re: Lingards in Tideswell
Post by: gwsomers on Sunday 12 April 15 14:11 BST (UK)
hi, did you ever find anything more about William after his pardon ? one of his sisters was a predecessor of my wife
Title: Re: Lingards in Tideswell
Post by: jaybelnz on Sunday 12 April 15 14:22 BST (UK)
Not my family but there was a family of Lingards in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, where I lived. May be descendants if you think any of them may have crossed the ditch from OZ!

Unusual name, your post is the only reference to the name I've ever come across!

Unfortunately, there are no census records retained or released in NZ, only stats are released, the census itself is supposedly destroyed after the stats are all done, but electoral rolls are a good source nevertheless. Just doesn't show anyone under 21, until last year when the voting age dropped to 18!

There are two John Lingards on a NZ Jury List in 1846. One John Lingard, and the other John Lingard Jr.

Also a lot of WIlliam Lingard entries on Trove (not necessarily your WIlliam, but may have something)

And here a convict report. D Wong on 9th September, 2014 wrote of William Lingard:

William was born in Tideswell , Derbyshire,
Son of Anthony Lingard and Elizabeth Lingard
Brother of Mary Lingard; John Lingard; Anthony Lingard; Joseph Lingard; James Lingard and 8 others.

William was 21 years old on arrival and was transported along with William Bennett for ‘Highway Robbery”

Married Anne and had daughter Hannah (born 1826)

Sick List of the Speke:
William Lingard, aged 19, convict; disease or hurt, constipation. Put on sick list, 8 November 1826. Discharged 10 November 1826 cured.

Most of his time was spent in Iron gangs or gaol or undergoing punishment (lashes etc).
Escaped and recaptured.
In irons for a year Escaped in 1839 with five other and became bush rangers.

11/11/1839: Tried Sydney Supreme Court for House Robbery, stealing money plate and wearing apparel at Port Macquarie.  He was in a gang a Port Macquarie at the time.

1839: Sent to Norfolk Island per ‘Lady Franklin’.

Returned to VDL 1844.

Conduct Record listed as William Linguard.

William was then described as:  A Farm Labourer and Ploughman, 41 years old, 5’6 ¾” tall, sallow complexion, brown hair and whiskers, high broad forehead, blue eyes, protestant, illiterate, scars of left arm above elbow, between forefinger and thumb left hand, 2 lancet marks and 35 cuts of right arm, scar on right side of forehead.

5/10/1845: Emerged from gang
1847: TOL
26/2/1850: TOL revoked.
16/12/1851: TOL

22/6/1852: CP

No one seems to know anything further. (That's on the record - not my comment )

Jeanne 😄