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Title: St Andrews, Plymouth lookup
Post by: wlddlw on Wednesday 31 August 11 01:57 BST (UK)

Looking to find a marriage for a Edward Champernowne to Bridget (unknown) in 1658.  (in St Andrews, Plymouth)

* Looking to find the last name to Bridget
* Hoping to find parents name of Edward and Bridget.

Also if possible.  Edward was baptised on the 03 July 1630 at same parish.  Fathers name Edward Champernowne, looking for mothers name as conformation..  Hoping it will be Elizabeth Shapleigh or Swift.

Thanks everyone

Title: Re: St Andrews, Plymouth lookup
Post by: DOB7 on Wednesday 31 August 11 07:10 BST (UK)
Records of this age have not always survived intact unfortunately. However, transriptions of Plymouth St Andrew marriages from that era are online via the IGI with none shown for an Edward CHAMPERNOWNE. The marriage probably took place elsewhere but a record may not have been transcribed and you will need to search many different parishes in the hope of finding it. The IGI confirms the 1630 baptism with father Edward - however it was commonplace for the mother's name not to be recorded at this time.
Title: Re: St Andrews, Plymouth lookup
Post by: wlddlw on Wednesday 31 August 11 07:17 BST (UK)
Thank you for your response.

I find alot of information on the Champernowne family, but come to this connection I can not find records.  I have however found family trees with this connection but never any citations as to where they got the information. 


Title: Re: St Andrews, Plymouth lookup
Post by: DOB7 on Wednesday 31 August 11 07:21 BST (UK)
That's the problem when you get this far back. Parish record keeping did not start until 1538 and it wasn't kept with future genealogists in mind! :-)
Title: Re: St Andrews, Plymouth lookup
Post by: mohun on Saturday 16 February 19 12:15 GMT (UK)
The following may be of assistance:
. Samuell Randell, bap 18 Feb 1592/3 Exminster, “son of Mr William Randell parson”. Attended Oxford Uni: “Samuel Randall, of Devon, cler fil, Exeter Coll, matric 17 Jan 1611/12, aged 19, BA 17 Feb 1613/14, Rector of Bradstone, Devon 1622 (sequestered by 1650), and Rector of St Endellion, Cornwall, 1630” (Alumn Oxon). Samuell Randall married Elizabeth unknown ?Isaac?, by whom 1 daughter - Bridget, bap 19 Jul 1636 St Sidwell’s, Exeter. As Rector & Parson of St Endellion, Cornw, Samuel died c.1659, having written his Will 7 Mar 1657/8 pvd 8 Oct 1659 (PROB:11/295), recording inter alia: “”poor of Endellion & poor of Exminster; my wife Elizabeth my tenement in Exminster called Marshrews; my grandchild & goddaughter Bridget Champernowne; my grandchild and my wives’ goddaughter Elizabeth Champernowne; Edward Champernowne my sonne in law and Bridget my daughter his wife Executors and residuary legatees”. No mention made of any members of the Randall family. Their daughter Bridget married c.1652 Edward Champernown (probably same bap 3 Jul 1630 at St Andrew’s, Plymouth, eldest son of Edward Champernowne (1603-1656) & his 2nd wife Elizabeth (1600-1632, daughter of John Shapleigh, & widow of Rev Jasper Swift (d.20 Jan 1619/20); married lic 29 Feb 1627/8). Edward and Bridget Champernowne had 6 children, of whom Bridgett bap 28 Sep 1653 at Berry Pomeroy, (married c.1673/4 John Raymond by whom Hugh Raymond bap 20 Jan 1674/5 Withycombe Raleigh); Elizabeth bap 21 Dec 1655 Withycombe Raleigh, buried 1677; John bap 20 Feb 1657/8 W R: Edward bap 1 Apr 1660 W R, who as “son of Edward of Dartington, Devon, gent, matric Exeter Coll Oxford 30 Mar 1677 aged 17”; and further 2 bap at Withycombe Raleigh 1662-64. Edward of Dartington Esq 1675 Will (DRO –W:Z15/32/2), monm’t at Dartington includes daughter Elizabeth.