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Title: Moses McLay
Post by: nicwnacw on Tuesday 08 November 11 23:38 GMT (UK)
Moses McLay  b. 31/7/1715 is  my 5 x Great Grandad. I have found a marriage to Janet Buchanan on 25/11/1740 in Killearn, Stirling. However later records show that all his children were by Janet McGregor.

I can't find a death for Janet N or a marriage to Janet McG., I think I have tried every combination of names.letters etc that I can it's driving me mad. I did wonder if perhaps the 2 ladies are in fact one - possibly Janet McGregor Buchanan or Janet Buchanan McGregor?

Can anyone help me at all?

Thanks in advance
Title: Re: Moses McLay
Post by: apanderson on Wednesday 09 November 11 07:14 GMT (UK)
I had a look on the IGI and found the same marriage as you did - Janet Buchanan, 25th November 1740 and also another marriage to a Janet McGregor about 1740.

These are both submitted entries, i.e. the information has been submitted by a member of the LDS Church and is not information which has been extracted from OPR's.

If you check on Scotland's People, you'll find a marriage between Moses McLay and Janet Buchanan in Killearn on 25th December 1740. There are no other marriages for a Moses McLay between 1st January 1739 - 31st December 1750. (You can download the image of the page for a few pounds).

The submission stating the 25th November 1740 may have been one of the dates for the calling of the Banns prior to their marriage.

I think this means you can safely say that Moses married Janet Buchanan and not Janet McGregor.

Title: Re: Moses McLay
Post by: nicwnacw on Wednesday 09 November 11 08:19 GMT (UK)
Thank you. I didn't check the IGI, but used Scotland people, the big problem is that there are several children listed for the right timescale to Moses and wife Janet McGregor.

I think I may have to look outside Scotland for a marriage or emigration etc., maybe there were two Moses McLays as well

Thanks for the help
Title: Re: Moses McLay
Post by: apanderson on Wednesday 09 November 11 20:57 GMT (UK)
I've been having another look on the IGI ....

There is (yet another) sumbmission which lists:

John McLay,  son of Moses McLay & Janet McGregor married Janet Buchanan at Killearn 26th January 1772.  :-\

But ......

This marriage is listed on Scotland's People with exactly the same details. It might be worthwhile checking the image just to double check it was definately John (and not his brother Moses)

IGI has (amongst other children) submitted entries for:
Birth of Moses McLay in Killearn 7th July 1849, parents Moses McLay & Janet McGregor
Birth of John McLay in Killearn 26th July 1847, parents as above

I think perhaps you have 2 generations mixed up or as you said - there's an awful lot of Moses McLays about!  ;D

Title: Re: Moses McLay
Post by: nicwnacw on Thursday 10 November 11 08:25 GMT (UK)
Thanks again

I have images of both marriages John McLay to Janet Buchanan and Moses McLay to Janet Buchanan, in 1740 and 1772 respectively, then all the children of Moses are with Janet Mcgregor - it is weird. Maybe it is one of those mysteries that will never be solved!

My best guess is Janet B dies and he remarried and the marriage was not recorded or they just pretended to have married elsewhere

Thanks again

Title: Re: Moses McLay
Post by: apanderson on Thursday 10 November 11 14:29 GMT (UK)
If it's of any help, I looked up the pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions book for Killearn Churchyard and the following McLays are listed on stones there:

1. James McLay died 25th? August 182(1?) age 35

2. Moses McLay (in Ballewan, Strath) died 24th February 186? age 67
A son who died in infancy
Wife Agnes Brown died 14th February 1869 age 46
James McLay died at Clachanry 12th January 1860 age 66
James' wife Ann Aitken died New Zealand 4th December 1869 age 68

3. [no dates listed] Erected by William McLay, Merchant, Glasgow (in memory of)
His mother Ann Ferguson of Cowden Cottage, Ballikinrain
His sister Margaret died in infancy
His grandfather William McLay, Wood Merchant, Tomhoolie
His grandmother Agnes Yuill McLay
His uncle Archibald McLay
His father James McLay, Wood Merchant, Cowden
His uncles John & Andrew
(Father & two uncles buried in Old Kilpatrick)

4. William McLay, Merchant, Glasgow, died at Bridge of Allan 5th April 1892 age 81
(Founder & president for 24 years of Glasgow Working Man's Evangelistic Assocation)
Wife Helen Smith died 10th March 1847 age 34
Daughter Mary Mackie died in infancy
Son John F., M.D., died 7th May 1867 age 23
Youngest daughter Agnes Jamieson died at Crossmyloof 10th December 1903 age 58 (wife of John Taylor)

Title: Re: Moses McLay
Post by: nicwnacw on Sunday 13 November 11 11:20 GMT (UK)
Thanks once again  for the info. I think McGregor /Buchanan will just have to remain a mystery - one more possibility is that the Buchanan  Mclay couple emmigrated!

I have more of them now shame theres no Phillimores to be had.

Title: Re: Moses McLay
Post by: Hilarycopa on Tuesday 16 July 19 00:08 BST (UK)
Hello! Iam the 7x(i think) great granddaughter of Moses Maclay, i havent found much of anything in regards to Janet Buchanan, however ive found an actual written account showing the DOB for his son Archibald and the mother Janet McGregor
I know it doesnt shed much light on who Janet Buchanan but its still really interesting!
Title: Re: Moses McLay
Post by: John Andrew Hutchison on Wednesday 17 July 19 16:03 BST (UK)

The Clan Gregor name was proscribed between 1603 and 1775, which meant it could not be used on official documents. People found ways around this by using names similar to McGregor, or using it as a middle name, and the ban lapsed long before it was lifted. Most people used the name of their landlord as an alias, possibly because complementing the laird was a good idea. In the area around Killearn the aliases Buchanan and Graham were very popular, as these were the families who owned the estates.