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Title: Montgomery
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† † † † † †I am looking for any information on Samuel G Montgomery who lived at 73 Princetown Road Bangor in the 1911 cencus. Samuel was born c. 1854 in Bangor. He also had at least 1 brother named William J Montgomery who was born c. 1852. The 1891 England census† states the William was born in Belfast. Samuel G. was a tailor in Bangor right up to 1915 that I know of.
† † † † † †My G.G. grandfather Hugh Montgomery was a tailor and had a tailor shop in Main Street Bangor until his death in 1849 and I think the tailor shop was then run by Hugh's brother Henry. I am trying to determine if Samuel G. is related to Henry or is it just coincedince that another Montgomery had a tailor shop in Main Street Bangor. In the 1901 census Samuel G. Montgomery was living at 36 Main Street Bangor.
† † † † † † Any help would be very much appreciated. :)†
Title: Re: Montgomery
Post by: aghadowey on Wednesday 21 December 11 00:10 GMT (UK)
From PRONI Will Extracts- see

"Montgomery Samuel Gardner of 49 Queen's Parade Bangor county Down retired merchant died 5 March 1942 Probate Belfast 21 July to Frank Montgomery medical doctor John King school master and William Fulton solicitor. Effects £10986 8s. 7d."

"The Will of Henry Montgomery late of Bangor in the County of Down Clothier and Woollen-draper deceased who died 7 September 1864 at same place was proved at Belfast by the oaths of James Harper of York-street Belfast in the County of Antrim Machinist and John Simms of High-street Newtownards in the County of Down Woollen Draper the Executors." Will mentions wife Agnes nee Harper, eldest son William John (America),
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    Thank you very much for that information. That really helps me a lot. In Henry's will it states that William John was in America. That is possible because when My G.G.Grandfather Hugh and his wife Agnes died in 1849, all their children went to live in America with Hugh's brother (his name was also Samuel G. Montgomery). I should say not all the children, because my G. Grandfather John Campbell Montgomery came out here to Australia to live.
     In the 1911 cencus Samuel G Montgomery had his niece staying with him and it stated that she Eleanor Montgomery was born in London. In the 1901 London Cencus Eleanor Montgomery's father was William J Montgomery so I presume that William J Montgomery was Samuel's older brother. Now that I know that William J was Henry's son I can now assume that Samuel G was also Henry's son.
      Now to find out if Samuel G had children in Bangor.
                                                                                            Many, Many Thanks,   David
Title: Re: Montgomery
Post by: aghadowey on Wednesday 21 December 11 09:14 GMT (UK)
1901 census for Samuel G. Montgomery which shows niece Eleanor-
This is Samuel's household in 1911-

Best not to assume anything regarding relationships- my mother-in-law had 4 cousins with the same names not far apart in age (all named after their grandfather) which has caused a bit of confusion in sorting out family tree.

To begin with you need to look at the dates. Henry Montgomery late of Bangor in the County of Down Clothier and Woollen-draper deceased who died 7 September 1864...eldest son William John (America).
1852 directory- Henry Montgomery, Main St, Bangor,merchant tailor. (also 1846)
According to Jane Montgomery born 3 Apr.1864 Bangor (page 917 in civil register) was a daughter of Henry Montgomery & Agnes Harper.
Title: Re: Montgomery
Post by: aghadowey on Wednesday 21 December 11 10:04 GMT (UK)
Birth registration: Eleanor Mary Montgomery Oct./Dec.1880 Hackney district volume 1b page 488.

1881 census- 20 Jenner Rd., Hackney
William J. Montgomery, 39, Belfast, Com.m Agent in _ Merchandise. Wife Eleanor N.? Montgomery, 30, Belfast. Children- William O. Montgomery, 4. Robert E. Montgomery 2. Eleanor M. Montgomery 5 months- all born Stoke Newington, Middlesex. Also 15 year old female servant.
1891 census- (not sure of address) Hackney
William J. Montgomery, 49, Belfast, commission agent + preacher of the Gospel. Wife Eleanor N.? Montgomery, 40, Belfast. William O. Montgomery, 14, shipping merchants clerk. Robert E, Montgomery, 12. Eleanor M. Montgomery, 10. Lucy F. Montgomery, 8. Arthur H. Montgomery, 6. All children born Stoke Newington. Also 1 boarder.
1901 census- 35 Alfred St., Acton
William J. Montgomery, 60, dealer + shipper, Ireland. Wife Eleonor H.? Montgomery, 51, Ireland. Children (all born Hackney): William O. Montgomery, 24, drapery buyers assistant; Robert E. Montgomery, 22, civil service clerk (2nd div.); Lucy F. Montgomery, 18, girl clerk G.P.O; Arthur H. Montgomery, 16, boy ___.

Birth registrations:
William Oswald Montgomery Oct./Dec.1876 Hackney district vol. 1b p.483
Robert Ernest Montgomery July/Sept.1878 Hackney vol. 1b p.506
Lucy Florence Montgomery Apr./June 1882 Hackney vol. 1b p.494
Arthur Hugh Jan./Mar.1884 Chelsea vol. 1a p.404

Death registrations:
Eleanor H. Montgomery (age 83) Jan./Mar.1933 Brentford district vol. 3a p.294 (possibly Wm. J.'s wife?)
Eleanor Oswald Montgomery (age 75) Oct./Dec.1886 Hackney vol. 1b p.271 (I listed this one becuase it's in Hackney district and eldest son's middle name Oswald but perhaps no connection)
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Post by: aghadowey on Wednesday 21 December 11 10:16 GMT (UK)
Samuel Gardner Montgomery, son of Henry, married 1879 Belfast to Ellen Jane ? .
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A bit more- note this says Henry and Agnes died 1861 whereas Will Extract gives year of Henry's death as 1864-
"Erected in memory of Henry Montgomery, Bangor, youngest son of the late [John] Montgomery, Bangor, who fell asleep 7th Sep 1861 aged [49] years. Also his wife Agnes HARPER who fell asleep 26th Nov 1861 aged 36 years. Also their son James who fell asleep 13th Sep 1868 aged 17 years. These all died in Faith The remains of those of their children who died in infancy are likewise interred here. Also Robert, youngest son of Henry and [Elphemia] Montgomery, Belfast, who fell asleep 29th Aug 1881. Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven Also Philip who died 26th Nov 1886 aged five months. Jesus said, suffer little children to come unto me."

1911 census for Rev. Henry Hugh Montgomery, wife Euphemia (on above gravestone as Elphemia) and son Frank (probably executor of Samuel Gardner Montgomery's estate)-
Family here in 1901 with more children:
Title: Re: Montgomery
Post by: aghadowey on Wednesday 21 December 11 12:33 GMT (UK)
Henry Montgomery, son of Henry, married 1869 Co.Down to Euphemia Anna Gowdy, daughter of Robert Thomas.

Extracted births from
Elizabeth Joy Montgomery born 20 Oct.1870 Bangor (page 844 in civil register)- parents- Henry Montgomery & Euphemia Annie Gowdy
Eleanor Agnes Montgomery born 28 Nov.1871 Bangor (page 829 in civil register)- parents Henry Montgomery & Euphemia Anne Gowdy
Henry Theodore Montgomery born 21 Apr.1873 Bangor- parents Henry Montgomery & Euphemia Gowdy
Euphemia May Montgomery born 18 May 1874 Bangor- same parents
son born 18 May 1875 Co.Down- same parents
John Howard Montgomery born 21 June 1878 Antrim, Co.Antrim- same parents
Robert Montgomery born 24 Dec.1880 Belfast- parents Henry Montgomery & Euphemia Anna Gorody [sp]

Chapman family tree- Henry Theodore Hodgkin married 1903 Elizabeth Joy Montgomery, daughter of Rev. Henry...
Title: Re: Montgomery
Post by: kingskerswell on Wednesday 21 December 11 12:47 GMT (UK)
    To build on Aghadowey's findings. Henry and Euphemia were married on 9 Nov 1869 in Regent St. Reformed Presbyterian Church, Newtownards.

3 Apr 1879 Samuel Gardner Montgomery married Ellen Jane Orr in Linenhall St. Reformed Presbyterian Church, Shankill, Belfast. Her father was called Joseph Orr.

Title: Re: Montgomery
Post by: aghadowey on Wednesday 21 December 11 19:44 GMT (UK)
Have found more details on Montgomery family from off-line sources but won't post again until you can confirm the above information is of interest and you've like more.
Title: Re: Montgomery
Post by: the2monts on Wednesday 21 December 11 22:53 GMT (UK)
G'Day Aghadowey
                                 Are you kidding me?  ;D  My mouth is absolutely watering with this information. I am interested in every bit of what you and kingskerswell have posted. I do have some of that information but about 80% I have never seen before. I do have that headstone inscription and I did notice the difference in the years from Henry's will. I tend to think that the headstone would be right and the PRONI Will extract would be wrong. What do you think?
                You say you have more information, and I say please bring it on.

                 Many Thanks to you and kingskerswell      David Montgomery
Title: Re: Montgomery
Post by: aghadowey on Thursday 22 December 11 00:01 GMT (UK)
Actually the Will Extract is more likely to be correct- headstone could be mis-transcribed or incorrect (it's been known to happen). PRONI has a copy of the Will from Will Book and 1864 is written there (also gives probate granted in 1864). Also, Will was written in 1864 according to copy.

Rev. Robert Montgomery of Bangor (lic. Ards Presbytery), brother of Dr. Henry Montgomery, ordained 25 Mar.1890 Portrush Presbyterian Church and resigned due to ill-health 19 Feb.1895. A few years later he became 1st minister of Hamilton Rd. Presbyterian Church (3rd Bangor)- installed 17 Feb.1898 and resigned due to ill-health 3 May 1898- died 6/7 Feb.1902.

Here's Robert in 1901 census-

Rev. Dr. Henry Montgomery born 12 Oct.1847 Bangor, minister Albert Street Presbyterian Church (Belfast) 1882-1902...
Title: Re: Montgomery
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G'Day again

† † † † † † † † † †This is another headstone inscription from Bangor Abbey that covers my family. As you can see on the headstone that Henry Montgomery was married once before he married Agnes Harper. Of course you are right about the will extract being the right date of death as you found the birth of Jane Montgomery born April 1864.

Regards† David

Moderator's note: Image from this website removed -
Transcription of headstone: "Erected in memory of the late John Montgomery of Bangor. who departed this life 16th February 1841 aged 81 years. Also of Margaret Montgomery, wife of his son Henry Montgomery of Belfast, who departed this life 1st of May 1842 aged 26 years. The Lord was ready to save me Isaiah XXXVIII, 20. Also of Eleanor Montgomery, daughter of Hugh Montgomery, who departed this life 24th Sept 1849 aged 2 years. Also of William Montgomery of Belfast, son of John, who departed this life 3rd October 1849 aged 40 years. Also of Agnes, wife of Hugh, who departed this life 14th Dec 1849 aged 37 years. Also of the above Hugh Montgomery, son of John, who departed this life 22nd Decr. 1849 aged 42 years. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his Saints Ps CXVI, 15. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord Rev XIV.13. Also his wife Mary Montgomery, who departed [blank] February 1859 aged 84 years."
Title: Re: Montgomery
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Hi, I am trying to find a connection between a Jane Montgomery Major, born 1851 in Bangor, to Robert Major and possibly Margaret Smith. I am assuming the Montgomery name is a family name but cannot find reference to it anywhere. If her mother is Margaret Smith, the tree has no Montgomery's as far as I can see but I am wondering if it is Robert Major's mother's maiden name. Has anyone seen a connection between the Major's or Bangor and the Montgomery's? It is a bit of a long shot but I thought I would ask...