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Title: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: LloydG on Wednesday 07 November 12 02:26 GMT (UK)
Greetings from New Zealand. My name is Lloyd Charles Barras GLEESON and I'm trying to find my Irish ancestry.

Our branch of the Gleeson family in NZ starts with the arrival of Thomas and Charlotte (Morris) Gleeson in Dec 1841 on the brig “Antilla” from Capetown South Africa.

They had married in SA on 13.11.1839, and they sailed to NZ in 1841 with their newborn baby son Frederick James (b 1841) and Charlotte’s sister, Caroline Morris.
On the marriage cert, both Thomas and Charlotte were listed as ‘Servants’, and Charlotte as ‘not of full age’.
Yes I know - there are a zillion Thomas Gleesons! - especially in Tipperary (where my parents told me Thomas was from - but I have no further details.)
The story said Thomas (believed to have been born abt 1808) had 'run away and joined the army' - lying about his age, and being subsequently shipped to South Africa, where he was de-mobbed.
They had 8 children - Frederick James, Ellen Eliza, Charles, Charlotte, Mary Anne, Thomas, Arabella, and Elizabeth Jane.
Some of these may (hopefully) be Gleeson 'hand-me-down' family names.
If you hear any bells ringing, (however faintly) please get in touch.
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: Quicksy on Wednesday 07 November 12 11:01 GMT (UK)
Lloyd,  I do not recognise the names of any of the 8 children named in your tree, but  as I also have Gleesons from Tipperary in my ancestry  I thought I would put  forward some of the details of mine in case there might be some link you recognise.
A Michael Gleeson b Mucklin Tipperary 1809, married Catherine Collins of Ballywilliam Tipperary about 1830.  They were my gg grandparents.  I don't know if Michael had any brothers   but I would think it  highly likely  there was a big family of them as this branch of Gleesons were RC's .  As I understand it, some who  broke away from their faith, changed the spelling of their name   by replacing one of the e's with an a.  Not sure is this is a totally infallible way of distinguishing the Roman Catholic Gleesons from the Church of Ireland Gleason's or not, but that was a  story I was once told.
Michael & Catherine Gleeson had sons  William who came to NZ , Patrick and James, plus daughters Margaret, Mary and Johanna.  One of the other sons went to Canada I believe.
William is my g grandfather.   It  is a bit of a shot in the dark, but  just thought I would put it out here, in case .  I have had so much help with my tree, from other people , that  it would be nice if I could help someone else in return.   :)
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: LloydG on Wednesday 07 November 12 20:26 GMT (UK)
Hi Quicksy! thanks for the speedy response. Funny how 'family stories' go... In MY family anecdotes, it's the 'ea' Gleasons that were the RCs and the 'ee' Gleesons that broke away!!!! (But then I'd also been told that the 'Barras' part of my name originated with a member of the French Aristocracy - Vicompte Paul de Barrass.... but my investigations have shown that to be a complete fallacy - unless he moonlighted as a Coal-heaver in Stepney!!!)
I really appreciate you taking the time to respond - and hope that further investigations just might find the 'missing link' that proves we ARE rellies in more than just the spelling of our name!
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: Jack2227 on Saturday 10 November 12 17:53 GMT (UK)
Headstones in Nenagh graveyard;
(Wall Plaque)
Eileen Gleeson; 16/2/1938
Joseph Gleeson' 21/7/1941
Patrick Gleeson; 28/12/1949
Michael Gleeson; 1/10/1954
John Gleeson; 27/12/1958
Anna Gleeson; 21/3/1962
Shelia Gleeson; 20/6/1980
Maryanne Gleeson; 12/6/1935
hus-John (printer); Dublin rd Nenagh; 13/4/1918
interred in Castletown cemetery Castleclough
Rev. Gleeson; 1771 (36)
Michael Gleeson; 12/4/1934
wife-Margaret; 23/9/1903
their children;
Michael; 7/9/1903
Mary; 11/3/1965
also-John Bagnel; 9/6/1949
Matthew Gleeson; 11/12/1914 (96)
wife-Margaret; 27/5/1910 (87)
dtr-Julia Armstrong; 17/3/1901 (35)
son-John; 16/11/1866 (30)
son-Michael; 16/8/1931 (68)
wife-Margaret; 3/5/1930 (43)
his bro-William (Rathlane); 15/12/1941 (62)
bro-Daniel; 30/8/1994 (72)
Christina Gleeson; Boolaghlafh & Kilrush; 30/5/2007 (80)
baby Mary Gleeson; Kilcolman 26/5/1959
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: Jack2227 on Saturday 10 November 12 18:07 GMT (UK)
Headstones in Nenagh graveyard;

Kathleen Gleeson; Balintotty 16/1/1958 (51)
hus-Patrick; 24/9/1975 (71)
Ellen Gleeson; 25/1/1954 (81)
hus-Michael; 15/8/1960 (81)
their son-Michael; 6/9/1964 (48)
his sons-Patrick Gerard; 12/5/1965 (3)
              James Anthony; 25/12/1994 (34)
Anna Wade (nee Foley) formerly Gleeson; 5/3/1999 (66)
James Gleeson; St Patricks tce Nenagh; 9/2/1958 (69)
wife-Catherine; 5/1/1957 (72)(could be 1937)
Maureen Gleeson; (nee O Donnell) Elm Hill Ballymackey
infant dtr-Anne Marie; 21/8/1970
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: Jack2227 on Saturday 10 November 12 19:29 GMT (UK)
Headstones Nenagh graveyard;

James Gleeson; 1772 (21)
John Gleeson; Rathaleen
wife-Bridget and family
Patrick, Matt, Henry, Thomas, William, Mary, Anne
Margaret Fitzgerald
Stephen; 25/12/1976
Edward Gleesom; Kilcoleman; late Ballydrennan; 17/3/1993
wife-Mary; 18/1/2011 (86)
Denis Gleeson; Cudville; 3/9/1959
wife-Kathleen; 8/5/1965
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: Jack2227 on Saturday 10 November 12 19:44 GMT (UK)
Headstones in Nenagh graveyard;

James Gleeson; Ballybeg Toomevara; 21/5/1979 (82)
wife-Mary; 23/12/1980 (77)
son-Gerald; born/died; 1935
grandson-Patrick Gleeson; born/died; 1982
William Gleeson; Smithville; 1/9/1939
wife-Elizabeth; 14/12/1959
dtr-Betty; 23/7/1968
dtr-Bridie; 11/8/1968
Michael Maguire; 25/4/1948
Ellen Maguire; 30/6/1966
son-Michael; bank place & well rd Nenagh; 7/6/1998 (76)
wife-Joyce (nee Shutleworth); formerly Wolverhampton; 31/10/2001 (71)
Thomas Gleeson; Montreal & Nenagh; 9/10/1969 (86)
Kitty Little; Nenagh & Edinburgh; 24/8/1998
Patrick Minogue; 1/7/1890 (76)
James Minogue; 5/6/1938 (87)
wife-Kate; 12/3/1939 (70)
dtr-June; 16/6/1960
dtr-in-law; Elizabeth Gleeson; 29/3/1987 (71)
their son-James; 27/3/1992
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: Jack2227 on Saturday 10 November 12 20:00 GMT (UK)
Rathcabbin Pallas graveyard;

erected by John Gleeson; Killeen for
wife-Mary; 17/6/1893 (65)
son-Timothy; 30/4/1891 (33)
his ftr-Timothy & mtr-Anne
their son-John; 1/3/1931 (70)
John Gleeson; Killeen; 10/10/1940 (6 months)
his ftr-John; 1/8/1985 (75)
his mtr-Ellen; 13/9/1997 (85)
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: Jack2227 on Saturday 10 November 12 20:07 GMT (UK)
Cloughprior graveyard;

Rody Gleeson; Johnstown; 13/12/1995 (90)
Alice Gleeson; Peterfield & Limerick; 6/12/2000 (86)
Dan Gleeson; Ballinamurran Beechwood; 3/5/1969 (75)
Edward; 27/5/1926 (62)
Winifred; 3/8/1929 (70)
John Gleeson; Doonass; 8/2/1983
wife-Ellen; 18/6/1982
Patrick Gleeson; Ballykeefe & Limerick; 1953
erected by John & Denis Gleeson; Peterfield
ftr-Daniel; 3/5/1868 (87)
mtr-Mary; 27/3/1866 (75)
Patrick Gleeson; Peterfield; 24/4/1942 (72)
wife-Ellen; 26/1/1929 (56)
Winifred; 20/9/1930 (28)
Lena; 18/9/1930 (31)
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: LloydG on Saturday 10 November 12 22:59 GMT (UK)
Hey Jack! Thanks for going to all that trouble for me! It would be nice to think there are rellies of mine amongst them! Hopefully, a link will be found.
Unfortunately there hasn't been a lot of (believable!) family tales handed down about my Gleeson ancestry and I have no idea how long Thomas was in South Africa before meeting/marrying Charlotte. I have vague recollections of hearing that Charlotte had a brother who may have been an army buddy of Thomas' but... ??
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: raymar429 on Friday 06 June 14 13:13 BST (UK)
Hello LloydG, I have only just seen your message. My name is Raymond Gleeson and I have found a Thomas Gleeson born in 1808 in Tipperary. He died in 1871. He had a son named John B-1845 D-1919.  His father was Thomas born in 1775 or 1777 and died in 1820. His mother was Ellen o'Dwyer B-1777 D-1820. I hope this helps.
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: LloydG on Monday 09 June 14 22:38 BST (UK)
Thanks for that Raymond! Always nice to hear from another Gleeson!
My Thomas Gleeson died in Auckland NZ in 1869, and I'm getting nowhere with the sketchy (and possibly inaccurate info I have.) If he lied about his age to join the Army, who knows what else might be questionable! Even his wife Charlotte Morris, and her sister Caroline (and a possible brother) are complete mysteries. My current thoughts are the Morris children may have been  sent out to South Africa from an Orphanage or Workhouse  'for a better life' by 'The Childrens Friends Society'. Meanwhile, all I can do is try my luck with other branches of my tree.
All the best to you,
Lloyd G
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS!!!!
Post by: raymar429 on Tuesday 10 June 14 12:19 BST (UK)
Hello Lloyd, sorry my repl was a little short but we had a small crisis nad I am glad that you have returned to me.
If you look at my Test Gleeson tree and my Gleeson family tree I have Included Thomas Gleeson for your information so please view I will leave the information on until you inform me that you have finished with it.
You are correct when you say he went to South Africa and that was where he married. Two children were born there the others were born in New Zealand. Thomas lived and died at Eden Terrace. I also know where that is because my wife and I spent a month in New Zealand in 2009. I have supported the All Blacks all my life together with Scotland. Hope this information helps.
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: LloydG on Tuesday 10 June 14 22:33 BST (UK)
Gosh Ray! Thanks so much! ...but I don't know how/where to find your trees. I'm not that all computer-savvy! Perhaps you could email them direct to me at (*) ? or even just the instructions for me to follow?
Best regards,
(According to my info, Frederick James was the only child born in South Africa - their second, Ellen Eliza, and the other six, were all born here.)

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Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: raymar429 on Wednesday 11 June 14 15:25 BST (UK)
Hello Lloyd,

I will collate all the information that I have. I will print or gather it all so I can send it to your E Mail.
I will start with Thomas' father and then all information from there.
It may take a day or two but I will get on it straight away. 
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: ClassicBurgo on Friday 29 August 14 08:32 BST (UK)
Hi guys

I'm new to this site and was wondering if anyone has a misplaced Daniel Gleeson born @1815 inTipperary. At the age of 27 he was found guilty of deserting the army in Montreal and was sentenced to transportation for 14 years. He arrived in Tasmania in August of 1843 & was sent to a probation gang at Buckland. 

This person is my 3 times great grandfather, I am having trouble trying to find any family info on him prior to coming to Tasmania.

If anyone can help I would be much appreciated, who knows I may be one of your cousins and we don't even know it LOL

Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: NNR on Wednesday 24 December 14 09:09 GMT (UK)
My brief Gleeson line begins with William b. c. 1816 at Monsea. He married Eliza Fogarty from there, and they had four children; Martin, William, and two Elizabeths.

William and Eliza Gleeson went to live in Monsea, a small village about one a half miles up the road from Kilcolman. Three years after the marriage, a son named Martin was born to the couple. The birth was followed four years later by that of Elizabeth . A third child, William , followed three years after that, in early 1866 .

Little is known of the lives of William and Eliza Gleeson, although it can be presumed that they were fairly well to do farmers given the fact that the Gleesons were traditionally quite a moneyed family in the area, as well as the fact that the couple’s three children all did quite well for themselves.

William Gleeson died on Christmas Day, 1879 and was buried in Monsea Cemetery. He was 63 years old. His widow Eliza lived for another six years, being interred into the same plot on the 13th April 1887. In the early 1900s, their daughter Elizabeth placed a headstone on this spot to commemorate her parents.

One son, Martin, lived at Ballyhogan with his family of Elizabeth (1917-1989), Josephine (1922-1982), Mary Theresa (1923-1942) and Martin (1924-2003).

William remained near Monsea, and had children William (1914-2000), Margaret (1916-1989), ELizabeth (1916-1971), John (1918-1999) and Martin (1919-1986).

Elizabeth married Michael Stapleton of Sedgemoor around 1897 and they had two children; Patrick (1901-1973) and Elizabeth (1900-1980).
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: fred taylor on Wednesday 31 December 14 12:28 GMT (UK)
I have details of: Thomas Gleeson married Ann Taylor 16/9/1900 at Ballynaclough [Ballynclock]/Silvermines, a district near Nenagh. They had children: Mary Ellen 1901; Thomas 1903; Annie 1904; Maggie 1905; William 1906.
Any help?
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: car54whereareyou on Tuesday 17 February 15 10:39 GMT (UK)
Hello Lloyd and Raymar429.   I am a direct descendant of Thomas and Charlotte Gleeson and would love to have access to any of the info you have.  It would also be good to be in touch with a Gleeson relative as I have never met any of that side of the family.  Thanks,  Alison
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: jbm on Sunday 09 August 15 13:09 BST (UK)
Hi my gt grandmother was Julia McMahon nee Gleeson who died in Nenagh age 81 in 1946.  I believe that she came from around the Ballina Tipperary area.  She married Patrick McMahon about 1882/3 and they lived in Ballina until about 1895 before settling in Wiliam St Nenagh.  Their daughter Bridget Barrett nee Mcmahon (1890-1937) was my paternal grandmother.  The only other Gleeson relative I know about is Julia's sister or sister-in-law called Catherine (Kate) Gleeson.  It would be good to link up with other Gleesons.  Regards Janice
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: DeniseCampbellWicker on Saturday 24 October 15 21:53 BST (UK)
Looking for any information regarding Michael Gleeson from Powerstown Parish.   I found one marriage  record for Michael Gleeson and Margaret Mandaville  for February 23 1819.  I found baptism records for children of Michael Gleeson and Margaret Banfield and Margaret Manfield.  Does anyone have any connections of information to either of these names. Thank you!
Denise Wicker
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: Enrique Treat Gleason Gleeson on Friday 30 September 16 01:42 BST (UK)
I am a GLEASON but recently discovered through Y-DNA testing and Autosomal DNA testing through FTDNA and AncestyDNA that I am a descendant of GLEESONs from Tipperary, Ireland.  I was also able to break my biggest brick-wall and discovered the name of my great grandfather, William GLEESON, and my 2nd great grandfather, James Dagg GLEESON.  My third GG is Thomas GLEESON and he was born in Tipperary, Ireland about 1790 and died in Ontario, Canada.  Through my few GLEESON matches, I've also discovered that my GLEESONs spread throughout Ontario, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United States.  My GEDmatch number is FN101540.  Does anyone match any of my GLEESON chromosomes with my GEDmatch number? 
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: WLGreene55 on Monday 17 April 17 15:22 BST (UK)
Hello, My great grandfather was Robert Gleason born 26 Mar 1852, Philadelphia, PA and died 20 Apr 1930, Oaklyn, NJ.  He was son of John Gleason and Elizabeth Logan.  My grandmother Sarah Edna Gleason was born 17 Nov 1902, Philadelphia, PA.  Robert Gleason was a policeman for the City of Philadelphia.  He patrolled south Philly.  He carried a walking club that cops used back then.  The Irish make good policeman for some reason. 
I found a photo of my grandfather in his policeman uniform and he looks just like the Reverend John Gleeson from Tipperary, Ireland.  They have same Irish facial features.  See attached pdf.

I believe my Gleason family are related to the Gleasons in New York and Massachusetts but there are broken links in my Gleason family tree.

I was wondering if there was any family history for Rev John Gleeson.  This is a clue to my Gleason family tree.  Thanks
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: RobertCasey on Thursday 20 April 17 00:33 BST (UK)
The Irish Gleason/Gleeson family is very fortunate to have a very active researcher, Maurice Gleason, who coordinates DNA presentations for the Genetic Genealogy Ireland conferences and the Who Do You Think You Are conferences in England. Here are numerous Gleason/Gleeson testers found in the project:

Also, Maurice has a YouTube video on his Gleason/Gleeson research with respect to genetic testing:

As well as the historical view of Gleason/Gleeson surname:

I am a FTDNA administrator for the R-L226 haplogroup project (also known as the Irish Type III). These testers are only at 37 markers but they are clearly R-L226. L226 is one of only three known haplogroups that are almost all Irish (starting around 2,000 years ago). Descendants of King Brian Boru have been confirmed L226 positive. For 80 % of testers who know their Irish geographical origins, are from Tipperrary, Clare, Limerick, Cork and Kerry. Also, the vast majority of testers have Dal gCais surnames as well.

I belong to Casey's from this area who left Ireland in the 1740s after the large crop failures of the 1740s and they were residing in western South Carolina, USA in the early 1750s. Due the availability of land in early America, around 20 to 25 % of all Caseys in the world descend from this group of Caseys that moved to South Carolina in the early 1750s. If you have Casey ancestors, I am sponsoring (paying for) a 37 marker test. Tester must be a male Casey that descends from a male Casey that has been traced back to the 1850s in Munster, Ireland.

Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: Browny1 on Wednesday 29 August 18 12:55 BST (UK)
Lloyd, according to my tree you are my 5th cousin once removed, although i have no details on the Gleeson side I know that the Barrass in your name is from the Barrass family from Northumberland, England which is the link between us. Hope I can be of sone help in that respect.
Title: Re: Calling all GLEESONS
Post by: jayinm on Saturday 29 September 18 18:16 BST (UK)
Any Gleeson folk on here that have roots in Carrowkeale Newport Co Tipperary Eire ?