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Title: Bible 1905 - Willetts
Post by: Jan_down_south on Sunday 09 December 12 10:57 GMT (UK)
Good morning everyone  :)

My normal area of research is predominately West Yorkshire however, for reasons I won't bore you with, yesterday I was in Worcester.

I happened across an old bible in a curious little shop in The Tythings, possibly No 50, next door to Buttercups, the florist.  (I think it must be quite a new business as I can't find the name of it anywhere on the net and googlemaps only show an empty shop.) 

The Bible was awarded to a child in 1905 as the prize for coming first in English but sadly I don't recall the whole name of the school or child other than the name of the school had the Box in it and the child's surname was Willetts.

It could well be that the Bible is "out of area" but maybe someone in the florist could get a phone number perhaps?)

Just a thought......


PS: Found this entry ona Willetts surname webpage
Willetts, Ellen Elizabeth, Born Nov 25 1891 in Cape Hill, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Died Nov 28 1974 in 168 Hurst Road, Smethwick, Staffordshire - I think the first name of the child did begin with E so this may fit